Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My sad Attempt at Imitating Winston Churchill

So, we are at the home stretch, looking directly at the finish line for one of the most interesting and stressful years to date. We've seen a lot happen (and not happen) in the course of the New Millenium thus far, but this year, 2009, so far takes the cake in my opinion.

1. Our first black President was inaugurated in Washington D.C., something that many of the older generations thought would never happen in this country.

2. A world away, in the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of Iranian protestors took to the streets to demand a recount of Mahmoud Amidenijahd's "re-election".

3. A grass roots movement not seen since the 1960's arose to protest the bloated, overreaching federal government and stand up for liberty.

And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

As for the bad stuff, I can't name it all here. Not enough room in the posting window. I can, however, say a few words about the future of this country and how optimistic I feel that we the people can once again live our own lives without fear of government regulations interfering.

This year was critical in many ways, yet we are not done yet. We have accomplished much, but there is still much to do. I am, of course, speaking of the mid-term elections that will come in November 2010. These are the most critical elections I can think of in recent memory. It is our chance, as the true rulers of this nation, to take back that which is ours and redeem ourselves for allowing our politicians to run rampant with our money and shred the Constitution. We can hold them accountable, and we must.

There are those, of course, who do not want us to speak. There are those of us who would rather shout "the debate is over" and then stifle anyone who dares suggest that it is not. I say we fight. I say we work to undermine the scare tactics and shady backroom deals that were so much a part of this last year because they wouldn't be using such heavy handed tactics if what we were doing wasn't threatening the status quo.

One great man, a man who knew how to win against tyrranical evils, gives the inspirational words needed as we head into this new year, and a new set of battles to fight and win.

(paraphrased and adapted for 2009)

We shall go on to the end, we shall speak in Suburbia, we shall speak on the ballots and in the voting booths, we shall speak with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Constitution, whatever the cost may be, we shall speak on the blogosphere, we shall speak on the airwaves, we shall speak in the fields and in the streets, we shall speak in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this country or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our people among the fields, armed and guarded by the Grace of God, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, Middle America, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the land.

With apologies to Prime Minister Churchill, I have to say that the above, reworded by me, does fit the attitude I see among Middle America from all corners of the country.

Simply put, we are at war, and the battle lines have been drawn. This, however, is not a war of bullets and bombs, but a war of words and ideas. A war that we cannot rely on our soldiers to fight. We must fight ourselves. WE must take the oath that so many soldiers and statesmen take when they place their hands on the Bible. We cannot allow for another minute the kind of corruption that exists in the state department to go on any longer. We must do the opposite of what our Senators and Representatives have done, and KEEP that oath once we take it.

This is how I take and keep my oath, by spreading the word. Getting messages out there when I hear about them. Whether it helps, I have no idea, but it's what I can do at the moment until more resources become available to me.

Fight on, brave Patriots. We can win this.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fear not, for I Bring you Tidings of Great Joy

And so, Christmas is here, and it's every bit as magical as it was when I was eight years old. I see the holiday from a whole different perspective 21 years later, but something about the holiday still resonates with the youngster in me. Even now I'm having trouble being patient enough to wait for my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins to get here so we can chat for a bit and open gifts.

I was even able to take a break from screaming about Washington for a couple of days, which it turns out was sorely needed.

Here's to many more Christmases just like this one.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Lord Doth Work in Mysterious Ways

And no better time is there to prove that than at Christmas, which is exactly what seems to have happened.

What do I mean? I mean that after five years of fighting a wily group of kidnappers, a man may get to spend Christmas Eve and Day with his nine year old son.

For those who don't know, a young boy, when he was four, was taken to Brazil by his biological mother for what she termed a "vacation". the father did not join them.

Once in Brazil, the boy's mother divorces his father, and sends a letter to said father stating "our love affair is over", and she promptly met and married another man. Since then the four year old, now nine, has been subject, according to reports, to brainwashing by his new stepfather and their family into believing that he wants to stay in Brazil and to call his biological father "David". I think that's the father's first name but I could be wrong.

now comes the legal battles. For five years, David has been embroiled in battles with both US and Brazilian courts to get his son back. EVERY lower court in Brazil has ruled that the boy should be returned to his biological father in New Jersey.

Now comes the good part: After fighting tooth and nail to make this international kidnapping permanent, the stepfamily has finally given up the ghost and has now stated that they will no longer fight for custody after the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled in favor of David receiving his son.

The boy is due to return tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.

How's that for a miracle, hmm?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

And one More makes Sixty...

So it's finally happened. After all the polls, protests, marches, calls, faxes, emails, and political slandering of the Right, the Left Wing militants finally have their sixty votes needed to pass the Senate healthcare bill.

Another battle lost, and the war for the spirit of the country continues to rage. How much longer can we go on like this? 12 TRILLION dollars in debt currently, and if China allows us to borrow, the books will read 104 TRILLION dollars. Meantime our Constitution is being used as toilet paper by the very people who have sworn to protect and defend it. Is nothing sacred? Are we really winning in the fight to take back the country? Some part of me must still believe we are because here I am, doing my civic duty as a citizen and voicing my concerns, even though they are very likely lost amidst the torrent of shouting that millions of others on the blogosphere are engaging in. Still, I remain, ranting and raving about things I never cared about before the last presidential election. How I long for those days once more. To be naive enough to trust the politicians to actually be honest...but if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Senator Ben Nelson was the last hold out to kill the Senate bill, and he, like his colleagues, took a sweetheart deal, with a threat thrown in for good measure, and caved. most of you who read this very likely already know. It's been all over FOX news and the internet for hours now. I don't know how much more fight I have left in me, and I'm not even sure that I've swayed any opinions by posting on this blog. Thanks to my slowly growing list of followers, however, I have been able to remind myself that people do care what I have to say and that to some, at least, it is worth reading. I thank each and every one of you who read this blog, whether you're on my list of tin-foil hat wearers or not, for giving me a reason to keep grousing and bloviating. If I thought no one was listening, I would have stopped posting months ago.

It seems more and more that the retaking of the country by the people is becoming more of an article of faith than an attainable goal. I know that sounds defeatist, but what else am I to make of the constant barrage of news reports that point to corruption within the White House, scandals that rock the country of a magnitude not seen since the Nixon administration, and a bloated, oversized federal government filled with Progressives who finally smell blood in the water and are leaping at the chance to transform this great nation at its very core?

I suppose I shouldn't sound so pessimistic about things. 2010 is just around the corner, as are the congressional elections that will give us a chance to root out the corruption for real. Perhaps I'm just impatient for that. I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that I can't stand to see the greatest country on Earth, who has freed literally billions of people all over the world and allowed them to pick themselves up and live their own lives, go down in flames while Nero fiddles.

Perhaps, also, I'm underestimating the American people. They have shown an extraordinary amount of defiance, and have been ridiculed, mocked, and belittled at every turn. Yet they still continue to remind me that their is some small measure of hope. Real hope. The TEA Party movement is still going strong, and a new political party may be formed based in its rise. The paradigm is changing, I see, but what is it changing to? That also maybe why I'm so apprehensive about things now. No one can tell me with certainty what will happen because no one knows.

The fate of this nation is, quite frankly, one Christmas surprise I could do without. But it doesn't seem that I get a choice in the matter, and neither do the other 300 million Americans who live here.

Let's just hope the surprise is a pleasant one.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight...

The Culture Warrior

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It is Our Curse to Live in Interesting Times

And it is indeed a curse. We are living now in a time when the Revolution must again be fought. The people must rise up against an out of control government and put it back in line. Yet it seems that more and more, it becomes impossible to do so. I continue to hear both good news and bad news concerning the fate of this nation, but it does not seem to me right now that the good outweighs the bad.

Case in point: A child in elementary school (I don't remember the school or the grade of the child) was asked by their teacher to draw a picture of something that reminded them of Christmas. The child drew a picture of Jesus on the cross. Apparently he'd been with his parents to a cathedral as a day trip and that was what was fresh in his mind. The teacher didn't offer praise to the child. No, they sent the child home and made him take a PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION!!!! Dear Lord in Heaven what is happening to our country!?

As mad as that story makes me, however, I cannot abide this next, which in my view is the most blatant act of TREASON ever committed by ANY administration, Nixon included. Watergate is NOTHING on this, and I stand by that statement.

As far as what the story is, here you go (please tape your heads together so that they don't explode.)

I just heard that one more senator has turned against the abomination that is Obamacare, and the administration is not happy.

In fact, they are so not happy that they immediately resorted to the arm twisting. Not the usual arm twisting, mind you. They didn't offer him a bribe or discredit him in the media. They didn't even go after his family, as they did Joe Leiberman. No, they went after THE TROOPS!!!

Our brave fighting men and women are now being used as a bargaining chip by the Obama administration. How, you ask? Well, according to three separate sources, one of which is the Weekly Standard, the White House has threatened to place one of our most important Nebraska military bases on the BRAT list (that's the list that determines which bases will be closed and when.) This is not just any base, however. This is the successor to our STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND!!! This is the place where George W. Bush was during those uncertain hours following the 9/11 tragedy. HOW DARE THEY!?

I say again, HOW DARE THEY!?

This is the insanity we have to live with these days. It still makes me shake and shudder with rage and contempt. These men and women deserve better than this. They are not chess pieces to be moved around at the whim of the Commissar-in-Chief, or by Czarina Pelosi, or anyone else! These soldiers and officers love and defend this nation and should be placed upon a pedastle! These are HEROES and they are being treated like yesterdays GARBAGE!

I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do. Someone help me regain some sanity and tell me that there is a silver lining around this dark cloud...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Extra Extra! Palin is a Threat to the idea that Women can end Life Inside the Womb!

So, the leftards continue to discredit Sarah Palin with bogus ideas. The newest one is this: Sarah Palin isn't really a fan of women's rights.

How desperate can the libtards really be? Sarah Palin is the EMPITOME of what a feminist can achieve. She has a husband, children, AND A CAREER. She proves that women CAN in fact "do it all".

The only explanation is that she doesn't walk the walk of a "traditional" feminist because she apparently loves children. Because of Palin's stand on reproductive rights, which is this crazy idea that unborn children have a right to life (you're shocked, I know), the liberals don't consider her a supporter of a woman's supposed right to end a life in the womb.

Speaking out for an unborn child's right to live? How DARE she! My God, she must be stopped before she teaches our children that they actually have VALUE!!!

Rosanne decided to join the fray by saying that "the only way a woman can make it in the Right Wing" is to sit down and shut up, or some bull like that.

For all you libs, that stuff about abortion was sarcasm.

Say it Ain't So! The Left is Mad at Joe!

Well, isn't this a nice surprise! Joe Lieberman, one of the few senators with a brain in Congress these days, has decided to stick to his "no public option" stance and has vehemently opposed to the expansion of medicare that the public option has morphed into. Joe has, apparently all on his own, convinced the Democrats to give in and throw the public option under the bus.

All I can say is, WAY TO GO JOE! Keep sticking up for your principals and mangle that monster take over of a bill until it's something that reflects what the American people DO WANT.

It has been a long, hard battle, and we landed a deathblow with Joe's help. At the very least this was a stunning blow if not a deathblow, and will buy us some time to kill the bill all together. We just need to keep the pressure on! Call congress! Call call call!! Email Email Email!

We can win this fight!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Teeny Weeny Confession

Okay, I lied. I said there wouldn't be anything political posted today on this blog, but this story made me jump up and down for joy. I've always despised the ACLU because of their hostility toward religious freedom and the expression of faith in the public square, but karma seems to be taking its toll on the quasi-communist organization. Word has it that, according to Fox Nation, the ACLU has lost 19 MILLION DOLLARS in donations because of the economic crisis taking its toll on their biggest donor. This guy alone supplied a full ONE QUARTER of their donations. Imagine that. A little recession and the ACLU loses one fourth of their money. Think they like spreading the wealth around now that they have less of it? I don't think so.

Movin' on Up!

No political rant for today, mainly because I'm in a hell of a good mood over the fact that I just added two new followers, The Patton Doctrine and the Left Coast Rebel. Welcome to the fold!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fix....Bayonets! CHARGE!!!!

I just had an incredible experience not two seconds ago. As I write this I am coming down from the most extreme emotional high I've had all week. Why, you ask? Because there are people out there who GET IT!! Lt. Col. Allen West, who is up for the 22nd Florida Congressional District's seat in 2010, gave a speech in Fort Lauderdale that sent, as Chris Mathews would say "a thrill up my leg". No, I do not believe West is the country's savior. I already have one of those. I DO believe, after hearing him speak with fire and passion, that he believes what he says and says what he believes. Not many like that in Washington these days. The viral video I just saw courtesy of Another Black Conservative can be viewed here:

Any who do not come away energized either do not care or were not paying attention.

West for Congress!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If the Taxpayers aren't Paying, Then SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!

Yeah, that's right. Shut up about it. The Lamestream Media has, despite all the Pulitzer prize winning stories that are breaking right now (Climategate, Health Care), the formerly giant networks that were once pinnacles of journalistic integrity have decided to focus on...Sarah Palin. Yes, Sarah Palin. What is it about her that the liberals really hate? I think it's the fact that, among other things, they can't find any real dirt on her. She's cleaner than Teflon. Troopergate? Cleared. Wardrobe? GOP bought the clothes. Spends state funds illegally? Took a public airline to most of her campaign events, and her events as governor. Accused of 15 ethics violations? Cleared on ALL OF THEM.

So why, then, is the media constantly reporting on where she goes, what she wears, how she gets where she goes, and what she does when she gets there? It seems to me that these people don't want to admit that she's good for ratings. Oprah and Barbara Walters thought so, though, and granted her fair interviews, as opposed to Courick and Gibson.

Long story short, she's not using state funds or national funds for any of this, and as long as she's not using my money to make herself look good, I say she can go wherever she wants and do whatever she wants, but what do I know? I'm a racist conservative who clings to God and guns.


Friday, November 20, 2009

"President Sarah Palin." Has a Nice Ring to it, I think.

So, I've been watching FOX news for the last hour, and most of that hour was consumed with Bill O'Reilly's interview with Sarah Palin. I've watched both parts of this interview now, and I think I've come to the conclusion that she is a smart, capable woman who would make an excellent POTUS.

*watches as every liberal who accidentally found this blog has blood shoot out their eyes.*

Good, now that that's over we can get on with the entry. As I said, Sarah Palin would make an excellent President of the United States in my view. She is smart, savvy, knows a good deal about what's going on in the world, and most of all, she ANSWERS QUESTIONS WHEN ASKED!! What politician does that? Obama certainly doesn't. Biden does, but he sounds like an ass whenever he opens his mouth. As for all the others, with few exceptions, no, they don't answer any question that might make them look bad. Why then, the surviving liberals ask, didn't she sound that smart during the campaign? Well, I'll tell you. She didn't sound that smart because NO ONE WOULD LET HER TALK!!! Not to mention that Couric and Gibson fed her loaded questions. (Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine? Please. There WAS no Bush Doctrine. It was the RUMSFELD DOCTRINE!!!)

In the interview Palin tackled tough policy questions. Admittedly she did not have an answer to the problems of Afghanistan and Iran, but at least she SAID that. And for those of you who think she should have had one, put the Kool-Aid down and remember that the COMMANDER IN CHIEF doesn't have one either! Meanwhile her son could very well be put into harms way because of this man's dithering.

Sorry, rant over.

I was most impressed with the fact that we were all spared questions involving the "first deadbeat" Levi Johnston. Just typing that sorry excuse for a man's name makes my fingers shake with disgust. He has an infant son, and all he cares about is dishing non-existent dirt on his would-be mother-in-law. the only one I'm more ashamed of is the media for allowing this dingbat a forum to spout his garbage from with impunity.

So, back to the original note: Sarah Palin for President in 2012. So far she's got my vote.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What's so Correct About Political Correctness?

I can't believe this. After the first terrorist attack on our soil since the horrific 9/11 disaster, people are still not calling a spade a spade. This man, by all accounts from dozens of news sources, shouted Alahu Akhbar (God is great) just before gunning down dozens of people on an army base. All accounts also agree that this man contacted Al Quaeda before this incident. The worst part, however, is that the army allegedly KNEW that this guy was a Jihadist. How can this happen in our country? I'll tell you. Political correctness. No one wants to be seen as a demonizer of Islam these days, which is somewhat understandable. However, calling this man a terrorist is not demonizing all of Islam. It's facing up to the fact that under our new commander in chief, the first terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 occurred.

Yet how many names of the dead do we know? How many times have the media reported on the true victims? Not once. It's all been about poor Nidal Hasan and his apparently second hand case of PTSD. The man had never served in combat before. How did he get PTSD? Answer me that, mainstream media.

Monday, October 19, 2009

United we Stand, Divided we Fall

Most of you who read this blog probably get a feel for my attitude concerning Hollywood by my right-leaning opinions on various people like Micheal Moore, Sean Penn, and others. However, there are those in Hollywood who portray historical accounts so vividly, so powerfully, that I cannot help but be reminded that amidst the partisan politics of Left-leaning Hollywood actors and directors, there are those whose artistry commands respect, and whose respect to history is second to none.

One such group of people are the actors and filmmakers responsible for the absolutely amazing film known as Glory, starring Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Matthew Broderick. As I write this, it has been a scant few minutes since watching the film. For those who are unaware, this film accounts the raising and dispatching of the first all black American infantry regiment during the Civil War. The 54th Massachusettes regiment, commanded by Robert Gould Shaw (Broderick) goes on to become a symbol of liberty for oppressed slaves throughout the country, and leads ultimately to full intigration of Negro men into the armed forces.

The images of this movie are bold, powerfully vibrant, and most importantly, devoid of any ultra-stereotypical portrayal of either blacks or whites, with the exception of the outrageously bigotted quartermaster who refuses to grant shoes to the 54th due to skin color, and one officer (rank unknown) who has to be bullied into allowing the 54th to see any kind of combat at all.

At the risk of spoiling the film for the five people who haven't seen it, I was immediately drawn to the end, which portrayed the failed assault on Fort Wagner in South Carolina. Despite overwhelming odds, the 54th manage to reach the walls of the fort and come within just a hair's breadth of taking it, only to find a sea of Confederate soldiers awaiting them on the other side.

The fort, despite the efforts of these and other brave soldiers, did not fall into Union hands.

Now, was this a failure? From one standpoint, yes. The Union never took the fort, thus denying their forces an advantage in the war, however, in the long run, I would call this an astounding military victory for the United States. It allowed for the true turning point in the war, due to the addition of an initial 180,000 African American troops, to swell the already overflowing ranks of the Union army, but also showed the world that the United States, despite the vast blot on our history that is slavery, fought with blood sweat and tears to bring that horrible institution to an end in North America. And they succeeded.

Ironically, now that we as a nation have succeeded in proving to the world how devoid of racism this country is, now the news media constantly paints good, hardworking Americans as racist simply because they disagree with a president who happens to be black. Yes, there are some out there who truly do not like President Obama because of his skin color, but to paint them as the majority is absolutely dishonest and ultimately harmful to the nation. We united in the face of the bloodiest military conflict ever held on our soil after Lee's surrender at Appomatox Courthouse.

I believe we can do it again. I believe we ARE doing it again. Yet this time the enemy is not one that can be fought on the battlefield. Those threatening this nation are now doing so under the guise of equality and freedom, the very same things that soldiers both blue and grey fought and died to protect and preserve. Yet we face attacks on the very freedoms these enemies say they champion. Consider Mark Lloyd, Chairman of the FCC. He believes that freedom of speech is a DISTRACTION. Annita Dunn, who idolizes Chairman Mao of the CCP, is on record as saying that during the campaign they purposefully manipulated the news media to paint Obama in a better light, and prevented people from analyzing what his words meant. Van Jones we all remember. He, a self-avowed Communist, believes that white men are purposefully committing genocide against the black community. He now works for George Soros at the Center for American Progress.

These are people who have power in the White House now. I am truly afraid. However, I am also truly hopeful. Every time I begin to despair, I receive a reminder of the greatness of the United States, and history confirms why we deserve that greatness. Let's be that shining city on the hill again. Let's show the people of the world that, as Glenn Beck said on his program earlier this month, "when the going gets tough, Americans show up."

Well, it's time to show up again, and we are doing it. Watch out, all those who would dare stomp on civil liberties in the name of the so-called "common good". We are not sitting idle any longer, and we are no longer silent.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

And now we go to our Man on the Street...

Wow. Two days in a row I find two blog-worthy stories in the news. Interesting opposition in the tone, however. The previous post dealt with our new Mao worshipping press agent Anita Dunn, which caused my and I'm sure many others' blood to absolutely boil.

Today, I go on FOX news and what do I see? The continuation of the TEA party movement! We're still out there. It was a relief to see it, I must say.

So, what, you may ask, are the TEA partiers protesting now? Well, the media. Rallies are scheduled in future to be held at various lamestream media outlets across the country, with calls to rally at the New York Times, ABC, NBC, and the rest.

For full details, consult the article, which can be viewed at:

I know it's been said many times over the last view months, but I feel like it must be asked again: CAN YOU HEAR US NOW!?

Friday, October 16, 2009

If you go Around Showing Your Pictures of Chairman Mao, You're not Doing Anyone any Good Anyhow...

I honestly don't know how I missed all this stuff happening in previous years, but now that I'm paying attention, more controversy has hit me in the face than I ever thought I would see in any lifetime.

1. Obama's ties to Marxists.

2. Deathcare Reform.

3. An American Awakening (TEA parties and March on D.C.)

4. Vietnam part 2 (Afghanistan)

5. Attacks on Free Speech and Freedom of Expression

This last is the most disturbing. Especially given what I heard last night on fellow tin-foil-hat-wearing American patriot Glenn Beck's program. Do we all know who Anita Dunn is? Well, for those of you who read this that don't, Anita Dunn is part of the communications division of the House. She is the one who most recently went on CNN and accused FOX news of being nothing but lies day in and day out. Her exact words were that FOX acted as the "communications arm of the Republican Party" and that they were not a "real news network like CNN is". Yes, CNN is a REAL news network, since they're in the tank for Chairman Obama. I believe our friends Stalin, Mao and Castro would call those on FOX "counterrevolutionaries" if they had any control over what goes on in D.C. Then again, maybe they do. I don't know for sure.

Well, for weeks now Glenn has dared the White House to challenge any of his assertions against the administration, including the controversial appointments of his Czars, such as Van Jones, John Holdren, Mark Lloyd, and Cass Sunstein. Oh, and let's not forget Kevin Jennings, our "Safe Schools" Czar. More on him in future posts.

So far, the White House has not called, despite Glenn installing a direct phone line a la the "white house hotline" that once existed to prevent nuclear war between the Reds and the Red White and Blue. Why has Anita Dunn not called Glenn's bluff? Because he isn't bluffing. A video surfaced recently that shows Anita speaking to a group of high school students. In this video, she mentions her two favorite philosohers, one of whom is Mother Theresa. Nothing wrong with idolizing a great humanitarian like her, right? Well, here's where it gets horrifying. Her other favorite philospher? MAO TSE TUNG!!!

That's right. Chairman Mao of the CCP. The man who murdered 70 MILLION people during PEACE TIME in order to secure his power base. This is the man she most admires. This man killed more people than HITLER and she ADMIRES him!? I don't know what happened to my America, but the one I grew up in would never allow a full fledged Marxist loving commie sympathizer into the White House. Reagan certainly would never have, and nor would Richard Nixon. FDR did, but that was because he refused to see Stalin for who he really was until after the war. Nevertheless, Chairman Obama has added to his own personal Politburro (I hope I spelled that right) a woman who turns most to Mao Tse Tung for political and philosophical advice. She is not the only one who admires Mao, either. Valerie Jarret worked for the Socialists, Van Jones became a full-fledged Communist in prison, and the list goes on.

During the campaign, Obama said to look at the people he surrounds himself with in order to see who he really is and what he really believes. Well, Mr. President, I'm looking. And what I see isn't pretty. He may not only be our first BLACK president, but also our first RED president as well. Actually, that's not true. That title goes to Woodrow Wilson, who said that Communism and Democracy are the same government under different names.

Oy vey, wake up America! We are being BURIED, just as Nikkita Kreuschev warned us in the sixties! We are being BURIED IN MARXISTS!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny, I thought the Nobel committee gave the Peace Prize to people that DID something for World Peace...

So I just heard that the Nobel committee of Switzerland has just decided to turn their once-prestigious award into a joke worthy of the Purple Heart medal. President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing...nothing. I have yet to see ANY work toward world peace that President Obama has achieved in his nine months in office.

There have been many worthy recipients of the award, don't get me wrong, but this is an absolute slap in the face to anyone who ever actually DID SOMETHING to make the world a peaceful place to live. Take Nelson Mandella. He won the award for his efforts in Africa. I agree with that. Even Jimmy Carter, who did nothing as president, deserved the award for his Habitat for Humanity project.

But President Obama? Will someone PLEASE tell me what he has done to deserve what I once believed was one of the most prestigious awards in the world? Given what he's done, any Joe Schmoe can win the prize now just for being able to read a teleprompter. All he did was give a SPEECH! That's it! Oh, he's tried to engage the Muslim world through those speeches that he's given, but he didn't succeed much, or I would argue, at all. Not only that, but because the RNC has decided to ask just that very question (what has the president done to deserve this award?) they are being blasted for, I kid you not, SIDING WITH TERRORISTS!!!

Does that not sound odd to ANYONE ELSE!?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Ego Has Landed (With Apologies to Matt Drudge)

The above title has been seen elsewhere in recent days, as the parenthetical statement implies. Matt Drudge came up with that and used it as the headline to the Drudge Report the day President Obeyme landed in Copenhagen to make a last ditch effort to sell Chicago as the site for the 2016 Olympic games.

What is our president thinking, honestly? General Stanley McCrystal has been begging for more troops for almost nine months now so he can stabalize Afghanistan, which our brainless leader declared the "war of necessity" during the campaign, yet he shelved that report so that he could make a personal sell to his home city for a bunch of stupid games. He even took Oprah along in an attempt to seal the deal.

Well, no surprise to this Right Wing Extremist, but Obeyme was yet again ignored, this time not just by Europe or Iran, but by pretty much the WHOLE WORLD! Chicago came in DEAD LAST for the Olympic bid in the FIRST ROUND OF VOTING. How much more dismal a failure can you imagine? Aside from us being routed out of Afghanistan by OBL, that is.

I was hoping to be the first one, or at least one of the first, to post about the loss, but I was delayed getting to a computer and so it's already all over the blogosphere. So far all the opinions are right on with mine in that this was yet another loss for the President, but I believe it will in the long run be a win for the country as a whole. There was evidence out the wah-zoo that Valerie Jarrett, one of Obeyme's top advisors, would have benefited financially from the games being held in Chicago, as would Mayor Richard Daley, and the public housing firm that Valerie Jarrett runs would have been the housing for the athletes, which would have lead to federal funding to fix it up, as it is in DISMAL shape. So dismal, in fact, that it is being seriously considered for demolition.

So all in all, I call this a victory. Not for Obeyme, but for the American people. For once the corrupt political machine that exists in Chicago DID NOT get its way, and now the gangsters are crying in their blood-stained beer mugs. Well, I say let the tears flow. It's about time some justice showed up in the most corrupt city in the United States.

And lo and behold, the blame game has already started:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Clinton Claims Existence of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy...AGAIN!

So the libs are still at it. First it was Jimmy Carter saying we were racist. Then it was Bill Cosby, a conservative black man saying the same. Now we have Clinton resurrecting a term that was used during his years in office: Right Wing Conspiracy. Why is everything a conspiracy these days? Apparently Clinton missed the march on DC. Apparently he hasn't been looking at the polls. Apparently, Clinton claims to know why the president is failing even when Obama himself doesn't seem to know. I didn't know Clinton was all knowing, did you?

Clinton has stated that the reason the health care bill is failing is because of some vast Right Wing conspiracy that is dedicated to taking him down. Well, that "vast right wing conspiracy" is non-existent. This is not a conspiracy. This is a cultural backlash against years of fraud and corruption in Washington. It's not about Dems or Repubs. It's not about Right or Left. It's not about Liberal or Conservative. This is about OUR COUNTRY and the direction it's being taken in. The government is too big, and is expanding too quickly. What is happening now, in my opinion, is the beginnings of the contraction of that government. It always starts from the ground up.

The article in which clinton makes this bogus claim can be read here. CNN. Not surprising that they spun it so that it sounded legit.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Them Young, and the Possibilities are Endless

Well, that certainly may be true in this case. My last post dealt with indoctrination in our school system, and, while I would much rather report on something new, it would seem that the indoctrination of our schoolchildren is far more apparent than I believed even a few days ago. Recently, I had the displeasure of watching a video called "The Story of Stuff", which turned out to be nothing but lies and distorted facts. This was par for the course in the propaganda machine that is the Far Left, but it goes much deeper than that.

Recently a group of school children in New Jersey were taped (presumably by a parent) SINGING PRAISES TO PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! And I will now wait for everyone's head to finish exploding before I continue.

Are we all done? Good.

The video was brought to the attention of Fox news just a few days ago, and now it's gone completely viral, outraging parents across the nation, as well it should. Especially since the school refuses to come clean about whether the children were able to opt out of the project. I doubt they were, since according to Fox news, the parents weren't even told about the video and the school denies that he events ON THE TAPE FOR ALL TO SEE ever occured in the first place.

What is it about President Obama that has caused the Far Left to engage in this utter lunacy, I wonder? It's almost as though a clarion call has been sent out: "Extra, Extra, read all about it, minority president elected at last, no need to hide in the shadows, people, COME ON DOWN!"

Imagine the outrage if this had been another president, such as Ronald Reagan or one of the two George Bush's. Do you think the left would just sit idly by and do nothing? If you do, then I have a lovely bridge to sell you for a bargain price.

Another video, one that compares American schoolchildren singing about Obama to Korean school children singing about Kim Jong Il, can be viewed here:

That, while attempting to poke fun at the idea of singing praises to our president, is very poignant in that it shows what our nation is in danger of becoming if this trend continues.

As for the video that has parents up in arms, it can be viewed here:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The REAL Story of Stuff!

It seems that day by day, I'm discovering new and admittedly clever ways that radical left-wingers are trying to indoctrinate the children of this great country. I just had the displeasure of watching one of the most horrifically biased pieces of media I have ever seen. The movie is called "The Story of Stuff", hosted by activist Annie Leonard. It can be viewed at for free, but there's no need to go all the way to the big bad Internet to watch it. Chances are your kid has already seen it. Six thousand educators already have, and seven thousand schools have played the video, according to the Glenn Beck program.

Now that all the lefties who read this (though I can't imagine why they would) have had coronaries and been removed by the paramedics, allow me to go on. This video, while seemingly innocent and even educational about the capitalistic system, distorts facts so wildly that it is impossible for me to believe that Ms. Leonard did so accidentally.

She begins by pointing out that we, the United States of America, are a culture of consumption. This is somewhat true, however it's only part of the story. In a free market system (better known as capitalism), consumers produce, buy, sell, and use product, theoretically with minimal government control. Before the Obama administration took power, the government ran 33% of our economy. Now with the nationalization of the banks, car companies, and (God forbid) the newspapers, it's closing in on fifty percent.

But back to the video: Miss Leonard, while passionate in her views and no doubt a true believer IN those views and values, is factually wrong on many fronts.

1. She claims that we only have 4% of our original forests left in this country. She is TECHNICALLY correct, in that we have consumed nearly all of the ORIGINAL trees that once grew on this land. However, she neglects to balance her assertion with a pesky little fact; namely that we have REPLANTED every tree we've cut down AND THEN SOME.

2. Miss Leonard claimed (half-truthfully) that President George W. Bush, after 9/11, only told the American people to shop in order to honor the victims of the worst attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor. Simply put, this is blatantly false, because I watched the State of the Union Address on that day and President Bush DID in fact urge Americans to pray and grieve in the speech, and in subsequent speeches thereafter. He did also, however, tell us to go shopping, which I thought was a little petty considering the death toll of the attacks.

3. Miss Leonard claimed in her video that our system is based around a "toxics in/toxics out" methodology. She claimed that the corporations, using their power and influence, are the ones putting flame retardants in our products, such as pillows. What Miss Leonard did NOT say was that it is due to GOVERNMENT REGULATION that these flame retardants are even considered being put into products such as this. She also neglects to mention that China, not the United States, has the worst industrial regulations in the world, leading to lead in the products they produce, among other things.

4. Miss Leonard, in preparation for the above, claimed that the government's job was to "take care of" the people. It's "their job." That is utter HOGWASH. The framers of this country believed in LIMITED government, and created the Constitution to achieve those ends. Miss Leonard's misguided belief comes from a twisted interpretation of the general welfare clause of the Constitution, which states that the government shall "promote the general welfare" of the people. Yet, miss Leonard believes that the government should not only promote that welfare, but PROVIDE it. The Founders would have had her on the first thing smoking back to London if she'd tried proposing that the government should provide entitlements for the people.

If this is the kind of education my children will receive in the public school system, then I will be keeping them OUT of it completely, and give them their education myself.

View the video if you don't believe any of this. If any of my information is incorrect regarding the video, feel free to correct me.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Great. Just bloody great. In what, compared to the ACORN fiasco, could be considered a completely irrelevant story, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has decided to crack down on a SPORTING EVENT THAT HE DOES NOT LIKE. As I write this, they haven't reported the story yet, but whenever someone uses the words "crack down" in conjunction with a tyrant like Chavez, it can't mean anything good for the people of Venezuela.

Chavez apparently doesn't like golf. Yes, golf. That wonderful Scottish sport that has been played the world over for decades and centuries, is no longer acceptable in Chavez's book. I don't know why because I haven't heard the story yet, but what in the world could you possibly have against golfing? It's insane. Did he get hit with too many golf balls while depriving his people of their God-given rights to free speech and press?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama to Poland: No Missiles for You

So Obama continues to make bad foreign policy decisions in the name of winning over our traditional enemies. Just a few days ago our new president, who is now viewed as "weak" by the Polish, opted not to install a missile defense shield on the Polish border. What in the world was he thinking? Apparently, according to FOX, he's decided to divert the missiles away from Russia and use them to intimidate Iran. I don't understand how he thinks he can intimidate Iran NOW when he didn't do so from the jump.

Months ago, hundreds of thousands of Iranian protestors took to the streets because of what they believed to be a rigged election process. We know for a fact now that the election was indeed fraudulent because the Mullahs of the Guardian Council agreed that it was fixed. What more proof did we need? Twitter was abuzz with the support of average American citizens, which prompted a statewide clampdown on internet communications in Iran, which has proven more than a little ineffective. The young people of that country are now chanting "USA, USA" in the streets at the risk of their very lives and what little freedom they have in that country. in a show of weakness, in my opinion, Obama waited far too long before he came out and said Iran's actions were reprehensible.

I appreciate that President Obama must make difficult decisions every day as leader of the Free World, however, I do not understand his regard for Russia, trying to do what other liberal presidents like Jimmy Carter tried to do in this "be nice and give them what they want" policy. I'm reminded of something a fictional president, James Marshal, said in the movie Air Force One, with Harrison Ford in the role of Marshal: If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a glass of milk.

Well, Russia got their cookie in the form of the missile defense deal, so now all we have to do is wait for them to ask for the glass of milk.

Ronald Reagan, who is fast becoming my absolute favorite president of the United States, said that peace could be acheiived through strength. If you give an appearance of strength to a tyrant, in other words, that tyrant, while respecting nothing else, WILL RESPECT HOW STRONG YOU ARE. That's what we need now. Strength. Not apeasement. Who will be the next Ronald Reagan? Only time and elections will tell.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corruption, Voter Fraud, and Murder, Oh My!

So, yet again ACORN is caught red-handed in aiding criminal activity thanks to Hannah James and her friend, whose name escapes me right now. This makes the FOURTH video these two brave individuals have given FOX news, the only news organization covering the story with any effort at all. What is wrong with people today? When did it become "cool" to consider yourself above the law.

ACORN has yet again given these two patriots the brush off, calling them every name in the book and even FILING SUIT against them for so-called defamatory slights made in the videos that have been produced. They've changed their story with each video, sounding quite a bit like our Speaker of the House when she accused the CIA of being liars and thus committing federal crimes.

What kind of country have we become? This is sounding a lot less like the America of 1776 and a lot more like the Mexico of 2009.

Quarantine Washington now!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN continues to remind us that they are all in fact "nuts".

So the pressure continues to build for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. This time they were caught giving the same advice to Hannah Jones (I think that's her last name but I could be wrong) and her friend on how to hide their true business in name and finances from the federal government.

Today, the pressure finally reached Capitol Hill, prompting them to vote 93-7 to defund the housing and UD branches of ACORN. A definite positive start.

On the 9/12 march front, DC officials say that 75000 people marched on Washington, though I personally believe it was much more. Griff Jenkins of FOX news had his own personal estimate at somewhere around 100,000+. We may never know the actual number, but it was certainly enough to draw the ire of the Far Left and the Elite Media. Not a single day had passed before Maureen Dowd of the New York Times and Rachel Maddow, two extremely far left columnists, played the race card. Dowd and Maddow did not focus on the protestors, however. They focused on Joe Wilson, claiming that HE was racist because he shouted at President Obama during his helathcare speech.

We will soon reach critical mass if this keeps up.

God Bless America.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Examining the Fallout of 9/12's Political Nuclear Explosion

And once again, a mere day after the march on 9/12, on this Sunday, 9/13, we the people of the United States of America are being labled as racists. Why? Because we dared to rock the system. Because we dared to speak out against un-American, collectivist policies and the bankrupting of the land that we love so dearly. This country has provided opportunities for millions around the world. Our presidents have alternatively helped and hindered the nation, but they are men, just as we are, and are subject to the same fallibilities as we the average citizen.

It would seem that Washington and the media do not share this view. To the mainstream press, Obama's policies are infallible and anyone who disagress is either a Nazi, a racist, a mobster, an evil-monger, a Flat Earther, or some other such nonsense. We dared to speak truth, and those who are supposed to PEDAL in truth have given us nothing but lies and insults.

I notice that my following on this blog has grown from two to three. A slow rise, but a rise none the less. The three of you that do read this, please let others know that if they want an honest analysis of events, through a non-partisan lense, I will be glad to provide one for them. No longer will I remain silent about my opinions or beliefs. No longer should ANY of us remain silent. The time for action is now. STAND UP!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/12: The Day we the People Made Ourselves Heard

As promised, I was one of the many who watched the FOX news coverage of the 9/12 march on Washington DC. Something that has not occured since the Million Man March of the 60's. We, however, were not marching to advance civil rights, we were not marching to advance animal rights, we were not marching to advance any cause but one: The cause of Individual Rights.

Our invidual rights as Americans are our most precious possession, and they have been severely mishandled and oftentimes outright violated by those in Washington, be they Democrat, Republican, Independant, Supreme Court Justice, Representative or Senator. A brave few in Washington have begun to take a stand against the corruption that infects our nation like a cancer, yet still more have begun to take an even larger stand.

Many believe that this all began with Obama's administration, but they are wrong. The people have been angry for years, and have remained silent for years, trusting in their vote to clean up the mess that continually kept being left in the White House and the Congressional buildings. Unfortunately, voting has proven to do little more than change the face of the corruption. The majority of politicians, unfortunately, have succumbed to the cancer and are willing to sacrifice the will of the people in order to secure their reelections with the help of many special interest groups. Political correctness, radical environmentalism, ACORN, community organizations, all of these have been stifling our freedoms, using the politicians as their front men. Don't believe me? Watch any news channel or go to any news website and the stories will be their for you to read in their entirety.

There are, however, a brilliant and brave few who are standing up now inside Washington, such as John Boener, House Minority Leader, and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Yet these few are not enough to stem the tide, as was determined six months ago when the 9/12 project was born. This project, of which I am a proud member and supporter, was designed by the much loathed-by-the-left opinion commentater Glenn Beck as a way for us to get in touch with our founding principals once again, as we were the day after the 9/11 attacks on New York. He may have begun the work, but the people, some 600,000 strong and growing, have taken his ball and run with it. And run with it they have indeed. They ran with it all over the country to cities like Austin, Texas, Auburn, California, and even to Washington, D.C. itself. When I saw tens of thousands of regular Americans standing up to defend the values that this nation was founded on, I was filled with pride. My only regret is not being there with them.

We the people, 300 million strong, are what can stem this tide of corruption that has plagued us for decades. As was proven on April 15th, and again on 9/12 of this year, when the people stand up, a sleeping giant awakes. When that giant awakes, nothing can defeat it. That giant, we the people, will never lose so long as we remain united in our common interests. Again, there will be those who don't believe me. To them I say this: ACORN is now under severe scrutiny because of the actions of two ordinary Americans. TWO! Posing as a pimp and a prostitute, two individuals who I will not name to protect their identities, infiltrated the ACORN offices of Baltimore, Maryland in an attempt to bring their corruption to light. And bring it to light they did. While speaking to the now former employees of ACORN about their agenda, (bringing underage El Salvadoran prostitutes to the United States to set up a prostitution ring), they were given instructions on how to cheat our tax laws and God only knows how many others.

Where was the rest of the media on this? Asleep at the switch as usual. They were either ignoring it on purpose, which makes them complicit, or they simply did not know about it, which is entirely too hard to believe.

This was brought to light not by CNN, not by NBC, CBS or ABC, but by two ordinary American INDIVIDUALS who wanted to do some good. These two brave souls should be given Congressional Medals of Honor for their service to this country in bringing to light the malevolence of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. I doubt that the politicians will give them medals, though, since John Conyers and others like him have refused to investigate ACORN at all because "The Powers That Be" decided against it. Who the HELL are the "Powers That Be" in Washington?!

They say that people who watch Fox News are insane fringe crazies, while the so-called "elite" believe they are 100% in the right. I say that if you do not question your OWN sanity, then you yourself are not sane.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Will Never Forget! EVER!

6:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time. 9:00 AM Eastern. New York City, New York. I was at work that day, manning the drive through at my local Burger King restaurant an entire continent's length away from this place. It was a day just like any other, a day where I would cash in my hours, earn my meager paycheck, and go home; or so I had thought at the time. This was to be the day, in the end, that would change how I viewed my country forever. I, like many Americans, believed that there was nothing anyone overseas could do that we could not stop. I was complacent. I had never once even thought about watching the news for any reason. I didn't think it affected me at all. I never before had watched the State of the Union or the State of the State address because I had no interest in politics.

No longer. No longer do I remain ignorant of world events because of some pie-in-the-sky promise that the United States would never be threatened by any outside sources. Of late I have been dealing with bouts of depression because I feel unable to achieve any sort of notable success in my life. Every so often, though, I receive a reminder of who I am and where I come from. I received such a reminder on September 11th, 2oo1, and now every year since. When the twin towers fell, I could not take my eyes off of the television. this marked the first time I had EVER been glued to a news story and remained interested. To this day I see the footage of the two planes crashing into the tallest buildings in our country and a lump goes into my throat, both for the victims and for the families of those victims. I remember now with apprehension a trip my mother, sister, and aunt took to New York one year well before the attacks, and could not help but think "what if they had gone this year?" One of the places they had visited was the World Trade Center. You now realize why I revisit this thought every year.

It has now been eight years since a pledge was made to rebuild the World Trade Center into a stronger, larger, more prominent building that would be known as the Freedom Tower. In that eight years, only now have steel beams begun to spring up towards the sky, and the end of the project. Is this what we've become as Americans? When the Empire State Building was started, it took 400 DAYS to complete it. Why has it taken eight years to do today what it took 400 days to complete during the GREAT DEPRESSION!? Another example is the Hoover Dam. It took FIVE YEARS to build that 700 foot tall dam that provides so much of our electricity, compared to EIGHT YEARS to put up a few steel beams on the first floor of a building that was conceived of at the beginning of the new century and millenium?

Some will call these irresponsible questions. Some will call me a Republican shill for asking them. Some will simply insult me and expect me to stay silent, but I WILL NOT! I will NOT forsake my inalienable right to freedom of speech just because a few loons don't want me saying what I feel MUST BE SAID! Will the politicians in Washington EVER LISTEN TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE?! If they refuse to hear us then we must remember that WE have the power! WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE HEARD!

The day after the attacks, we were not divided by Red States and Blue States, Democrats and Republicans, Left Wing and Right Wing. We were AMERICANS, and only Americans. We need to readopt that mindset. We need to remember what UNITES us rather than what DIVIDES us. When we stand together we, the American people, can overcome ANY OBSTACLE, be it Communism, Fascism, the Great Depression, taming the Wild West, or what have you. NOTHING CAN STOP US! WE MUST REMEMBER THAT!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cass Sunstein is Being Voted on Today! Wait, who?

Well, I'm sitting here watching Glenn Beck (*watches all liberals reading this blog have a coronary and die*) And he just told me and his viewers that the president's Regulatory Czar is being voted on today. Cass Sunstein is a man whose views are absolutely insane. He believes that animals should be allowed to SUE THEIR OWNERS!!! that's right. A man who thinks a dog should be able to serve its master for whatever greivances has the ear of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Does this strike no one as odd? I know not many read this blog, but those who do should be shocked and enraged at this.

Sunstein also views the Second Ammendment should be repealed, and that it was the product of a "widely successful social movement" or some such garbage. How much more will we take before we throw these bums out?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ask not What Obama can do for you, but ask What you can do for Obama...wait, what?

Well, just when I think it can't get anymore obvious that Obama is the most radical president in the history of this nation, he goes and proves me wrong.

Cutting right to the chase, Obama is giving yet another speech, but it's not to the usual sheep that eat up every word he says. it's to the children of this nation who are subject to this country's dismal public education system. This is something that NO president in our HISTORY has EVER done before!

Why is he doing this, you ask? Well, ostensibly, he's doing it so that he can stress the importance of education and to get out that old 1980's bumper sticker message "stay in school".

Yet, this is only part of the message. In addition to the whole 'stay in school' bit, the Department of Education has issued a type of lesson plan that asks such questions as "what is President Obama asking me to do?" and "Why is it important to listen to the President about issues?" I'm sorry, but isn't that backwards? Shouldn't it be "why is it important that the president listen to the people?"

Think about that the next time you see someone whining about how little money the educational system is getting.

From 1776 to 1984: How History is Repeating Itself and how Big Brother is Beginning his Slow Encroachment Onto Our Civil Liberties Part Two

Big Brother continues his encroachment on our freedoms, it would seem. Now the congress wants to give the president a kill switch for the INTERNET! This is, without a doubt, unconstitutional, and by my reckoning violates the First, Fourth, and Tenth Ammendments AT A MINIMUM. According to this link:, if the bill talked about in this article is passed, President Obama would be given a broad range of ill-defined powers over private sector sections of the Internet in the event of a "cybersecurity emergency". Their is no clear definition thus far as to what an "emergency" constitutes in this case, and their is no clearly defined limit to the powers given to the president in this bill.

Reading about this bill reminded me of something I read in Orwell's novel. In that novel there is an organization called the Ministry of Truth, which, true to the irony that peppers 1984 throughout its pages, deals with lies. Specifically, it deals with the manipulation of media sources and historical documents to keep the people of Oceania believing that Big Brother is infallible. It seems to me that this bill is the beginning steps toward our own Ministry of Truth, since a universal kill switch for the Internet would allow Obama to quash any kind of descent with impunity. As Machiavelli once said "Absolute power corrupts absolutely", and we CANNOT allow the president to gain ANY MORE POWER than he already has! I'll be looking for ways to fight this bill in addition to the usual ways: melting the phone lines and flooding the email inboxes, as well as the snail mail channels, but others should be doing the same, and I hope they will.

As for the effect this has on the culture, well, look at the kind of culture we're creating by turning to the government to solve every single problem we have. It's directly counter to the culture we live in now, which, judging from the TEA Parties and the upcoming 9/12 March on Washington, still cares that we are in fact on the wrong track, and wants to continue our traditions of self reliance and hard work. However, unless the fires are stoked and the embers continue to burn bright, we will lose our country to the Marxists, the Socialists, and the Communists. I grew up believing this country was the greatest country on the face of this earth. I still believe that. And I will die believing it. I WILL NOT allow ANY enemies, foreign or domestic, to snuff out the burning torch of Freedom!

Friday, August 21, 2009

From 1776 to 1984: How History is Repeating Itself, and how Big Brother is Beginning his Slow Encroachment into our Civil Liberties Part 1

Those of you who read the previous entries of this blog have noticed that they tend to focus on cultural changes and traditional values. Of late, however, I feel the need to go back in time to the birth of our nation, the United States of America.

In the late 1700's, a group of ragtag farmers, doctors, lawyers, and administrators decided that living under a tyrranical ruler, King George III of England, was intolerable. After enduring such unfair laws as the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and other unfair taxations rendered without so much as asking for the opinion of those being taxed, the Second Continental Congress of the American Colonies convened to discuss what was then considered to be a radical idea, far outside the mainstream of thought by any human being with half a lick of sense. These men actually proposed, under the somewhat scathing and relentless prodding of John Adams of the Massachussettes Bay Colony, that the colonies would break their ties with England and turn what was then conventional government literally upside down.

They were conducting also, what was then considered to be a paradox. The concept of "Legal Revolution", which was essentially what was being advocated by Adams and the rest of the Founders, was totally unknown in the 1770's. Yet Adams insisted that in defiance of the unfair taxes being levied against the colonists, they take the unprecidented step of governing themselves, with representatives elected by the people rather than chosen by sheer fortunes of birth and station.

One of the principals our Founders intended was that government be limited. However, we seem to have forgotten what that actually means. Ever since the New Deal of the 1930's, government entitlements have become, rather than the anomoly, the norm of American mainstream thought. The elderly have been with Social Security for so long that they now find themselves unable to imagine a time without it. The same holds true for Medicare and Medicaid, passed by President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960's.

This seems to be a far cry from the culture of self reliance and personal responsibility that the Founders intended when they declared open revolt against their mother country.
A Culture Warrior's Manifesto: Roles Within the Home

My fiancee just asked an interesting question in the comment section of my blog. What are my opinions on the roles of men and women in family situations? Put simply, it depends.I do believe that it should NOT be determined by gender alone. Women were not mandated by any power to ONLY spend their time in the home, and men were not mandated by ANY power to spend all of their time being breadwinners. Both men and women provide their own strengths and weaknesses to the family unit, and those strengths should compliment each other and off set the weaknesses.Take my fiancee and me for example: I'm outgoing, she's not. I'm a big picture guy, she's a detail girl. I'm confrontational, she's diplomatic. Now, as to which of us is better suited to stay home and which is better suited to bring home the proverbial bacon? That remains to be seen for certain, but I've noticed that I tend to be the one who is more comfortable in the work place. She has admitted to me (in a blog entry she never posted) that she likes the "homemaker" title, and she does seem happier since being home all the time allows her to take care of her mother when she needs it. Because of this, I believe I would be the ideal one to bring home the money while she took care of things at home.However, this belief is by no means the only one I hold regarding this issue. To make a long story short, I believe that it's between the couple who stays home and who goes to work. But let me be clear. I do believe that SOMEONE should be home all the time, at least until the kids reach high school age. This provides much needed security for the children, and in today's world, that security is VITAL to the development of a child.So I suppose what I'm saying is, it doesn't matter who goes or who stays, as long as someone does. But who that is, is up to the couple and only the couple.
A Culture Warrior's Manifesto: State Preambles and Deity Worship

Well, this culture warrior has just been informed of an interesting bit of culture war trivia and ammunition for the traditionalists: Every single preamble to every single state constitution mentions God in some way shape or form. Don't believe me? Look them up and see for yourself.What does this mean for the courts and the ACLU? It means, in short, and in the humble opinion of the writer of this blog, that they are WRONG! The United States of America is and always has been a spiritual nation, and at no time during those preambles was anyone told that they must worship God. Everyone in this country is given a choice, and no one will say "boo" about it as long as you respect that people will not always make the same choices you make. That is, at its core, our country's most fundamental value, and it is under direct assault by the ACLU, who are using the courts as their main weapon since no initiative of theirs that condones secular progressive agendas will EVER win at the ballot box. Too many Americans still consider themselves religious for that to happen. Let's hope that the number of religious Americans does not decline, for if it does the culture war will lose some of its most able fighters.
A Culture Warrior's Manifesto: The First 100 Days

I begin this entry with the expectation that readers now have an overview of what I see as the culture war. It is, quite simply, a war of hearts and minds designed to define behavioral principles in our society. Gay Marriage, child abuse, and other major issues are all at the forefront of this war, and I have chosen to use this blog as my main weapon in fighting that war by disseminating information to you, the reader.
However, due to the special occasion that the White House has so generously spent tax payer dollars on, I believe my emphasis now should be on what Barack Obama's first 100 days as President of the United States of America has done to our culture as I see it.
Why did a reporter at that so-called "conference" ask what Obama felt was the most "Enchanting" thing about being president of the United States? Why did the media not challenge him with harder questions about the issues of the world today? What does that say about our media, I wonder?

Well, as I see it, the media is the ultimate disseminator of information to the common citizen, I.E. you and I. They now tilt so far left they are falling over themselves trying to make President Obama look good. The Tea Party Protests, which warranted national coverage from ALL outlets of the media, not just Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. The fact that these people are touting their own agenda and not remaining objective about the stories they report is absolutely wrong.

If you doubt me, youtube CNN stories to see their side, then Youtube fox news on everything the Tea Party goers did.

I leave this entry now by asking a single question: If you can't trust the media, who can you trust?
A Culture Warrior's Manifesto: Introduction

You read that right. I now style myself a Culture Warrior. What's a Culture Warrior, you ask? Well, I'll be more than happy to tell you. According to my favorite newscaster, Bill O'Reilly, who coined the phrase "culture warrior" on his show, the O'Reilly Factor, a culture warrior is a person who vigorously promotes a deeply held set of convictions and values. "What values are those?" might be your next question.For me, those values are what people call "traditional" values. Freedom of Religion, for one, support of traditional marriage for another, and numerous others that you will no doubt hear about in future entries. I don't know how many people actually read this blog, but assuming I'm not the only one, I've got a few things to tell you all about why I have become so forthright about politics and values in recent years.I first became aware of what is known as the "Culture War" after the California Supreme Court decided to overrule a piece of legislation that banned gay marriage in the state, claiming it was unconstitutional. When I saw that four million voters were overruled by four judges, I couldn't help but be outraged by the decision. This, in turn, sparked my interest in the campaign to pass Proposition 8, which, thankfully, did in fact pass with 52% of the vote. All throughout the campaign, both sides pushed their respective agendas: pushed for "Equality for All", and championed the defeat of this proposition, while - Yes On 8 obviously championed the passage of the new constitutional ammendment. So much for recognizing traditional marriage being "unconstitutional."After both sides spent literally millions of dollars fighting to advance their side, with the supposedly "tolerant" members of promoting physical attacks, death threats, and outright slander against those who supported traditional marriage. The more I heard about traditional marriage being under attack, the more I felt I should do something. As it turned out, all I could think of to do was vote Yes on the proposition and do what I could to get the message out. It proved to be enough. Traditional marriage prevailed, to my great surprise and relief, signalling a major victory for the traditionalist faction of the Culture War.It was also about this time that, thanks to the anomoly of an African American man on the presidential ticket for 2008, I took an interest in the presidential election that I didn't have before. For the first time in ages, real history stood to be made, depending on the choices of the American people. As it turned out, they chose to elect our first African American president that year, and Barack Obama, despite much heated discourse from the conservative right, achieved the goal of attaining the White House, and history was made yet again. Though I voted for his opponent in the election, largely because John McCain came across as much more trustworthy, I still respected the significance of the event.

Then came the accusations of his being a Socialist, Communist, and just about every other negative "ist" there was. I continued to watch the O'Reilly Factor and other news programs like it through the campaign, and still do so to this day so I can keep the fight going through blog entries like this one. It wasn't until much later that I really started to see a certain type of agenda begin to rear its ugly head: Secular Progressivism."What's That?" you ask? Well, I'll tell you: Secular Progressivism is the attempt by so called "progressives" to radically change the country known as the United States of America into a secular nation by discouraging public displays of religion, encourage "minority rights" by allowing unrestricted free trade and provide no sanctions or consequences for illegal drug use, child abuse, or terrorism.According to the "SP's" as Bill O'Reilly refers to them in his book Caulture Warrior, are out to undermine every traditional value that Americans hold dear, and many don't even realize it's happening. Ever hear of George Soros? No? How about George Lakoff? No again? Well, these people are real and I encourage any and all who read this to Google them and look them up. You won't have any trouble finding out who they are.Another place you can learn many useful and disturbing things about such organizations as NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, the ACLU, and such people as George Soros, John Lakkov, and everyone's least favorite extremist director Micheal Moore in the book "Culture Warrior" by Bill O'Reilly.

Yet that isn't all. Many of our elected officials are themselves Secular Progressives, most notably among then Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives. She is, as many say, "San Francisco Values Plus". She supports such things as the "Fairness" Doctrine, which is designed to destroy concervative talk talk radio, since it is the only branch of the media that the SP's and liberals do not enjoy dominion of.