Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/12: The Day we the People Made Ourselves Heard

As promised, I was one of the many who watched the FOX news coverage of the 9/12 march on Washington DC. Something that has not occured since the Million Man March of the 60's. We, however, were not marching to advance civil rights, we were not marching to advance animal rights, we were not marching to advance any cause but one: The cause of Individual Rights.

Our invidual rights as Americans are our most precious possession, and they have been severely mishandled and oftentimes outright violated by those in Washington, be they Democrat, Republican, Independant, Supreme Court Justice, Representative or Senator. A brave few in Washington have begun to take a stand against the corruption that infects our nation like a cancer, yet still more have begun to take an even larger stand.

Many believe that this all began with Obama's administration, but they are wrong. The people have been angry for years, and have remained silent for years, trusting in their vote to clean up the mess that continually kept being left in the White House and the Congressional buildings. Unfortunately, voting has proven to do little more than change the face of the corruption. The majority of politicians, unfortunately, have succumbed to the cancer and are willing to sacrifice the will of the people in order to secure their reelections with the help of many special interest groups. Political correctness, radical environmentalism, ACORN, community organizations, all of these have been stifling our freedoms, using the politicians as their front men. Don't believe me? Watch any news channel or go to any news website and the stories will be their for you to read in their entirety.

There are, however, a brilliant and brave few who are standing up now inside Washington, such as John Boener, House Minority Leader, and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Yet these few are not enough to stem the tide, as was determined six months ago when the 9/12 project was born. This project, of which I am a proud member and supporter, was designed by the much loathed-by-the-left opinion commentater Glenn Beck as a way for us to get in touch with our founding principals once again, as we were the day after the 9/11 attacks on New York. He may have begun the work, but the people, some 600,000 strong and growing, have taken his ball and run with it. And run with it they have indeed. They ran with it all over the country to cities like Austin, Texas, Auburn, California, and even to Washington, D.C. itself. When I saw tens of thousands of regular Americans standing up to defend the values that this nation was founded on, I was filled with pride. My only regret is not being there with them.

We the people, 300 million strong, are what can stem this tide of corruption that has plagued us for decades. As was proven on April 15th, and again on 9/12 of this year, when the people stand up, a sleeping giant awakes. When that giant awakes, nothing can defeat it. That giant, we the people, will never lose so long as we remain united in our common interests. Again, there will be those who don't believe me. To them I say this: ACORN is now under severe scrutiny because of the actions of two ordinary Americans. TWO! Posing as a pimp and a prostitute, two individuals who I will not name to protect their identities, infiltrated the ACORN offices of Baltimore, Maryland in an attempt to bring their corruption to light. And bring it to light they did. While speaking to the now former employees of ACORN about their agenda, (bringing underage El Salvadoran prostitutes to the United States to set up a prostitution ring), they were given instructions on how to cheat our tax laws and God only knows how many others.

Where was the rest of the media on this? Asleep at the switch as usual. They were either ignoring it on purpose, which makes them complicit, or they simply did not know about it, which is entirely too hard to believe.

This was brought to light not by CNN, not by NBC, CBS or ABC, but by two ordinary American INDIVIDUALS who wanted to do some good. These two brave souls should be given Congressional Medals of Honor for their service to this country in bringing to light the malevolence of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. I doubt that the politicians will give them medals, though, since John Conyers and others like him have refused to investigate ACORN at all because "The Powers That Be" decided against it. Who the HELL are the "Powers That Be" in Washington?!

They say that people who watch Fox News are insane fringe crazies, while the so-called "elite" believe they are 100% in the right. I say that if you do not question your OWN sanity, then you yourself are not sane.

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