Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ask not What Obama can do for you, but ask What you can do for Obama...wait, what?

Well, just when I think it can't get anymore obvious that Obama is the most radical president in the history of this nation, he goes and proves me wrong.

Cutting right to the chase, Obama is giving yet another speech, but it's not to the usual sheep that eat up every word he says. it's to the children of this nation who are subject to this country's dismal public education system. This is something that NO president in our HISTORY has EVER done before!

Why is he doing this, you ask? Well, ostensibly, he's doing it so that he can stress the importance of education and to get out that old 1980's bumper sticker message "stay in school".

Yet, this is only part of the message. In addition to the whole 'stay in school' bit, the Department of Education has issued a type of lesson plan that asks such questions as "what is President Obama asking me to do?" and "Why is it important to listen to the President about issues?" I'm sorry, but isn't that backwards? Shouldn't it be "why is it important that the president listen to the people?"

Think about that the next time you see someone whining about how little money the educational system is getting.

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