Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Shall Overcome...

Never more than today have I believed those three words. Throughout my short 29 years on this planet as an American citizen,I have always admired the underdog. You know, the guy who no one thinks can win the big race/fight/contest or whatever, but ends up staging a huge come from behind victory? Yeah, that guy.

I have recently been having a bit of financial trouble, with the latest incident being having my credit card suspended due to a low credit score because, I admit, I was a complete moron with the money and wasn't able to pay it all back in a timely manner. Both my cards (I've only ever had two, and thank God for that) are unavailable for use, one being maxed out and the other having a 0$ spending limit. Needless to say, this had put me in a funk for quite a while.

In addition, because I was struggling to find a balance between spend and save in recent years, I've racked up my share of bank fees, which hindered my efforts to stay in the black as far as my savings and checking accounts go. Sometimes it was even necessary to PURPOSEFULLY go overdrawn just so I could pay a bill on time.

It's been a good three years now since I've had these troubles, and at long last, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. After cutting just about everything fun out of my spending, and living primarily off of Carnation Instant Breakfast and PBJ sandwiches, I've managed to reduce my own personal debt and deficit to negative fiftysome dollars. I don't know the exact amount, but just seeing a two digit number there instead of a three digit makes me absolutely giddy. With two more days till pay day, where the next paycheck will bring me above ground enough to make minimum payments on those two pesky credit cards, I still have less than a hundred dollars of debt owed to the bank. I'm floored.

If anyone ever needs proof that conservative principals work, this is it. Cut spending, tighten your belt, and bring in more income. THAT is how you create wealth and prosper in a Capitalist society. Hear that Barack? I HAVE EVIDENCE THAT PROVES YOU WRONG! Suck it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ann Coulter is my Homegirl!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, more so than usual. Most of what I’m reading these days, interestingly enough, is Conservative non-fiction. Authors like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and others. By far my favorite of these authors has been the left’s least favorite mouth, Ann Coulter.

Every liberal who read that (what are you doing here, anyway?) probably just threw up in their own mouths a little. Well, now that they’ve hastily clicked the close button on their browsers we can get on to business.

I’ve just been reading Ann’s book Godless: The Church of Liberalism, in which she rakes the so-called “non-religious” over the coals and puts forth a case that clearly shows the left is in fact religious. The catch is that their religion excludes the idea of a creator God. Yet it has all the trappings of a religion, nonetheless. It has its priests (public school teachers), it’s scripture (Roe v. Wade), it’s own personal Holy Sacrament (Abortion), and other such accouterments, all of which are explained in sassy, vivid detail in Miss Coulter’s tome.

One thing it seems to be missing, though, is it’s own Covenant. I intend to remedy that with this post. Thus, I give you, my gentle readers, the Ten Commandments of the Church of Liberalism.

1. There is no Lord, nor God. Thou Shalt not have any gods at all, lest thou be labeled a Right Wing nutjob and forever ostracized from appearing in Hollywood films.

2. Thou shalt not take the name of Cindy Sheehan in vain, for sobbing hysterical women have suffered losses and are therefore infallible in their holy judgment of America’s failings.

3. Thou shalt abort the unborn if thou deemest it necessary, even for the most inconsequential reasons, such as fitting into thy prom dress.

4. Cave in to thy children, even at the detriment of their upbringing by denying them boundaries, for so it is written, children hold wisdom beyond that of adults. (Especially conservative adults.)

5. Overpay thy public school teachers, for they will go to any lengths to keep thy children in school, including passionate kisses.

6. Thou shalt keep faith out of the classroom. (except when speaking of the Holy Darwin).

7. Thou shalt not punish criminals, especially violent ones, for the poor souls are not responsible for their actions, even in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

8. Thou shalt not disprove the Holy Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, for despite the fossil record providing no evidence, evolution is and will always be a fact, even when disproved by real science.

9. Thou shalt pay thine own fair share to others, even at the expense of thine own well being, whether thou wishest or no, and especially if thy neighbor does not work for a living, despite being perfectly capable.

10. Thou shalt disregard sanctity of any sort, including and especially the heretical practice known as “marriage”, for that institution is little more than a prison used to keep thine holy sisters imprisoned in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

And yae, it is written, the holy (yet nonreligious) covenant of the Church of Liberalism. All who look upon this great work tremble and despair, for the god that does not exist in this faith hath spoken, and the disciples of the Holy Media shall shout the Word of Darwin from the mountaintop even though only a small percentage of nonreligious faithful listen with any sort of prolonged amount of attention!

And there you have it. The complete covenant. What? You say this isn’t a real covenant because the Creator didn’t issue it to me from atop the Sinai? You’re just saying that because you believe in God! Shut up, hater!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Left Clearly Does not Know how Infiltration Works

Yes, it's true. No doubt most of you who read this have already heard about the latest sad and pathetic attempt to smear the grass-roots TEA party movement as racist, homophobic, and a whole slew of other meaningless epithets. The website, www.crashtheteaparty.org, was launched within the last twenty four hours as of this posting, and I heard about it first on Sean Hannity's radio show.

Clearly these guys don't understand the concept of "covert" operations.

The start page basically gives everything away in the first few sentences: Infiltrate the TEA party, make them seem racist and homophobic and all that garbage, and then hope that they implode in on themselves before the November elections.

Call me crazy, but I'm not too sure that posting your intentions for all to see from coast to shining coast is a great way to keep your infiltration secret. Am I wrong? I didn't think so.

most of what I discovered was the usual bull that comes from left wing hate-sites. "Racist, teabaggers, homophobes" and other such garbage. This, however, was something I thought was worth bringing to the attention of the Left Coast Rebel, who is offering linkage and traffic to anyone who infiltrates the group and informs him of their goings-0n. The only post I've found so far that fits the bill is this.

Admittedly, that was part of the reason I didn't just ignore these leftie-loons, who are nothing more than another false start in a series of attempts to stop the tidal wave of clean-up that's coming for the bozos at the capital building in November.

Spread the word, fellow tin-foil-hat-wearers. We need to expose these d-bags for the joke they are.

And a special thanks in advance for LCR for any traffic he brings my way as a result of my help in his infiltration endeavor.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Will we Learn?

When will we learn? When will we learn that it's okay to disagree? When will we learn that people are individuals at heart and therefore have their own individual beliefs and opinions? When are we going to learn that it's the people's GOD GIVEN RIGHT to have those opinions and to express them without fear? When will we learn that just because a man has dark skin it doesn't make him a god among men? Or an animal. Breitbart has an interesting if predictable article about black conservatives being brought to bear by their liberal counterparts. They've called their fellow blacks "sell-outs", "self-hating" and "Uncle Toms" among other things.


What does it matter if a black man is conservative or liberal? How are you a sell out if you disagree with your neighbor? Isn't political dissent the highest form of patriotism?