Monday, October 19, 2009

United we Stand, Divided we Fall

Most of you who read this blog probably get a feel for my attitude concerning Hollywood by my right-leaning opinions on various people like Micheal Moore, Sean Penn, and others. However, there are those in Hollywood who portray historical accounts so vividly, so powerfully, that I cannot help but be reminded that amidst the partisan politics of Left-leaning Hollywood actors and directors, there are those whose artistry commands respect, and whose respect to history is second to none.

One such group of people are the actors and filmmakers responsible for the absolutely amazing film known as Glory, starring Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and Matthew Broderick. As I write this, it has been a scant few minutes since watching the film. For those who are unaware, this film accounts the raising and dispatching of the first all black American infantry regiment during the Civil War. The 54th Massachusettes regiment, commanded by Robert Gould Shaw (Broderick) goes on to become a symbol of liberty for oppressed slaves throughout the country, and leads ultimately to full intigration of Negro men into the armed forces.

The images of this movie are bold, powerfully vibrant, and most importantly, devoid of any ultra-stereotypical portrayal of either blacks or whites, with the exception of the outrageously bigotted quartermaster who refuses to grant shoes to the 54th due to skin color, and one officer (rank unknown) who has to be bullied into allowing the 54th to see any kind of combat at all.

At the risk of spoiling the film for the five people who haven't seen it, I was immediately drawn to the end, which portrayed the failed assault on Fort Wagner in South Carolina. Despite overwhelming odds, the 54th manage to reach the walls of the fort and come within just a hair's breadth of taking it, only to find a sea of Confederate soldiers awaiting them on the other side.

The fort, despite the efforts of these and other brave soldiers, did not fall into Union hands.

Now, was this a failure? From one standpoint, yes. The Union never took the fort, thus denying their forces an advantage in the war, however, in the long run, I would call this an astounding military victory for the United States. It allowed for the true turning point in the war, due to the addition of an initial 180,000 African American troops, to swell the already overflowing ranks of the Union army, but also showed the world that the United States, despite the vast blot on our history that is slavery, fought with blood sweat and tears to bring that horrible institution to an end in North America. And they succeeded.

Ironically, now that we as a nation have succeeded in proving to the world how devoid of racism this country is, now the news media constantly paints good, hardworking Americans as racist simply because they disagree with a president who happens to be black. Yes, there are some out there who truly do not like President Obama because of his skin color, but to paint them as the majority is absolutely dishonest and ultimately harmful to the nation. We united in the face of the bloodiest military conflict ever held on our soil after Lee's surrender at Appomatox Courthouse.

I believe we can do it again. I believe we ARE doing it again. Yet this time the enemy is not one that can be fought on the battlefield. Those threatening this nation are now doing so under the guise of equality and freedom, the very same things that soldiers both blue and grey fought and died to protect and preserve. Yet we face attacks on the very freedoms these enemies say they champion. Consider Mark Lloyd, Chairman of the FCC. He believes that freedom of speech is a DISTRACTION. Annita Dunn, who idolizes Chairman Mao of the CCP, is on record as saying that during the campaign they purposefully manipulated the news media to paint Obama in a better light, and prevented people from analyzing what his words meant. Van Jones we all remember. He, a self-avowed Communist, believes that white men are purposefully committing genocide against the black community. He now works for George Soros at the Center for American Progress.

These are people who have power in the White House now. I am truly afraid. However, I am also truly hopeful. Every time I begin to despair, I receive a reminder of the greatness of the United States, and history confirms why we deserve that greatness. Let's be that shining city on the hill again. Let's show the people of the world that, as Glenn Beck said on his program earlier this month, "when the going gets tough, Americans show up."

Well, it's time to show up again, and we are doing it. Watch out, all those who would dare stomp on civil liberties in the name of the so-called "common good". We are not sitting idle any longer, and we are no longer silent.


  1. It doesn't surprise me that during all the opposition to Obama's socialist principles, We The People never even thought of this as a racial issue. It was a media hot-button and the liberals who are in lock-step with them who chose to play that card. I think it's obvious to any outside observer. BHO could have stepped in at any time to curb his media wedge-drivers. He chose not to do so. I stand with many others who are very proud to cling to God, my guns and my belief that all men (people) are created to be equal. Liberals and their media bed mates have a hard time with that. Cause and effect, every city in the U.S. is in a state of anarchy after dark, and a huge portion of our potentially most capable workforce is continually lead to believe they will never succeed without a bloated and irresponsible government to help them out. I keep saying that Liberals have NOTHING, but I think I'm wrong. They do have one thing: shame.

  2. More shame than Congress, at least. Nasty Piglosi actually asked a reporter "Are you Serious?" When asked about the constitutionality of government healthcare.