Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Mosque, the Elections, and the Rising Tide of Backlash

I think I'm going to do something I don't normally do on this blog: tell everyone how I'm doing. It's been a little over three weeks, I believe, since I posted last. Reason being is because I've been trying to get other things straightened out in real life, leaving me with little time to rant and rave about Washington, Obama, the Left-Stream Media, and other such topics that make my blood boil. As such, the energy just hasn't been there.

I've heard all about every hot topic lately, from the Ground Zero Mosque, to the shit hole of an economy we're in, to the president claiming he supported the surge when he in fact did not. The good news is that I can definitely see some "green shoots" as Ben Bernanke called them, in my own life if not in the nation as a whole. My bank account has stayed in the positive for the first time in over three years, and I'm ecstatic that I'm finally going to be making money instead of spending money I don't have to cover bills, thanks to cost cutting, spending restraint, and once my fiance gets her old job back, additional income. In short, everything the left thinks won't work to save our floundering economic status in the world. Let's hope the trend continues.

And now for the weigh-ins on various topics, some of which are coming late:

1. The Mosque: As someone who has nothing but absolute contempt for the people who dared murder three thousand innocent Americans in the name of the so-called "Religion of Peace", there really is nothing for me to say on this matter other than DON'T BUILD IT! I went into this relentlessly with my aunt and a few of her fellow lefties, and was rebuffed by having my arguments dismissed as nothing more than lies and "talk radio fear mongering". Granted, it wasn't my aunt that said those things, but she does have a habit of immediately assuming that my opinions are not informed or thought out, which burns my biscuits just a bit.

2. The Elections: It's going to be a Republican landslide and the left knows it. Watching Bill, Beck, and Hannity on FOX News last night, I saw several analysis', that when taken together tell me one thing: Abandon all hope, ye who run for re-election on the Democratic or Republican Incumbent side. John McCain, so far, is the only Republican incumbent I know of who has survived his primary/re-election. Not entirely sure if he'll win his seat again, but winning the primary was a huge hurdle that he once again cleared. As for November in general, we'll see a Republican majority in one if not both houses, simply because the numbers, momentum, and public opinion are all on the Right this time around, just as they were in 1994 when Clinton governed this far to the left, and on much of the same ideas and principals. Difference? Clinton knew who signed his check and complied with the voters, if only to secure his re-election.

3. The Rising Tide of Backlash: I touched on this above, but it's not just democrats that are in trouble here. Republican establishment figures like Lindsay Graham, Olympia Snowe, and others had better watch out. This wave is crashing, and once it swallows the dem majority, if you don't learn to swim, you'll drown along with them.

4. The President and his Oval Office Address: So we're finally coming home after 9 long years bringing stability and order to the Iraqi people, after relieving them of a ruthless and bloodthirsty dictator who committed genocide against his own people with chemical weapons, kept torture chambers beneath his palace, and allowed his sons to run those chambers. I'd say, Mission Accomplished, but Mr. President, YOU didn't give us this victory. All you're doing is bringing the boys home after GWB did the dirty work for you, and after you OPPOSED the very tactics that brought us the victory you are now touting as your own. We see through it, Obi. We're not fooled, and you're a fool if you think we are.

And that, dear readers, is my rant for today. Tune in next time for another dose from the Constitutional Crusader.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is the Democrat Party Facing the Same Fate as the Whigs?

For those of you who attended public school indoctrination centers, the Whigs were a political party that existed from the founding of the nation in 1789 to just prior to the beginnings of the Civil War. The Whig party, originally a party based in many principals which are today called conservative, fell out of favor with the American people in the 1880s, and faded into obscurity with the rise of the anti-slavery Republicans, who elected the illustrious Abraham Lincoln to office just in time to lead the nation in a time of great crisis and division.

Does any of that above sound a little familiar? It does to me. We all know the political climate these days is anything but calm, with unemployment sky high, with a POTUS who acts more like Louis the 14th and a First Lady who acts more like Marie Antoinette. Let's count down the similarities, shall we?

1. National discontent and division. Obama has done more to divide this nation than any other president since James Buchanan refused to acknowledge or address the secession of the southern states during his term in office. The difference is that Obama has been dividing us on ideological lines rather than geographical, by silencing any opposition to his statist agenda, or at least attempting to.

2. National uncertainty. While there is always a certain degree of uncertainty in the nation at any given time, now it is at an all time high thanks to the recession, which is fast becoming a depression, and other disputes, such as the insecurity of the southern border with Mexico, is leading many to question as never before the relationship between the people and the government who is supposed to serve there interests above all others.

3. A new political movement rising. the TEA party coming to be has given me much to think about in terms of a potential third party. While historically third party candidates lose big (even Teddy Roosevelt lost his bid for a third term, despite his popularity at the time), when the republican party rose in the 1800s, there was already so much discontent with the Whigs that many former Whigs became Republicans, the Whigs themselves having become nothing more than "me-too" Democrats, which brings us to...

4. No discernable difference between the parties. There does not seem to be, up until recently at least, any discernable difference between the current Democratic and Republican Parties. Many Republicans simply go along with, or worse, actually subscribe to, today's Democratic Party and their socialistic principals. If you don't believe me, look at Linsday Graham-nesty or Olympia Snow Job. Not exactly standard bearers for the Conservative point of view.

So back to the original point: Is the Democratic Party facing the same fate as the Whigs? They may be, is my assessment. Many of the same crises that the Whigs faced, the Democrats are now facing. Admittedly, the Dems aren't facing slavery as an issue, but they are having to carry the weight of Obamacare on their backs, which essentially confines the nation and its people to debt slavery, so in a way I suppose they ARE dealing with it after all. Also, illegal immigration has been compared to slavery by Glenn Beck, in that they're "doing the jobs Americans won't do", just as slaves were "doing the jobs that white men wouldn't do."

They say history repeats itself, and we may in fact be repeating several eras at once, the Civil War era only one amongst many.

Continuing to fight the Good Fight

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

They May Have Won the Battle...

...But we will win the war.

Today a federal rogue judge declared California's vote in favor of Proposition 8 unconstitutional. While I am disheartened by this ruling, it was not all together unexpected. I can't remember where I saw the story, but I remember reading on the net that the case went before one of the only two openly gay federal judges on the bench. Am I angered by the ruling? Yes. Am I upset? You bet your bottom dollar, friend. Am I surprised? No. Likewise I am not discouraged.

For the first few months of the American Revolution, George Washington lost every single battle with the British and their Hessian allies. Yet he was victorious in the end, as we traditionalists shall be. I had a thought after reading the story, which comes from Legal Insurrection, and that is "what about all the other states that have passed these kinds of laws protecting the sacred nature of marriage?" Indeed, are all of those laws unconstitutional now as well? And what kind of authority does this give a federal judge via the new precedent set by this ruling? What, if anything, can a judge NOT overrule if he can overrule the votes of millions of Californians?

The notion that the judge is gay has no bearing on my feelings about this ruling, for those of you who might think I'm just a bible-thumping homophobic. If you do think that, you're wrong, and though you can think it all you want, it won't make it true. Marriage is, as I mentioned earlier, sacred, and should stay that way. Call me what you will, but I will not abandon a cornerstone of civilization just because some limp-wristed dandies are whining about how unfair life is.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Ragheads Gain a Foothold

Yes, the Muslims have gained a foothold in New York, as we all suspected might happen with the Bagel and Lox Jew Michael Bloomberg at the helm. Why do I call him a Bagel and Lox Jew, you ask? Well, simply put, because he insults and demeans his own faith by allowing this monstrosity to go ahead with little challenge. Check this video I found on The Right Site. It details three things most people don't know about the so-called Religion of Peace.