Friday, August 21, 2009

A Culture Warrior's Manifesto: The First 100 Days

I begin this entry with the expectation that readers now have an overview of what I see as the culture war. It is, quite simply, a war of hearts and minds designed to define behavioral principles in our society. Gay Marriage, child abuse, and other major issues are all at the forefront of this war, and I have chosen to use this blog as my main weapon in fighting that war by disseminating information to you, the reader.
However, due to the special occasion that the White House has so generously spent tax payer dollars on, I believe my emphasis now should be on what Barack Obama's first 100 days as President of the United States of America has done to our culture as I see it.
Why did a reporter at that so-called "conference" ask what Obama felt was the most "Enchanting" thing about being president of the United States? Why did the media not challenge him with harder questions about the issues of the world today? What does that say about our media, I wonder?

Well, as I see it, the media is the ultimate disseminator of information to the common citizen, I.E. you and I. They now tilt so far left they are falling over themselves trying to make President Obama look good. The Tea Party Protests, which warranted national coverage from ALL outlets of the media, not just Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. The fact that these people are touting their own agenda and not remaining objective about the stories they report is absolutely wrong.

If you doubt me, youtube CNN stories to see their side, then Youtube fox news on everything the Tea Party goers did.

I leave this entry now by asking a single question: If you can't trust the media, who can you trust?

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