Monday, September 28, 2009

Clinton Claims Existence of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy...AGAIN!

So the libs are still at it. First it was Jimmy Carter saying we were racist. Then it was Bill Cosby, a conservative black man saying the same. Now we have Clinton resurrecting a term that was used during his years in office: Right Wing Conspiracy. Why is everything a conspiracy these days? Apparently Clinton missed the march on DC. Apparently he hasn't been looking at the polls. Apparently, Clinton claims to know why the president is failing even when Obama himself doesn't seem to know. I didn't know Clinton was all knowing, did you?

Clinton has stated that the reason the health care bill is failing is because of some vast Right Wing conspiracy that is dedicated to taking him down. Well, that "vast right wing conspiracy" is non-existent. This is not a conspiracy. This is a cultural backlash against years of fraud and corruption in Washington. It's not about Dems or Repubs. It's not about Right or Left. It's not about Liberal or Conservative. This is about OUR COUNTRY and the direction it's being taken in. The government is too big, and is expanding too quickly. What is happening now, in my opinion, is the beginnings of the contraction of that government. It always starts from the ground up.

The article in which clinton makes this bogus claim can be read here. CNN. Not surprising that they spun it so that it sounded legit.