Monday, June 25, 2012

Gay Republicans are like Black Klan Members and Jewish Nazis, says Michael Musto

Don't you just love this new tone the Democrats are pushing lately? Ever since the Gabby Giffords shooting a while back, they've just been gushing with the civility and tolerance they declare themselves known for. Or not, judging from the article at Buzzfeed, which has a story quoting Village Voice writer Michael Musto declaring the above statement in the title of this post. What is he trying to say, exactly? If gay Republicans are like black Klan members, then does that mean that such a thing doesn't exist? the existence of GOProud would say otherwise, of course, but given that Musto appears to have his head up his backside, he must not be aware of that fact.

In all seriousness, however, this is just another example of the typical playbook of the left. I think I'll take to calling it "The Four Ds of Destroying your Opposition": Deflect, Demonize, Divide, Diminish.

Should work very well come november to help obama get reelected, no?

I didn't think so.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Andrea Mitchell Gives a Lesson in how to be Incompetent at her Job

Nothing gets me giddy more than seeing liberal media toads get taken down a peg or two by us redneck Bible thumpers. This has already made the rounds of the internet by now, of course, but I'm sure there are some who read this who haven't heard the story. If indeed that is the case, here it is: MSNBC propagandist Andrea Mitchell, in an attempt to make Mitt Romney look like an out of touch rich snob, presented the following video on her program a couple of nights ago:

See that? He sure seems like a real jerk, huh? Well, he would for those who haven't seen the raw video, as I have:

Elitist snob or clever up and coming presidential candidate? You be the judge.

Hat tip to Chicks on the Right for the videos

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Domino Falls. Public Sector Unions Should Go, Says Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

I have to say, the more I hear about Mitch Daniels, the more I wish he'd run for president in the upcoming election. As a recent and frequent follower of Chicks on the Right's Daisy and Mockarena, I learned about his efforts to reform the state of Indiana with things like "not spending money" and "making people contribute to their own benefits." I was one of the people who didn't think he'd run for president in 2012, and it's not often that I'm so sorry to have been right as I was. Still, in Indiana Daniels may be doing more good than he ever could have done as President of the United States by issuing the statement that inspired the title of this post. Fox News has the story.

His remark follows the recent victory by Scott Walker over Tom Berret in Wisconsin, where Walker reportedly received more votes in the recall than he did in the election that got him into office in the first place. In short, Daniels believes, according to the article linked above, that public employee unions are more of a hindrance than a help to their employees these days, and that they should go the way of the dinosaur. Is it a coincidence that he speaks out mere days after the failed assault on Walker and his policies? Perhaps, but given that Daniels was actually the one who gave those same reforms to the people of Indiana back in 2005/2006, I doubt it. Still, the message being sent was clear, at least to me: "We don't have to hide anymore. We don't have to be afraid."

And indeed we do not. No longer do we conservatives have to simply watch as union thugs and entitled whiners cry and moan about how WE have to pay for THEIR benefits because THEY say so and screw you if you don't like it. In this humble Crusader's opinion, this is but the first in a long line of dominoes that will begin to fall against unions and their desire to "help" their workers by sucking away more and more of their take home wages to finance Democratic elections and Democratic candidates all in the name of having the choice of which Democratic candidate you want to vote for, because democrats are the party of choice, so you'd better do what they tell you to do, got it?

Here's to hoping other states follow the lead of Wisconsin and Indiana.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sure, Mr. President. The Private Sector is Doing Just Bleeding Out.

Everyone who reads this blog, I'm assuming, knows that Obama, by now, has dropped a speaking gaffe worthy of the great Joe "Big F'n Deal" Biden just a few days past. Specifically, just in case I'm mistaken and there are a few that don't know what was said by The Anointed One this past week, I'll let Hot Air explain:

President Obama magnanimously appeared before us on Friday morning to explain away these charges, most particularly concerning the economy and Europe, and to exhort Congress to step up their game on passing jobs-related legislation. Europeans, he said, face the challenge of needing to both get their spending under control, while also encouraging growth. The United States has the same problem, and needs to find ways to grow the economy in order to create jobs and wealth and boost revenue. Curiously, the jobs he seemed most concerned about are state-and-local government jobs, including cops, teachers, and firefighters, because apparently, the private sector is doing just fine, or something.

Yes, you read that right. President Obama has actually had the audacity to declare that the private sector is not struggling, bleeding jobs, or unable to hire workers due to a sluggish economic policy and less than favorable speculation about the future of the free market. Don't believe me? Here's the video: 

Keep it up, Mr. President. I can hardly wait until your next gaffe.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walker Wins. Dems caught with Panties in Wad

Well, it's been more than a little while since I've posted here. Life has a way of getting in the path of my watchdog duties, but more so than that, I think, is the fact that so much news has been the same old same old of the political cat fight that is our government and election system, that I just burned out. Honestly, it wasn't too long ago that I was coming up with a few new posts each week and having trouble deciding which one to go after and analyze. Not so this last year. With school taking up most of my time, I of course don't have the time to go zipping around news sights as much as I used to, but not only that, I just couldn't find it in me to wade back into the cesspool of partisan politics as more than a spectator. I was looking for that one "wow" story to post about, but each new outrage du jour turned out only to be yet another swing either for or against one side or the other in the never ending torrential rain of slander and libel.

I'm sure that once the general election gets underway, though, that I'll be able to find time to at least post a few tidbits here and there about who has what percentage in whichever poll that day, as I did with the debates back before Romney clinched the nomination with Newt's exit. That event, I must admit, disappointed me, however I'm not going to be one of those nitwits who says "my guy didn't get nominated, so I'm staying home." I'm not going to do that. Too many people did that with John McCain in the 2008 race and we got stuck with BO for four years. Not this time. Not on my watch.

That said, on to the news item that I believe will be a bell weather factor in whether or not we get four more years of no hope and no change: The Wisconson recall.

I admit that I was biting my nails for a while about whether or not Walker would get out of this one with his credibility and his job intact. I needn't have worried, it turns out. According to The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity, Walker came away with a 9-10 percent lead by the time the votes had been 95 percent counted.

The spin machine is in full force after the election last night, and holy Hannah, they are reaching so far they'll need Mr. Fantastic himself to grasp whatever point they're making. Howard Dean, one of my favorite psychotic mouthpieces, is spinning the win as the end of American Democracy as we know it, and our left wing hack buddy Richard Trumka is saying that the defeat in Wisconson of Big Labor was a GOOD thing for them rather than a bad. How's the tint on those rose colored glasses, Richie? Looking a little dark to me.

And my favorite favorite post from that site, Rachel Maddow, the Leftist answer to Bill O'Reilly, has admitted a fundamental truth that we conservatives have known for quite a while: The Democrat Party can't win without the unions.

The dems are in disarray. Let's make sure they don't regain momentum before November