Friday, August 21, 2009

A Culture Warrior's Manifesto: State Preambles and Deity Worship

Well, this culture warrior has just been informed of an interesting bit of culture war trivia and ammunition for the traditionalists: Every single preamble to every single state constitution mentions God in some way shape or form. Don't believe me? Look them up and see for yourself.What does this mean for the courts and the ACLU? It means, in short, and in the humble opinion of the writer of this blog, that they are WRONG! The United States of America is and always has been a spiritual nation, and at no time during those preambles was anyone told that they must worship God. Everyone in this country is given a choice, and no one will say "boo" about it as long as you respect that people will not always make the same choices you make. That is, at its core, our country's most fundamental value, and it is under direct assault by the ACLU, who are using the courts as their main weapon since no initiative of theirs that condones secular progressive agendas will EVER win at the ballot box. Too many Americans still consider themselves religious for that to happen. Let's hope that the number of religious Americans does not decline, for if it does the culture war will lose some of its most able fighters.