Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fix....Bayonets! CHARGE!!!!

I just had an incredible experience not two seconds ago. As I write this I am coming down from the most extreme emotional high I've had all week. Why, you ask? Because there are people out there who GET IT!! Lt. Col. Allen West, who is up for the 22nd Florida Congressional District's seat in 2010, gave a speech in Fort Lauderdale that sent, as Chris Mathews would say "a thrill up my leg". No, I do not believe West is the country's savior. I already have one of those. I DO believe, after hearing him speak with fire and passion, that he believes what he says and says what he believes. Not many like that in Washington these days. The viral video I just saw courtesy of Another Black Conservative can be viewed here:

Any who do not come away energized either do not care or were not paying attention.

West for Congress!!!

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  1. I have seen this video and it's as inspiring as any I've seen lately... I'm here in Florida and believe me this man removes the shame that is Alan Grayson and replaces it with the pride of being a Floridian...

    Are you left wing whackjobs listening? We're coming and we're kicking ass and taking names...