Friday, November 20, 2009

"President Sarah Palin." Has a Nice Ring to it, I think.

So, I've been watching FOX news for the last hour, and most of that hour was consumed with Bill O'Reilly's interview with Sarah Palin. I've watched both parts of this interview now, and I think I've come to the conclusion that she is a smart, capable woman who would make an excellent POTUS.

*watches as every liberal who accidentally found this blog has blood shoot out their eyes.*

Good, now that that's over we can get on with the entry. As I said, Sarah Palin would make an excellent President of the United States in my view. She is smart, savvy, knows a good deal about what's going on in the world, and most of all, she ANSWERS QUESTIONS WHEN ASKED!! What politician does that? Obama certainly doesn't. Biden does, but he sounds like an ass whenever he opens his mouth. As for all the others, with few exceptions, no, they don't answer any question that might make them look bad. Why then, the surviving liberals ask, didn't she sound that smart during the campaign? Well, I'll tell you. She didn't sound that smart because NO ONE WOULD LET HER TALK!!! Not to mention that Couric and Gibson fed her loaded questions. (Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine? Please. There WAS no Bush Doctrine. It was the RUMSFELD DOCTRINE!!!)

In the interview Palin tackled tough policy questions. Admittedly she did not have an answer to the problems of Afghanistan and Iran, but at least she SAID that. And for those of you who think she should have had one, put the Kool-Aid down and remember that the COMMANDER IN CHIEF doesn't have one either! Meanwhile her son could very well be put into harms way because of this man's dithering.

Sorry, rant over.

I was most impressed with the fact that we were all spared questions involving the "first deadbeat" Levi Johnston. Just typing that sorry excuse for a man's name makes my fingers shake with disgust. He has an infant son, and all he cares about is dishing non-existent dirt on his would-be mother-in-law. the only one I'm more ashamed of is the media for allowing this dingbat a forum to spout his garbage from with impunity.

So, back to the original note: Sarah Palin for President in 2012. So far she's got my vote.


  1. SarahPac has gained a LOT of momentum in recent weeks. The communist news network has already begun the descredit campaign. What are they so afraid of?? heh

    Silly liberals - we WILL get our way, or at least YOUR way won't be the slam-dunk it was in recent years!

  2. And it would be Madam President Sarah Palin. and She'll have my vote as well.

    I think the librals and her ex-soon to be son in law were and are scared of her. baring that, they are just attention whores who don't realize that Putting her name out there will make more people look at her... gaining more attenion and supporters