Monday, December 14, 2009

Say it Ain't So! The Left is Mad at Joe!

Well, isn't this a nice surprise! Joe Lieberman, one of the few senators with a brain in Congress these days, has decided to stick to his "no public option" stance and has vehemently opposed to the expansion of medicare that the public option has morphed into. Joe has, apparently all on his own, convinced the Democrats to give in and throw the public option under the bus.

All I can say is, WAY TO GO JOE! Keep sticking up for your principals and mangle that monster take over of a bill until it's something that reflects what the American people DO WANT.

It has been a long, hard battle, and we landed a deathblow with Joe's help. At the very least this was a stunning blow if not a deathblow, and will buy us some time to kill the bill all together. We just need to keep the pressure on! Call congress! Call call call!! Email Email Email!

We can win this fight!