Monday, December 14, 2009

Extra Extra! Palin is a Threat to the idea that Women can end Life Inside the Womb!

So, the leftards continue to discredit Sarah Palin with bogus ideas. The newest one is this: Sarah Palin isn't really a fan of women's rights.

How desperate can the libtards really be? Sarah Palin is the EMPITOME of what a feminist can achieve. She has a husband, children, AND A CAREER. She proves that women CAN in fact "do it all".

The only explanation is that she doesn't walk the walk of a "traditional" feminist because she apparently loves children. Because of Palin's stand on reproductive rights, which is this crazy idea that unborn children have a right to life (you're shocked, I know), the liberals don't consider her a supporter of a woman's supposed right to end a life in the womb.

Speaking out for an unborn child's right to live? How DARE she! My God, she must be stopped before she teaches our children that they actually have VALUE!!!

Rosanne decided to join the fray by saying that "the only way a woman can make it in the Right Wing" is to sit down and shut up, or some bull like that.

For all you libs, that stuff about abortion was sarcasm.