Sunday, September 13, 2009

Examining the Fallout of 9/12's Political Nuclear Explosion

And once again, a mere day after the march on 9/12, on this Sunday, 9/13, we the people of the United States of America are being labled as racists. Why? Because we dared to rock the system. Because we dared to speak out against un-American, collectivist policies and the bankrupting of the land that we love so dearly. This country has provided opportunities for millions around the world. Our presidents have alternatively helped and hindered the nation, but they are men, just as we are, and are subject to the same fallibilities as we the average citizen.

It would seem that Washington and the media do not share this view. To the mainstream press, Obama's policies are infallible and anyone who disagress is either a Nazi, a racist, a mobster, an evil-monger, a Flat Earther, or some other such nonsense. We dared to speak truth, and those who are supposed to PEDAL in truth have given us nothing but lies and insults.

I notice that my following on this blog has grown from two to three. A slow rise, but a rise none the less. The three of you that do read this, please let others know that if they want an honest analysis of events, through a non-partisan lense, I will be glad to provide one for them. No longer will I remain silent about my opinions or beliefs. No longer should ANY of us remain silent. The time for action is now. STAND UP!

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