Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Ego Has Landed (With Apologies to Matt Drudge)

The above title has been seen elsewhere in recent days, as the parenthetical statement implies. Matt Drudge came up with that and used it as the headline to the Drudge Report the day President Obeyme landed in Copenhagen to make a last ditch effort to sell Chicago as the site for the 2016 Olympic games.

What is our president thinking, honestly? General Stanley McCrystal has been begging for more troops for almost nine months now so he can stabalize Afghanistan, which our brainless leader declared the "war of necessity" during the campaign, yet he shelved that report so that he could make a personal sell to his home city for a bunch of stupid games. He even took Oprah along in an attempt to seal the deal.

Well, no surprise to this Right Wing Extremist, but Obeyme was yet again ignored, this time not just by Europe or Iran, but by pretty much the WHOLE WORLD! Chicago came in DEAD LAST for the Olympic bid in the FIRST ROUND OF VOTING. How much more dismal a failure can you imagine? Aside from us being routed out of Afghanistan by OBL, that is.

I was hoping to be the first one, or at least one of the first, to post about the loss, but I was delayed getting to a computer and so it's already all over the blogosphere. So far all the opinions are right on with mine in that this was yet another loss for the President, but I believe it will in the long run be a win for the country as a whole. There was evidence out the wah-zoo that Valerie Jarrett, one of Obeyme's top advisors, would have benefited financially from the games being held in Chicago, as would Mayor Richard Daley, and the public housing firm that Valerie Jarrett runs would have been the housing for the athletes, which would have lead to federal funding to fix it up, as it is in DISMAL shape. So dismal, in fact, that it is being seriously considered for demolition.

So all in all, I call this a victory. Not for Obeyme, but for the American people. For once the corrupt political machine that exists in Chicago DID NOT get its way, and now the gangsters are crying in their blood-stained beer mugs. Well, I say let the tears flow. It's about time some justice showed up in the most corrupt city in the United States.

And lo and behold, the blame game has already started: