Monday, May 30, 2011

Motivation Might as Well be Tuesday

I really need to be more timely with these Motivation Monday posts of mine. But, given that I'm starting a new career path as a court reporter, and have as such been running around like a chicken with his head cut off, I haven't had much time to do anything other than the usual political snark. That being said, here's an image that we all might recognize in the form of Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman:

And to all those who miss the old costume, I say amen! Bring back the stars and stripes of Old Glory, money-grubbing nimrods!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Meghan McCain hates her Tits

Everyone's least favorite big breasted dumb blonde is at it again, folks. This time Sarah Palin is the reason Meghan McSmarmy has no real dating life. Seriously. Read this, and try not to gag:

No. I’m in, like, dating Babylon. Like, I go on dates with men and, literally, like Sarah Palin will come up in like the first 20 minutes, and that doesn’t put me in the mood. Like, talking about Sarah Palin. And they just want to know gossip, and I’m just kind of taking a little hiatus from dating right now, because I just don’t want to talk about Sarah Palin.

So, like, she's totally not dating now, you guys, because she's like, totally not wanting to talk about Sarah Palin (except when she like, totally brings her up in interviews like the one this excerpt is from). 

Not only does she blame Sarah Palin for her lousy dating life, ladies and gentlemen, but she also apparently hates the fact that she's a bombshell with, as the Monty Python gang is fond of saying "huge tracts of land". (Bonus geek points for those of you who read this that can pinpoint the movie that quote is from). Another quote, this one from the New York Times:

I wake up every morning with large breasts, and it doesn’t affect me. But people had a meltdown when I posted a photo of myself on Twitter. I found such extreme sexism in it. I’ve spent as much of my career having my weight and body commented on as my writing and politics.

Listen up, few remaining brain cells in Meghan McCain's head: People did not have a meltdown because of the size of your boobs. People had a meltdown because you threw a bitch fit after those same people gave you negative feedback about that photo. It wasn't exactly tasteful, you know. Plus, it made you look like you had man-hands. Seriously, take a look:

Are those her fingers or are those sausages holding that book? I can't tell. If anyone can, please let me know in the comments.

Also, how you can be hateful of those balloons she calls mammary glands  is anyone's guess in my book. Personally, I'm still wondering how she can get up off her back in the morning, thanks to the size.

Hat tip to The Other McCain for the material for this, my latest Meghan McCain rant.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shall I Join the Herman Cain Mutiny? Reason Number 4 to do So.

Since I started posting videos about the venerable Herman Cain on this site, I have been seeing a notable increase in my traffic not seen since the last time I was a part of R.S. McCain's Rule Five Sunday, which was about a year ago, I believe. Well, divide the number of hits I got (500/day) from posting pics like these by ten and you'll get the idea of how my traffic has been in recent days. I had a bit of a firecracker from bin Laden's demise as well, but that one lasted all of one day or so before my traffic started sucking at normal levels, as opposed to sucking a little bit less than it normally does. This, however, is new, as with Herman Cain gaining traction in the news as the "candidate who can't win", yet also as the one who seems to just keep on going while other candidates such as Huckabee, Trump, and now Mitch Daniels have dropped out for various reasons.

As it is looking increasingly likely that my favorite Mama Grizzly isn't going to be running either, Magnificent Michelle has yet to announce, and T-Paw just doesn't really do anything for me, I seem to be drawn more towards this man, who is seeming more and more like the "anti-Obama". As I would definitely like to see traffic to this site increase, I have made the decision to keep an eye out for any more news items involving Mr. Cain, in the hopes that he might officially turn me into a supporter for his White House bid. I have to admit, though, I wouldn't be doing this if part of me didn't already WANT to be convinced that Cain can beat Obama in the upcoming slug fest. After months of painstaking research through news, blogs, and opinion commentators, Cain seems to be the only one who matches someone who fits my bill for a presidential candidate. Columns like these only make me want to vote for him more.

I especially love his take on Israel. This video is yet another moment that caused a Cain-gasm for me, especially since it matches almost completely BB Netenyahu's response to Obama's ludicrious 1967 borders "solution" to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:

Honestly, this man gives me what Chris Matthews would call a "thrill". I seriously doubt anyone has the titanic set of balls necessary to go up against this man in a debate. is it that sparks don't fly from this man's crotch when we walks, given the chrome steel alloy he's been gifted with down there? Need more evidence? Look at this ball-filled statement given to us by the Daily Caller, and displayed prominently at The Other McCain. The people in the vid above that one seem to like it. Lol.


Yet a THIRD Reason to Vote for Herman Caine

I'll just let the video speak for itself:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Semper Fi!

In honor of Armed Forces Day (a holiday I didn't even know existed until a few minutes ago. Pretty sad, I know.) I'm posting this slide show I found on youtube:

Fight on, brave soldiers. The citizenry appreciates what you do, even if some do not

Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama Turns BB Netenyahu Into his Latest Speed Bump

I am seeing all over the news and the blogosphere that as of, I believe, yesterday, Obama has done what no other president has done before, and has turned our strongest Middle Eastern ally into his latest speed bump on the road to reelection. I am not surprised by this, and really, no one should be surprised. If you are chances are you haven't been paying attention to what this man has done to the nation in the last three years. After snubbing Great Britain by A: Sending back the bust of Churchill, B: having the audacity to give Queen Elizabeth an iPod filled with nothing but his own speeches, and C: Giving Tony Blaire a series of DVDs that don't play on British DVD players, not to mention the more important and audacious things this man has done to our allies, it should be readily apparent to anyone with the brain cells God gave a chimp that Barack Obama has no love for Israel. For crying out loud, people, he snubbed BB more than once before this, though the only time that comes to the front of my memory is the time he left Benjamin in a White House sitting room while he went off to eat dinner with his family. Now Obama is calling for Netenyahu to "make concessions for peace", which, if you speak fluent bullshit, as I do, means that BB should just shut up and give in to the absolutely ludicrous concessions for peace that Obama is advocating in favor of the Palestinians.

In case you haven't heard, those concessions consist of returning Israel to the borders it had back in 1967. In other words, the country would go back to looking like this:

The green is Israel as it stood prior to the year in question. Note the location of the Holy City, Jerusalem. Notice how it's half in and half out of the green and the yellow. It would return to this state should Obama's demands be met. except this time, instead of Jordanian rule, that half of the city would be under Palestinian rule and as such would be subject to much more displays of sectarian violence than it is now. (8 murders in the last year in a country of several hundred thousand people, FYI). Also, take a look at the territory being ceded under this proposal. Up near Samaria, the left most part of the yellow chunk includes the Golan Heights. This is one of Israel's two currently defensible borders. With this proposal, that border would go to the Palestinians, as well as all those nifty caves and cliffs to hide in and mount missile defenses on.

The worst part? At that point, not only would the border be indefensible, it would leave Israel with its widest point being a whopping EIGHT MILES across! That's right, boys and girls. If this plan were to go through, it would leave Israel with little more land than most small cities have to build on. Oh, and the Gaza Strip? The other defensible border? That would go to the Palestinians too.

I was once introduced through one of my favorite novels to the story of a king who was surrounded by enemies, yet too blind to see it. his heraldry consisted of a stag. The enemy's? A lion. A stag surrounded by lions. Fairly predictable ending, wouldn't you agree? Yet the stag had friends  in the form of a wolf, who came to his aid, yet too little too late. We, the United States, are the wolf in this story. Israel the stag, and the Palestinians the lions. As Israel is in the heart of the lion's den, so to speak, we must stand firm in solidarity with Israel. If we do not, the lions will only turn our way next, assuming they haven't already.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let the Mudslinging Begin

Well, boys and girls, it's come to this. With the 2012 presidential primary race heating up, the ads have begun to trickle out, and no doubt will soon become a torrent once things REALLY get underway. Already, via one of my favorite writers at Hot Air, we have the first of what will most likely be many shock ads involving that great Conservative "evil", the privatization of Social Security. View for yourself and see if you believe that Paul Ryan really wants to kill seniors:

Only two words can describe the technique used in this ad to scare the shit out of old people so that they'll vote democrat:


Monday, May 16, 2011

Will the Real Levi Johnston Please Shut Up!

I agree with Stacy here. Levi needs to go the hell away.

I would say more but my brain cells enjoy functioning.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Reason to Vote for Herman Caine

I have posted previously on one reason I would vote for Herman Caine, and now I have found another reason. I'm watching the Glenn Beck program from two days ago on my TiVo, and he's giving me the total GLEES! Here's the video via YouTube of his massive gleetastic ideas on how to secure the border and make us energy independent.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Andrew Klaven of Pajamas Media does it again...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

BREAKING: A-Jad to Resign due to Aides Wanting Three Wishes or Something...

Well well well, isn't this interesting? The Conservative Lady has found a story that reports that our friend A-Jad of election fraud fame, may in fact be forced to resign. Why? The Ayatollah doesn't apparently like him anymore. Oh, that, and according to the article, his aides have been rubbing magic lamps in their spare time and summoning genies to try and get rid of our pal Khomeini. This story hasn't been corroborated by western media as yet, but since we don't trust what they say anyway, that probably doesn't matter as much as it should. Will keep an eye out on this story to see how it develops.

A Woman With Brains and Balls: German Awesomeness Edition

A palate cleanser direct from The Other McCain:

The Noose Continues to Tighten

I can't add any words to this article except to state the obvious: This is proof that the FDA is unconstitutional.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Warning: Offensive Material Below

At least, that's what the feminists would have you believe. For my contribution to National Offend a Feminist week, which I heard about via Smitty at The Other McCain, some vintage housewife photos, as well as a little cheesecake for good measure:

And now the cheesecake:

I can see the heads exploding right now.

Bin Laden Death Follow Up, With Linky Love for Some Comfy Shoes

She of the Fuzzy Slippers always seems to bring quite a bit of common sense to exciting events, whether they be negative or positive in outlook. I've been, like most bloggers, following the aftermath of Osama bin Laden's long overdue demise by our courageous SEAL team 6, and must admit that though I now begin to question the veracity of the motives of our president, I still feel a bit heady. This must have been how adults back in the nineties felt when the Soviet Union collapsed in on itself after decades of being on the brink of nuclear annihilation. I'll get to her contributions to my current line of thinking in due course, but first, the follow up and the newly uncovered facts:

ABC news last night reported that a simple phone call was one of the factors that lead to his death. One of bin Laden's aides apparently picked up the phone a year ago which lead to us finding one of bin Laden's couriers, thus leading us to the mansion in Pakistan where bin Laden was holed up. I don't normally read the Huffington Post, given their reputation for inaccuracy, but this time I did read something they wrote on the subject, and it was surprisingly free of anti-conservative snark, though they did manage to slip a bit of anti-waterboarding propaganda in there right at the end.

The meat of the article is that a phone call from one of bin Laden's couriers was traced to a location near the compound. they were bound to slip up sometime, I guess.

Now to fuzzy. She of the Fuzzy Slippers, as I mentioned, is a welcomed oasis of common sense in the desert that is the blogosphere. In her most recent post, she throws what most would call a wet blanket over our bin Laden death fun time, but I think now that the head rush is beginning to subside, we should definitely take a step back and look at the implications of bin Laden's death, and the consequences that will undoubtedly unfold. I do not claim to know what those consequences are, but I'm sure that like with most things, they will be good and bad both in some measure or another.

Fuzzy appears to agree. Her analysis, which you can read in full here, ends as follows:

So ask yourselves this:  given what we now know about BO's disdain and contempt (even dripping hatred) for America and her citizens, the moves this administration has taken to demonize and label conservative, Christian patriots as "terrorists," do you sleep more soundly knowing that he will stop at nothing to destroy his enemy (and that you and I are among his enemies who must be punished), that no treaty, no U. N. power, no human rights laws, indeed, no law of any land (including both our own and even the international law he favors . . . when it suits him) will stop him?

Some big picture parting questions to ponder: What is BO's ultimate vision of a "fundamentally transformed" America?  Where do you think you fit into that?  How will he achieve it?

And on a less-weighty note:  how long before the increased terror threat (in the wake of possible, I'd say likely, retaliation for the death of bin Laden) is used as an excuse to further limit, even eliminate, our civil rights?  Isn't this just the impetus needed to fulfill Nappy the Tyrant's promise to roll out TSA gropers and molesters to shopping malls, train/bus/metro/ferry stations, and sports arenas?  How long before he gets his internet kill switch, his gun bans for law-abiding Americans, his silencing of the conservative media, indeed of any dissenting voice?

BREAKING: Bin Laden photos are not going to be released by order of POTUS. A few new questions to add to fuzzy's list: Why did he decide not to release the photos? How will this affect his political prospects for 2012, such as they are? More importantly, will less people believe that bin Laden is dead now that the proof has been placed under lock and key?

UPDATE: Stacy McCain has video of the above news item, and quotes from senators on why they either opposed or supported Obama's decision.

UPDATE 2: Left Coast Rebel also weighs in on the photo controversy, and is clearly upset over Obama apparently ignoring the need for closure that the 9/11 families have been begging for for ten years.

Monday, May 2, 2011

And so the Op Eds Begin...

I've been following the Telegraph for a while through Blogger in order to attempt to get a point of view outside of America to influence the posts that appear on this blog from time to time. Most of the op eds I read in there recently have been decrying America for celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden, as I and many others reported on last night after hearing it from varying sources. A multitude of information has arrived since the declaration made by President Obama last night. Michelle Malkin gave an Op Ed column pointing out how the politicization of the event has already begun, and will likely continue into 2012. Legal Insurrection assures us all that "it's still the economy and big government, stupid.", in regards to Obama's reelection prospects, and points to a story that reveals that enhanced interrogations, in a gross irony that will likely haunt the now slightly cooler and more competent looking Obama later on, lead to the very information that allowed him to green light the use of Navy Seals to end his life. I guess he learned a thing or two after dealing with Somali pirates.

The Telegraph op eds, however, are running the gamut from "America did the right thing" to "America is freaking awesome" to "this isn't really as great as we all think it is". There are even those whom I know personally, and some who are complete strangers, admonishing those like me for celebrating the death of a notorious war criminal. Well, as one American who is lauding the operation that killed the most heinous terrorist this nation has ever seen, I can honestly say that I don't care whether I'm admonished for feeling the way I feel. I expressed all this in a note on Facebook, but I seem to still have a little resentment left over.

But this post isn't about me. In reading those several varying Op Eds from the Telegraph, I've come to the conclusion that, predictably, no one knows what is about to occur as a result of Osama bin Laden's long-overdue demise. And that, dear readers, is that we did the right thing. No one save the most avid peacemongers dare suggest that Osama didn't deserve the bullet between the eyes that ended his pathetic life.

Now, however, there are questions that need to be answered. Why was Osama so easily able, as is being reported, to hide out in a neighborhood so near the Pakistani capital? Was anyone giving him asylum for some reason? If so, then who? And more importantly, why?

The drama isn't over yet, boys and girls. As the song states: We've only just begun.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


President Obama is about to make a late night statement. No one truly knows what that statement will be, but everyone has one phrase on the edge of their lips: Osama bin Laden is dead.

I'm going to take a moment to let that sink in, as the news is still springtime fresh in my mind. As of this writing, Drudge Report and Hot Air, as well as Fox, are all reporting the same piece of news: Osama Bin Laden, mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our soil, as well as alleged mastermind of such attacks as the '93 bombing of the WTC, as well as the bombing of our embassies in Lybia. If this news is indeed true, it is a momentous occasion, as it vindicates ten years of conflict and ten years' worth of dead United States fighting men and women, as well as justification for ten years of soldiers being away from their families for inordinate amounts of time.

Drudge report doesn't seem to want to report on how he died, however, as the link leading to the story that Matt Drudge has provided leads to what amounts to a biographical account of the mass murderer's words and deeds throughout his life. Fox News and Hot Air, however, are providing preliminary information about the death of bin Laden, and that he was killed in a drone strike that was committed last week and killed approximately 23 people. If indeed bin Laden IS dead, then I will  be dancing in the streets tomorrow.

UPDATE: bin Laden has just been confirmed dead by POTUS, who is as of this writing speaking now on Fox News Channel.

It was Ronald Reagan who said on the eve of his election, that it was morning again in America. With the most notorious terrorist of our time dead by the actions of our valiant military, I feel once again that such is the case. With this evil man now smoldering in the deepest circle of Hell, it is morning once again in my America. And also, we Americans have found an event that we can once again rally around, not in horrific grief, as with 9/11, but elated, and filled with triumph, for we, the United States of America, have brought down the head of one of the most poisonous snakes ever to sink its venom into our society.

UPDATE: AP is reporting that it was in fact a spec ops team that killed Osama, and NBC corroborates the story. Fox also has something on the subject.