Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama to Poland: No Missiles for You

So Obama continues to make bad foreign policy decisions in the name of winning over our traditional enemies. Just a few days ago our new president, who is now viewed as "weak" by the Polish, opted not to install a missile defense shield on the Polish border. What in the world was he thinking? Apparently, according to FOX, he's decided to divert the missiles away from Russia and use them to intimidate Iran. I don't understand how he thinks he can intimidate Iran NOW when he didn't do so from the jump.

Months ago, hundreds of thousands of Iranian protestors took to the streets because of what they believed to be a rigged election process. We know for a fact now that the election was indeed fraudulent because the Mullahs of the Guardian Council agreed that it was fixed. What more proof did we need? Twitter was abuzz with the support of average American citizens, which prompted a statewide clampdown on internet communications in Iran, which has proven more than a little ineffective. The young people of that country are now chanting "USA, USA" in the streets at the risk of their very lives and what little freedom they have in that country. in a show of weakness, in my opinion, Obama waited far too long before he came out and said Iran's actions were reprehensible.

I appreciate that President Obama must make difficult decisions every day as leader of the Free World, however, I do not understand his regard for Russia, trying to do what other liberal presidents like Jimmy Carter tried to do in this "be nice and give them what they want" policy. I'm reminded of something a fictional president, James Marshal, said in the movie Air Force One, with Harrison Ford in the role of Marshal: If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a glass of milk.

Well, Russia got their cookie in the form of the missile defense deal, so now all we have to do is wait for them to ask for the glass of milk.

Ronald Reagan, who is fast becoming my absolute favorite president of the United States, said that peace could be acheiived through strength. If you give an appearance of strength to a tyrant, in other words, that tyrant, while respecting nothing else, WILL RESPECT HOW STRONG YOU ARE. That's what we need now. Strength. Not apeasement. Who will be the next Ronald Reagan? Only time and elections will tell.