Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corruption, Voter Fraud, and Murder, Oh My!

So, yet again ACORN is caught red-handed in aiding criminal activity thanks to Hannah James and her friend, whose name escapes me right now. This makes the FOURTH video these two brave individuals have given FOX news, the only news organization covering the story with any effort at all. What is wrong with people today? When did it become "cool" to consider yourself above the law.

ACORN has yet again given these two patriots the brush off, calling them every name in the book and even FILING SUIT against them for so-called defamatory slights made in the videos that have been produced. They've changed their story with each video, sounding quite a bit like our Speaker of the House when she accused the CIA of being liars and thus committing federal crimes.

What kind of country have we become? This is sounding a lot less like the America of 1776 and a lot more like the Mexico of 2009.

Quarantine Washington now!!!

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