Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Them Young, and the Possibilities are Endless

Well, that certainly may be true in this case. My last post dealt with indoctrination in our school system, and, while I would much rather report on something new, it would seem that the indoctrination of our schoolchildren is far more apparent than I believed even a few days ago. Recently, I had the displeasure of watching a video called "The Story of Stuff", which turned out to be nothing but lies and distorted facts. This was par for the course in the propaganda machine that is the Far Left, but it goes much deeper than that.

Recently a group of school children in New Jersey were taped (presumably by a parent) SINGING PRAISES TO PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! And I will now wait for everyone's head to finish exploding before I continue.

Are we all done? Good.

The video was brought to the attention of Fox news just a few days ago, and now it's gone completely viral, outraging parents across the nation, as well it should. Especially since the school refuses to come clean about whether the children were able to opt out of the project. I doubt they were, since according to Fox news, the parents weren't even told about the video and the school denies that he events ON THE TAPE FOR ALL TO SEE ever occured in the first place.

What is it about President Obama that has caused the Far Left to engage in this utter lunacy, I wonder? It's almost as though a clarion call has been sent out: "Extra, Extra, read all about it, minority president elected at last, no need to hide in the shadows, people, COME ON DOWN!"

Imagine the outrage if this had been another president, such as Ronald Reagan or one of the two George Bush's. Do you think the left would just sit idly by and do nothing? If you do, then I have a lovely bridge to sell you for a bargain price.

Another video, one that compares American schoolchildren singing about Obama to Korean school children singing about Kim Jong Il, can be viewed here:

That, while attempting to poke fun at the idea of singing praises to our president, is very poignant in that it shows what our nation is in danger of becoming if this trend continues.

As for the video that has parents up in arms, it can be viewed here:


  1. Great post!!! IMHO, this is how a lot of toxic agendas are propagated. It is the fastest way known to inflame people ... using the children to carry the "bomb". Even the knee jerks recognize that "as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined". But in this case, I think it was a case of yet another socialist malcontent wanting to "twist the blade" a bit and rile the conservatives. Again great post my friend. Added to follow if that is okay.

  2. Glad you decided to follow. I'm trying to use this blog as a means of spreading the message, so the more followers the better.

  3. We are organizing in record numbers. The liberal model was to keep us confused and unfocused. They most assuredly have to rethink their strategy. Meanwhile we are disassembling their nonsense using logic as we continue growing in our numbers. Consider me in your corner.

  4. Our children are made to praise many things daily, but where is the outcry against the pledge of allegiance? A secondary curriculum designed to glorify capitalism?
    Our children is where social conform and ideological manipulation begins. People have been doing it for years and it's not fair to our children, or our freedom.

  5. Oh, yes. The obligatory "this blogger is a hypocrite because he supports the pledge while at the same time decrying these school children praising our Anointed One" comment. I'd just like to point out, Bella, that the pledge of allegiance is a pledge of allegiance to the ideas of what makes America the country that it is, as opposed to an oath of loyalty to one single man or entity of government. No president should be glorified in this way, especially using the words from a song about Jesus Christ, or altering such a great song about freedom and liberty as the Battle Hymn of the Republic, as was done in that atrocious video. This is just one of many problems with the public education system, which in my view should be completely privatized, thus returning control of education to the state and local levels of government, where it belongs.