Friday, December 31, 2010

May the Lord Bless Them and Keep Them...

This video goes out to all our fighting men and women, retired or not active or reservist, serving in every one of the four branches.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Keepable New Year's Resolution!

Yes, you read that right. I believe I've found one. Little Miss Attila brought it to my attention, via Hillbuzz. LMA suggests, with help from Hillbuzz, that you, myself, and other fellow bloggers pick one "issue of our times" and become experts on it by reading and researching stories. After becoming experts on such stories, we report and blog about them throughout the year. Sounds like a great idea to me. I believe I might have found my issue, in the form of the new end-of-life provision that has been written back into Obamacare by way of the "secretary shall determine" language.

Since I can't find the link for the article, here it is in print, as I copied and pasted it to read later:

Remember the "death panel" scare in last year's health care debate? Sarah Palin and others served up ominous warnings that a House health care overhaul bill would give federal bureaucrats life-and-death power over medical treatment for people approaching the end of their lives.

Those fears were overblown. But the political furor forced Democrats to scrap a provision that would have paid doctors to give Medicare patients end-of-life counseling once every five years.

Now comes word of new Medicare rules that some critics say resurrect the "death panels."

Relax. These new rules are more Marcus Welby than Jack Kevorkian.

Right now, Medicare will pay a doctor for one end-of-life planning session with a Medicare patient. That may include help on how to prepare an "advance directive," a patient's instructions to his doctors about what to do if the patient becomes too sick to make his own medical decisions.

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Starting Jan. 1, Medicare will pay for an annual session, if needed, as part of a broader "wellness" visit.

That's it. The counseling sessions are voluntary. The government won't tell doctors what to discuss with their patients. It won't pressure physicians to push patients into living wills or advance directives.

It's a smart move.

Research shows that end-of-life planning is valuable: A recent British Medical Journal study concluded it "improves end-of-life care and patient and family satisfaction and reduces stress, anxiety and depression in surviving relatives."

The study also noted that "patients welcome advance care planning and expect health professionals to initiate discussions."

That doesn't always happen, of course. Many patients don't have these conversations with their doctors, says Dr. Robert Berenson of the Urban Institute.

Reason One: Some doctors avoid starting end-of-life talks because it makes them uncomfortable.

Reason Two: Doctors are paid to deliver more aggressive treatment, even if it's futile. Berenson tells us that many patients are not fully informed about treatment options and the prognosis for success. Even if they choose a less aggressive treatment plan, some doctors ignore or overrule those preferences. "In other words, doctors are often more heroic than patients are," he says.

In a 2009 Urban Institute study, Berenson and his co-authors suggested a raft of ways to pay for health care reform. They estimated that the government could save $90 billion over 10 years, not by denying care but by better managing end-of-life care. That means helping terminally ill patients avoid futile treatment and manage their pain once they choose to stop treatment. It also means focusing on comfort and emotional support, not on exhausting every option technology offers.

Families, patients and doctors reach excruciating decisions every day about whether to extend treatment in the face of steep odds or to choose a less aggressive course. What families and patients decide is often guided not just by financial concerns, but by religious principles and deeply held moral beliefs.

The new rule changes none of that. But it does encourage doctors to open those tough conversations about death. To let patients know that they can largely control what is and is not done in the final days of their lives. That their families won't be forced to make agonizing decisions. That's a tremendous relief for many patients, and the families they leave behind.

Let me know what you think!

New York Unions: EPIC FAIL

As if there were more evidence needed that public sector unions were a bad idea, there comes this story out of Mayor-for-Life Michael Bloomberg's fiefdom of New York City. Read the story here if you can stomach it. I was surprised that I could, come to think of it.

Apparently the reason for the slowdown of the plowing was to protest the idea that New York's union gravy train was having to come to a stop due to lack of funds. Mayor Bloomberg, to his credit, was trying to make budget cuts that would save the city from insolvency. How horrible, I know.

a highlight passage from the article is this:

Miles of roads stretching from as north as Whitestone, Queens, to the south shore of Staten Island still remained treacherously unplowed last night because of the shameless job action, several sources and a city lawmaker said, which was over a raft of demotions, attrition and budget cuts.

so nice to see that the unions put themselves first rather than the unwashed masses, isn't it? Bleh.

Oh, and as an added bit of dark humor, someone actually thinks it's a good idea that Alan Grayson run for president!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She of the Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy Slippers has been a follower of mine for almost a year now, but I haven't until recently decided to follow her in return. Apologies to her for this egregious oversight. After perusing her site, I came across a few interesting posts of hers. Most recently the open letter to the world stating the American people's desire to do the very opposite of what our wannabe president is doing. Read the whole thing here.

May all her predictions come true quickly.

Continuing to fight the good fight.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Jesus Did not Speak English...Well DUH!!!

Even in faith based documents I find left wing lunacy, it seems. My fiancĂ© just gave me a book with an article inside it entitled Jesus did not Speak English. My Loony senses went off almost immediately, and I delved inside, giving the article a read. From a purely faith based perspective, the article makes a good deal of sense. Until it actually starts talking about it’s intended subject matter, that is. What is that subject matter, exactly? Well, it’s illegal immigration. Yep. That’s right. Illegal immigration. Somehow, some way, the person that wrote this article equates the teachings of Jesus Christ with an open borders philosophy. How, you ask? Well, like most misguided souls who try to use scripture to make their point, he cherry picks the scripture he needs while completely ignoring common sense, as well as other, equally valid scriptural arguments.

Item one: he puts the caption “Jesus did not speak English” on a marquee outside the church she goes to. Several comments that graced his mail after that included remarks about how obvious it was that the Savior of course didn’t speak English, given that English was not yet a language. Apparently he didn’t realize at the time that people might misconstrue his message’s intent, which was that Jesus didn’t speak English, and therefore he wouldn’t have persecuted illegal immigrants because of their own inability to speak it. What?

Item 2: The people who complained apparently did so because they wanted to perpetuate some myth about Jesus speaking English and agreeing with their way the world worked. That in and of itself is somewhat ludicrous, since the world didn’t work the same way in the first century that it now works in the 21st. Sure, the basics are the same, but all the complexities are different. Anyway, on with my point. He bases this assessment on absolutely nothing, implying, in my view, that people who believe in Jesus automatically believe that he was whatever ethnicity the individual complainer was, spoke English, and believed everything that that individual believed and nothing else. And of course, no evidence to support this crackpot theory, either. Oy.

Item 3: The cherry picked Scripture quotes. You knew they were coming. Second column of the first page of the article brings up the idea of persecuting the stranger, which is what appears to be the crux of the article. She makes reference to the Israelites, specifically:

Exodus 23:9: You shall not oppress a resident alien; you know the heart of an alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.

Leviticus 19:34: the alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.

Deuteronomy 24:17: You shall not deprive a resident alien of justice.

Icing on the cake is Matthew 25:43: I was a stranger, and you did not welcome me.

For those who are unaware, Exodus and Leviticus both deal specifically with the Jews and their time in the desert after Moses led them out of Egypt. God is warning the Israelites in that verse that they were once strangers, and so had better not treat other strangers the way Pharaoh treated them. Good advice, but last time I checked it isn’t the same thing as dissolving a nation’s borders and allowing any Tomas, Ricardo and Enrique to come in without learning their motives.

The article goes on to state the obvious, telling readers that already believe in God that he is the God of Creation, and therefore everyone on the planet is a brother or sister in Christ. Of course they all are! In his assessment, though, the pastor neglects to mention yet another piece of Scripture, dealing specifically with the division of responsibilities and reverence concerning God and man. Namely, “Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s. Render unto God that which is God’s.” Last time I checked, nations had a responsibility to police their borders and keep an eye on who comes in here. At least, every other country in the world seems to be able to police their borders without getting flak for being racist. Having an official language does not mean you have an inherent dislike towards outsiders. Having an official language, in fact, would make things easier to communicate because EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY WOULD SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE!!! Why is that so difficult for “open borders” types to understand?

The pastor even acknowledges in the article that “government runs more efficiently if our law, rules, and regulations are effectively communicated.” Great. I agree. Unfortunately he ruins it by saying in the same breath: “Why would we hamstring our elected leaders by requiring that they act as if a language barrier did not exist?” What? When did wanting an official language for the country equate to ignoring the fact that a language barrier existed? If we were doing that, why would we have implemented the Ellis Island program a hundred years ago? If we were truly ignoring a language barrier, we wouldn’t bother even letting these people in the country in the first place! We’d just seal off the borders and force people to cross illegally (which they already do anyway, btw).

Another question I have is this: Why, as the article implies in its attitude, is enforcing immigration law automatically lumped in with a lack of hospitality? People who are here illegally have shown us what they think of our country’s laws by BREAKING THEM! Why are we not allowed to be more like Joe Arpaio in Arizona and enforce our immigration laws? Mexico has downright draconian laws. Laws so fiercely enforced that the flow of South American illegals is significantly less than that of Mexico itself, largely because the SAs are afraid of being caught by the Federales!

Basing an argument entirely on faith is doomed to failure, as this one was. Not that I have anything against the priest, mind you, but come on! We can’t enforce our border laws because to do so would be un-Christian? What if a terrorist with a dirty bomb slipped in and blew up a school full of Catholic kids? Would that make the guy change his mind? I certainly hope so!

Motivation Monday

Well, this marks the first ever official Motivation Monday. And having the honor of gracing the first ever post for this is Gina Corano, in a photo from her Maxim spread from a while back. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Euthanasia by Any Other Name...

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well, that appears to be exactly what some in the Obama administration are doing concerning the much crowed about "end of life" provision that was stripped from the original monster we call a "bill" named Obamacare. Well, boys and girls, it looks like they're going to try to slip it in. Via memeorandum:

Under the new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.

Sounds great, doesn't it? Sounds like we're getting more choices with out healthcare, doesn't it? Well, keep on reading, true believers:

While the new law does not mention advance care planning, the Obama administration has been able to achieve its policy goal through the regulation-writing process, a strategy that could become more prevalent in the next two years as the president deals with a strengthened Republican opposition in Congress.

Regulation process, huh? Isn't that the same as legislation by fiat? Also, interesting little factoid for those who don't know: It's not just Republicans who are opposed to this bill, and this end of life provision. The whole bill had bipartisan opponents from all walks of life. Not to mention, the Republicans of the 111th Congress were about as able to stop Obama as a wall of paper was to stop bullets from a rail gun.

Things will change, hopefully, with the initiation of the 112th Congress, which they say will begin with a reading of a little document we like to call the Constitution of the United States of America. Hopefully they can kill this damned end of life provision while they're at it, since that was one of their principal election platforms in the midterms. If they don't, I'm sure there'll be hell to pay. From me at least if from no one else.

Oh, sure. The article starts out innocently enough, seemingly telling each of the readers that it will only incentivize doctors to council patients about what kind of treatment they want. Really? I don't buy it. Reason being because the article states that the government will specifically subsidize those doctors who recommend end of life care for their patients. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this provision already in the original bill and taken out because of a major hooplah that was caused by the bill's opponents? Mark Billing, who was subbing for Rush today on his show, confirms that yes, indeed, that was the case. Not only that, but according to him the language is even stronger now than it was in its original form. And its original form was specifically labeled "indefensible". Well, if this provision was indefensible then, what makes them think its defensible now?

The answer, dear readers, is that it is not. Obama has, using the rule making authority given to him by the passage of this 2000 page paperweight to recraft Obamacare into exactly what he wanted it to be before the town hall meetings of 2009 forced him to make promises that he had no intention of keeping.

God help us all in these trying times, and may the new Congress keep their heads and listen to those who gave them their consent just one short month ago.

Update: Left Coast Rebel beat me to posting this first, so here's some of his take on the issue:

Some Basics:
  • Think of end-of-life counseling from the Obama White House as carrots dangled in front of doctors, financial "incentives" for doctors to discuss “options” for end-of-life care. As stated in the NYT, that may "include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment," or a continuance of Obama's "take this pill and go home" solution to medical costs.
  • Under this new regulatory regime, doctors could ostensibly be the pawns of cost-curve-bending bureaucrats. To put this into perspective, ponder a Greece-like meltdown of our financial system/government in the future and the way then that these rules would be implemented. Better yet, think of this amount of power held in the wrong hands. How would the elderly be "counseled" during a time of national crisis? Moral hazard? Who determines that doctors have pure motives, instead of purely financial motives as they counsel in end-of-life situations?
  • Team Obama (has again) done a complete 180 degree turn on the American people, going behind the back of both the American public and the Democrat-controlled Congress that took the death panel language out the legislation due to public outcry.
  • Obama has been able to insert the death panel regulations due to the ambiguous "the Secretary shall determine" language that appears five times in the final 2000 page Senate version of Obamacare giving the "Secretary" (in this case, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius) the ability to implement (at their discretion) such a rule. The end-of-life regulation was finalized in November, brought to light the day after Christmas, and takes effect January 1, 2011. How's that for transparency, hope and change?
  • The regulation is yet another example that Obamacare is simply the skeleton template of socialized, government-run health care. As Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection states, "Obamacare simply is the infrastructure. The details and the demons will be worked out in regulations." The end-of-life regulation is such a detail and demon.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

One Last Christmas Treat

Well, the gift giving season is almost over. 364 more days until next time, but I suppose there's nothing I can do about that. I'll be easing back into the political rants over the next few days. Meantime, as a farewell to the season, here's a little Animaniacs, courtesy of Little Miss Attila and Youtube:

And the Angel Gabriel Said Unto Them "Fear not, for I Bring you Tidings of Great Joy"

And so do I, your humble Crusader for constitutional justice. Another Christmas has arrived and, as I sit and wait for the better half and her mother to wake so we can ope gifts before heading up to my parents' house, I have yet another video to share. Imagine, if you will. what things would have been like if the wisemen, Mary, Joseph, and others had access to such things as Google Maps, Twitter, and Facebook to spread their message of hope:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Everything Matters, Except that Nothing Really Does

My mother continually tried to drill that into my head over recent months, wherein I was dealing with more than a little depression over the fact that I'm pushing thirty and still haven't decided what I want to do with the life God gave me. As the sentence is an obvious paradox (how can everything matter if nothing does?) it took more than just mental prowess to puzzle it out. Of course, that didn't stop me from trying to analyze the statement from every intellectual angle I could before causing my brain to overheat and myself to give up in anger over not being able to solve the riddle.

Enter two friends of mine who attend the United Methodist Church here in Roseville, California. They invited my fiance and me to their Christmas Eve service, which we've just returned from, and I'm still aglow with the injection of faith I received by being around others who believed as I did, that Jesus Christ was born to save the world from its own sins, and that those who accepted Christ into their hearts would join him and his Father in Paradise.

Obviously, this proved to be just the prescription I needed to shed a good deal of the poison I'd been ingesting in the form of "all politics all the time." unfortunately this meat also hearing about the constant attacks on people of faith by those who don't believe, and even some who do. Needless to say, a steady stream of negative stories concerning your core beliefs can wear away at your resolve.

And yet, like the cavalry arriving at the last reel of an old "cowboys and Indians" flick, I was rescued not by soldiers on horses, but by songs of praise for the Son of God. Hearing "Angels we have Heard on High", "Oh Come all Ye Faithful", and other spiritual tunes filled me with the holiday cheer that, despite my efforts to spread it here in various other posts, I wasn't feeling very much of. Fortunately, that's changed, just in time for Jesus's birthday. As far as I'm concerned, that's the best Christmas gift of all: learning and relearning the real reason we celebrate this day and being able to fully appreciate it as a result.

That said, I will once again be delving into the poisonous realm of politics once the holiday season is over, as the bad doesn't go away just because you've been exposed to the good. However, I think I'll be able to go through it now with a more open perspective. I've always been a big picture guy, but I think for a while now I've been missing the REAL big picture: This life only matters for as long as it lasts. Eternity is forever.

Sorry guys, no boobs today

I came to a realization recently that I've probably been overdoing the Rule Five posts due to lack of material. To that end, my fiance has found a video for me to post that will, if you have any type of sense of humor at all, will make you laugh uproariously. Since it is making fun of political correctness towards Christmas, it does skirt the edge of my self imposed "no politics rule", but meh. It's funny. here it is:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Special Thanks...

I was going to do this about two dozen posts ago, but given my propensity for outrage and short attention span, that didn't happen. Instead of thanking those who read the drivel I post on average of two or three times a week, I went on and on posting about one or another stupid thing Washington was doing to force us into becoming mindless sheeple. Not that that isn't important, but without acknowledging those who listen, it would seem there is little point in continuing to speak. After all, what is a leader without followers?

So here's a special thinks to the following:

Left Coast Rebel

The Other McCain

Little Miss Atilla (traffic just started coming in from her site)

And all those on my tin-foil-hat-wearer list.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and may you all be safe this Christmas season!

As a bonus, here's some Ashlie Hartman Cheesecake, pursuant of McCain's Rule Number Five:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

History Once Again Repeats itself.

So there I was, driving along to my weekly game of Pathfinder (I'm a tabletop role-player better known to normal folk as a "geek", and have been since high school) and I suddenly notice that the gauge on the dashboard that monitors radiator heat decided to tilt a little further to the right than I'm comfortable with. After a few minutes of praying that it would go back down, I realized soon that such a thing was not going to happen and had to pull over several times to let the stupid thing cool down. Having been through four other vehicles that had this problem, I realized that there was a big problem coming down the pike. So, after that little bit of drama, I decide to turn around and go home before something bad happens. Too little, too late it would seem.

I stalled on the road at the corner of Stanford Ranch and Sunset in Rocklin, fortunately right near a 7-11 where I could get to a phone right away. I called the better half and told her what happened, then the tow truck and at least managed to get home safely.

The major problem now is that I don't have a car that can reliably transport me to where I need to go. However, there are a few bright sides to this whole dust up.

1. I now am limited in how I can spend my money, thus allowing me to focus on paying down necessary credit card bills, since I no longer have to buy gas, oil, radiator coolant, or any such thing until such time as the car either gets fixed or is replaced. The latter option of those two is more likely, I think.

2. Work isn't a problem, since my co-workers have my back and are willing to transport me to and from.

3. Still don't have to miss the Pathfinder game, since those friends of mine are also willing to pick me up.

4. I made it home safe and sound and am fully capable of getting through this, as it's nothing I haven't been through before.

But just because I'm looking on the bright side doesn't mean I'm not going to need cheering up, so in an effort to cheer myself up, I'm posting this pic of Lucy Pinder.

Apparently though, fate conspires against me even as I attempt to make the most of a bad situation. Now I'm forced to use my fiance's laptop rather than my own, because now my ADAPTER has given up the ghost. Or rather, the connector attachment has. If I had a replacemet there would be no problem, but I don't. Alas.

This promises to be an excellent Holiday season...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Reason to Take the Laptop to Work

Well, I just got hit with a nice surprise. My page views have doubled since I started posting pics of such babe-i-licious figures as Autumn Reeser, Gemma Atkinson, and the extremely blessed Lucy Pinder. Since several dozen more of you seem to be interested, here's another screen shot of Autumn, Gemma, and Lucy. More babes to come in future, loyal readers.

About that Previous Post

Yeah, okay, so I lied about not posting any more rule 5 pics until next week. When you see Lucy Pinder, though, can you blame me? The other chick's not bad, either.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little Information Regarding Your Humble Crusader

Well, this is interesting. Ever since my pledge not to post anything political until after Christmas, I've been trying to figure out what else I can post about, only to find that I have very little other than political news and opinion to post at all. My attempts at Stacy McCain's Rule 5 provide some material, as well as eye candy for my loyal readers, but not wanting to overdue such posts, I've decided to refrain from posting another until next week, which will from then on be known as Motivation Mondays. Right Girl has taken Topless Wednesday, R.S. McCain has Rule 5 Sunday, and USA Admiral has his Friday Pin-ups, so I can't use those names without appearing unoriginal.

In fact, since I'm restricted as far as politics and don't really feel like cheapening this post with pictures of scantily clad women, maybe I should do something I don't normally do and get a little personal. After all, not many of you know a lot about me, since I haven't exactly been forthcoming, so here goes:

Being born in a small town in Nevada, I was one of those "small town" kids. Carson City, back then, was a "blink and you'll miss it" type of town, despite being the capitol of the Silver State. It still is, but it's fast becoming a "blink and you MIGHT miss it" type of town.

My childhood I won't get into too much, since it was pretty typical. I went to school, had friends, was made fun of for various stupid things, played outside, and such things. Nine years old saw me move to what I would later learn was the liberal bastion of idiocy known as California. Back at that age, however, I didn't care a whit for political parties, voting, or anything of the sort given that I couldn't vote. I've lived here ever since, now residing in Roseville and blogging about various subjects when outraged, incensed, or just plain bored.

And that's me in a nutshell. If you'd like to know more, the comment section is wide open for such questions.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight

More Rule 5 a Santa Hat

Lucy Pinder is my choice for today's Rule 5 post. Enjoy, and be careful getting saliva on the keyboards, boys.

The Reason for the Season

I absolutely adore the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. As a music student myself I can appreciate the hard work that goes into singing a song as beautifully as they do. Here's the group singing "The First Noel. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Because I'm bored and it's a Slow Blog Day

Once again I make an attempt to abide by Stacy McCain's Rule #5. this time two photos for your viewing pleasure. One of the sizzling Gemma Atkinson (Above), and the other a wallpaper of the mouthwatering Autumn Reeser (Right).

Yeah, I know. Men are pigs, and I apparently am no exception. Then again, last I checked, looking at beautiful women isn't a crime.

My First Attempt at Rule Five

I'm not usually a practitioner of Robert Stacy McCain's Rule Number Five, but I figure what the hell? It can't hurt the traffic at the site, and who knows? Maybe it'll do for me what it's done for McCain, as well as USA Admiral and his Friday pin ups. So here goes. First on my list of Rule Five candidates, the smoldering hot bit of loveliness known as Gemma Atkinson.

In Memorium of Charles Schultz

This man will forever be missed. Another dose of holiday cheer in the form of the lovable Peanuts gang:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Be it Ever so Humble...

As long as I can remember, I've spent nearly every Christmas I've ever experienced in Nevada. My Grandparents have been hosting Christmas for my parents, my sister, and me since we were kids. A few times we've had to break tradition and stay home, but we'd always had some way of including them in the Christmas celebration. Be it through a phone call, an email, something.

That being said, my grandmother was diagnosed with late onset breast cancer a few months ago. She's going through Chemotherapy and radiation to stave it off, and it appears to be working. It helps that she's been something of a health nut all her life and regularly exercised and took care of herself, so the prognosis looks good. However, it also reminds me that she won't be around forever. As much as that pains me, I can't bring myself to look toward that bleak future where I won't have my grandmother to visit in December.

I was looking for a vid to post in conjunction with my new holiday theme when I remembered one of my favorite Christmas tunes, sung by Perry Como. I'll let the music speak for itself.

More Christmas Cheer

Per my promise made in my last post, I'm continuing to put up posts that it is my hope will help lift everyone's spirits in this tough holiday season. With the job market the way it is, we need all the help we can get. That being said, here is yet another explanation of Christmas and its true meaning, courtesy of the legendary "Dr. Seuss".

"Pooh-pooh to the Whos!" he was grinch-ish-ly humming.
"They're finding out now that no Christmas is coming!
"They're just waking up! I know just what they'll do!
"Their mouths will hang open a minute or two
"Then all the Whos down in Who-ville will all cry BOO-HOO!"
"That's a noise," grinned the Grinch,
"That I simply must hear!"
So he paused. And the Grinch put a hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.
It started in low. Then it started to grow...
But the sound wasn't sad!
Why, this sound sounded merry!
It couldn't be so!
But it WAS merry! VERY!
He stared down at Who-ville!
The Grinch popped his eyes!
Then he shook!
What he saw was a shocking surprise!
Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small,
Was singing! Without any presents at all!
He HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!
And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?
It came without ribbons! It came without tags!
"It came without packages, boxes or bags!"
And he puzzled three hours, `till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.
"Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!"
And what happened then...? Who-ville they say
That the Grinch's small heart
Grew three sizes that day!
And the minute his heart didn't feel quite so tight,
He whizzed with his load through the bright morning light
And he brought back the toys! And the food for the feast!
And he...
The Grinch carved the roast beast!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh we Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute...

I will not be posting anything political over the next few weeks, only resuming my rants after the holiday season is over. Until then, I'll be spreading my own brand of Christmas cheer:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He has the Right to an Attorney

Even Santa can't escape the Injustice System, it seems. This video is courtesy of my better half:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally, a return Volley!

The War on Christmas sometimes seems so one-sided that you tend to want to give up hope. And then you run into something like this...

Another shot fired in the War on Christmas...

Via Moonbattery, we have yet another display of angry leftist weirdos trying to do damage to our traditions by making it unfashionable to express any display of Christmas related material. The idiots in the article claim that they want a more diverse (read, anything but Christmas) portfolio. never mind that only one person complained, and never mind that this place has been playing Christmas carols for twelve years with no complaints at all. Is it any wonder why I walk around pissed to beat the band most of the time these days?

For information on the "holiday" called Kwanzaa, click here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How in the Hell Would YOU Know?!

I cannot and will not bother to hide my disgust for the actions of the Westboro Baptist "Church". Not only do they think they know everything God is thinking, but they've decided that picketing the funeral of a woman who died of breast cancer is now the best way to get their hate-saturated message across. I am no fan of John Edwards. What he did to his wife while he was busy playing politician absolutely disgusts me about as much as the Westboro clan does. However, his wife, Elizabeth, should not be blamed for whatever amoral actions America has taken since its founding two hundred years ago.

I don't even know why I bother wasting a blog post on these degenerates. Protesting the funerals of our brave servicemen is bad enough. Now they're going to be shouting and screaming at the top of their lungs at the funeral of a woman who as far as I know never hurt a fly. Someone on high should really teach these hate-mongering idiots a lesson in manners. Lightning bolt style. Know what I mean?

Also, how in the hell do they know that God hates soldiers and America? What kind of God do they worship? The God I believe in never hated anyone in all his infinite existence.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Dud From Dowd

Maureen Dowd must live in a different part of Literalville than I. I have come to this conclusion after reading her latest column in the New York Slime. Showing her chronic case of Palin Derangement Syndrome, the whole piece is nothing more than yet another waste of editorial space trying to make Palin look like nothing more than a gun-toting hick who would just as likely shoot herself in the foot as shoot the caribou she was aiming to put in the fridge for dinner that night.

To her credit, at least Dowd isn't trying to sound fair while she does this. No, rather than try to come off as a model of journalistic integrity, she lets her rage against Palin show with little more shame than a flasher in Central Park, with a few anti-Palin jabs thrown in just for good measure. Not only that, but she tries to make another central figure in her column, a caribou, seem smarter than the person whom she hates so openly.

her central beef with Palin in this instance is the fact that, on her reality show, Palin said that her father taught her that if someone wants real organic food, they'd have to go out and hunt actual animals. Dowd somehow takes this and twists it as only a liberal demagogue can, saying that Palin was actually expecting Jane Everyman of Suburbia, USA to "load up on ammo, board two different planes, camp out for two nights with a film crew and shoot a caribou so she can feed her family organic food." Now, I could be wrong, but according to the column, Palin was, A: bringing to light a certain way of life for the people of Alaska, and B: saying that the so-called "organic" food you get at the supermarket isn't really as organic as they make it sound. Nowhere in that sentence was there any mention of an ordinary mom from California having to fly to the Arctic to shoot polar bears.

After this "stunning" display of analysis by Dowd, she launches then into her usual rhetoric insulting Dick Cheney's hunting ability and Palin's intelligence in general. Apparently Dowd thought that the fish Palin caught in the last episode of the show should have been sufficient enough to where she wouldn't have to go out and shoot the caribou at all. Does she not realize that people tend to eat three meals a day, seven days a week? The freezer was most likely running low on fish so she went out and shot some caribou to fill the space. Either that or she was just looking for a little variety in her meals.

Metaphor is clearly not Dowd's strong point either, as she goes from ranting about Palin to some sort of comparison between Palin, who represents republicans, taking shots at Obama the Caribou. What?! Could it be that Dowd has become yet more incoherent than she used to be? I believe that is indeed the case.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Day That Still Lives in Infamy

Pearl Harbor Day. The Day that Admiral Yamamoto and the Japanese naval and air forces took to the skies and to the sea and rained death upon thousands of innocent and unaware soldiers, workers, family members, and civilians. On this day, it was decided that the United States could no longer sit back idly and watch as the Axis menace continued to spread like a plague across Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

This day was the day that America unified under the Stars and Stripes and swept forward like a cleansing tide and washed away the Nazi menace with nothing but American can-do optimism, a few rifles, tanks and planes, and a tenacity that is sorely lacking in today's wartime mentality. President Roosevelt, a man I disagree with on just about anything, was at least one thing that our current president is not: A leader. Franklin Delano Roosevelt may have been a big government Progressive, but at least he didn't shy away when a threat shoved itself directly into his face.

Our current president is nothing more than a thin-skinned wannabe by comparison. Listen to some of his own speeches as compared to FDR. FDR did everything he could to make certain that the people were involved in the war effort as much as the soldiers on the front lines were. If you weren't fighting, you were growing a victory garden. If you weren't growing a victory garden, you were working in a factory. And if you weren't doing that, you were probably at least buying war bonds so that the troops could get the material they needed to fight back the Fascists.

We've been in Afghanistan for eight years now. Eight years. We beat the Nazis in half that time, but we can't seem to handle a few camel riders in caves who saber rattle more than they actually fight. Is this current strategy really the best America can do to combat the new menace that is Islamic terrorism? If our FDR wannabe would just acknowledge the real threat, it would go a long way toward finally stomping them out and bringing our boys home. But fat chance of that. That's like getting Hank Williams to admit that he was an alcoholic. Not likely to happen in the near future.

On this day, I would like to extend my thanks to the brave servicemen and women who hold the line against the invisible enemy. I would also like to apologize for the actions of those who wouldn't know gratitude if it bit them in the ass.

Semper Fi.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And now for our Daily Dose of Stupidity...

Meghan McCain. The real life "Mean Girl". Her picture should be next to the word dumb in the dictionary, as well as all of its synonyms. The woman clearly has no idea what the political climate is like right now. Her latest column is by turns gut-wrenching in its stupidity, as well as laugh-out-loud hilarious in its inane assessment of such "complicated things" as the term "blue blood". A blue blood, as anyone with a halfway-descent education can tell you, is a member of the aristocracy, or the upper class. It usually also refers to the idea that said individual and/or family lives off of perpetual wealth and has done no real work to acquire it, other than invest it wisely and collect on the returns. In the case of America, the blue bloods are the political class; such families and individuals as the McCains, the Bush family, and Mitt Romney definitely qualify as blue bloods. They are all families with money and a good deal of clout as a positive side effect of having that money and greasing the right palms.

That's not to say that I believe these families are necessarily corrupt in their dealings, but one cannot deny that their bank accounts carry a good deal of influence in certain circles. However, this idea that Meghan McCain is a blue blood because she's accomplished something is utterly ludicrous. Sure, she's had books released, and she writes for the Daily Beast (an aptly named paper for someone who writes nothing but snark), but let's be honest here: when did Meghan McCain last hold a REAL job? When did she last come home smelling like hamburger or, in the case of myself, complain about how many spiral bound notebooks she had to personally put together in an inordinately limited amount of time? Probably not for a while.

Put simply, Ms. McCain is the classic example of someone who should have a brain/mouth filter apparatus installed so that she can program her responses more carefully. For one thing, being insulted by the term blue blood without knowing what it meant (a fact she readily admits to in said column) isn't exactly something she would have advertised had she thought about what she was really saying. To my knowledge, the reason McCain has had her education and has the money she has is because of Daddy Mac, not any of her own accomplishments, which to my knowledge consist of attacking Sarah Palin and flashing her rack all over the internet via Twitter.

In fact, if I were to compare Ms. McCain to a movie character, it would have to be the character Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams in the movie Mean Girls. My fiance and I just finished watching it last night before bed, and I couldn't help but notice that between her columns, snarky comments on late night TV, and other such "intelligent" musings from the daughter of our would-be president, that she was acting very much the part of the Plastics, most obviously their queen bee, Regina George. All she needs now is some sort of Burn Book wherein she keeps all the made up secrets and lies about people who have either wronged her or been wronged by her over the years, whether the wrongs done be real or falsified.

And with that, I think I've run out of things to rant about concerning the Blond Bimbette. I apologize to any readers who feel their time was wasted by my ramblings. Guess this is what happens when you come across a slow news week.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Revenge is a Dish Best Served by the Left

Ever since I became a regular blogger, back in 2008, before the Commissar-in-chief was elected, I've been trying to figure out just what it is that motivates those on the left to spew such venom and vitriol towards those of us in the middle and on the right. Occasionally, I have these little epiphanies about certain things, leading sometimes to posts on this little wonder of political commentary that is read by a little over two dozen people (that I know of). I've even been known to try to force such epiphanies by delving into that forbidden yet strangely attractive realm of arguing with liberals about why they're wrong about well...everything.

While I was cleaning up at work (that thing liberals hate so much) just before leaving, I was listening to Sean Hannity's radio show for background noise and possible fuel for a post, when sure enough, inspiration came along. His topic, as it has been across the radio spectrum for the last few weeks, ever since the historic win by Republicans in November, was the Bush tax cuts, and whether or not they'd be allowed to sunset at the end of the year, as is the hope of damn near every Democrat in congress, and even a few outside the beltway. During his latest monologue on why they should be allowed to continue and/or be made permanent, I hit on what I now believe to be the real, or at least A real, motivation for those on the left: Revenge.

I believe that revenge is a principle motivator for the left for a variety of reasons. First, listen to all their talk about the so-called "rich". Just today, on the same radio show I mentioned above, a sound bite was played of Nancy Pelosi's vehement dislike of the idea of keeping the tax cuts in place for those making over 250,000 a year. After hearing that, I asked myself "why on Earth are the left so insanely jealous of those people with money? Why are they playing the class warfare card almost as much as they play the race card?" I came upon the answer after a few seconds of thinking about the ideals of one Karl Marx.

Marx, all throughout the Communist Manifesto, does one thing consistently: He vilifies the rich. The left, these days, and ever since the early days of Progressivism in the early 20th century, has been looking for someone to blame. They've been looking for someone, in short, to take REVENGE on for their own inability to rise above the problems that face each and every one of us. If it's not the rich, it's the insurance companies. If it's not the insurance companies, it's the banks. If it's not the banks, it's the American taxpayer.

Hillary Clinton can even be quoted saying that then-President George Bush was too concerned with his "tax cuts for the rich" than he was about getting enough swine flu vaccine to the American people. When Pelosi addressed the tax cuts a year ago, she couldn't blame Bush, since he was out of office, so she blamed the private sector instead.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the left always believes that everything is someone else's fault. doesn't sound like much of a headline for an epiphany, but hear me out. The question now becomes "WHY do these people always seek to blame someone else for problems that, often, they are the ones that they caused?"

On some level, these nimrods think they've been personally wronged. Real or imagined, it's not exactly rocket science once the pieces start to fit together. Every argument the left has is based on the fact that the rich somehow "stole" money from the poor, and are thus greedy bastards who deserve to "pay their fair share"in order to help the poor get a leg up and succeed. It's all about taking revenge on the rich for the crime of being successful.

Of course, with my luck, someone's already thought of this and I'll get no credit for coming to this incredibly intellectual conclusion.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Constitution: Still Packing a Punch after Two Centuries

It was two hundred and thirty some years ago that the great ones we call the Founding Fathers crafted that glowing masterful expression of the American mind known as the United States Constitution. An originally four page document that was supposed to run an entire country. Granted, said country was much smaller and less populated back then than it is now, but the core principles still work, and some still believe in those principles, as evidenced by Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots, who just gave me an incredible bit of news. The new Food Safety Bill, which according to my local newspaper had passed the Senate has been sent back to chambers on the grounds of...wait for it...UNCONSTITUTIONALITY!

That's right, boys and girls, ladies and germs. The oh-so-touted food safety bill that would have given the FDA even more power over what we can and cannot eat has been sent back to chambers where it will, as most bills do when sent that way, most likely die a horrible, yet well-deserved death in the reconvened committee. I call this a definite win for the Limited Government team. Granted it is just one bill amidst a slew of others, but still, something about seeing such tyrannical measures defeated fills me with a bit of hope, and as we all know since the election of The Anointed One, that's been in a bit of short supply.

According to sources, the bill will likely be "blue slipped" by House Ways and Means Committee Dems, who seem to be now in the midst of a power struggle with their Senate counterparts. This is, I seriously doubt, the way that Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid imagined the reception of the bill going down. If Reid is smart, he'll let the matter drop. If he's not, and I'm more and more sure by the day that he isn't, he'll bitch and moan and cry until either the bill is ramrodded through, dies, or the lame duck session ends, whichever comes first.

See the actual entry at Patriots for more on this rather uplifting outcome.

Second Verse, Different From the First

Now this is truly amazing. I occasionally wonder why I allow myself to delve into the poisonous waters of political news stories, mostly after a tough day of dealing with that plus personal issues. There has been more than one day wherein I find myself wondering what I'm doing and why, and considering also giving up all together because the fight seems hopeless. And then, I see something like this:

Let's teach our kids that second verse, shall we? At the very least it'll make liberal heads explode!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

These Idiots Better Buy Me Dinner First...

Gosh, it's been a while. After the elections, which I'd diverted all reserve energy towards helping the conservative side win in any way I could, I felt the need to just decompress for a while. I'd heard so much about how things would go to hell if we didn't win that that's basically all I dared think about news-wise. After being there firsthand to see the worst Democrat defeat since 1938, I felt that the battle was finally won and we could rest, at least for a while.

Well, I was wrong. Oh boy was I wrong.

No sooner do I dare rest on my laurels for a couple of weeks, than I hear about the infamous TSA pat downs. one of my own relatives even shrugged it off by saying on Facebook, "one must do what one must do." Wow. I had no idea that there were sheeple in my own family. then again, as far left as she leans, it's not that surprising that she'd just accept it and move on. At least other people aren't rolling over so easily. New folk heroes are being born every day. the guy who told the TSA agent that he'd have them arrested if they touched his junk, the woman going through in a bikini, and the guy going through with "screw big sis" drawn on his back are people I can definitely relate to, because as long as these insane policies are in place, I will not be doing any flying. I know that sounds a little easy for me to say, since I don't do any flying, but still, even if I had the money to fly anywhere I wanted to go, I wouldn't do it. Simply because I will not subject myself to that kind of abject humiliation.

I've heard several different analysis' of these new "security" procedures, and I can only conclude that this is all about the administration giving the APPEARANCE of doing something, and trying to maintain the illusion that the egomaniac in the White House actually knows what the fuck he's doing.

As with all delusional mental patients, he has not yet realized that we the people can see past the illusion and have revealed the man-child behind the curtain. This is, however, nothing more than what I expected from him ever since he was elected in 2008. In my opinion, this more than anything else will be on the minds of the people come the 2012 elections. After all, what better way to get the people involved than to make it personal? And can you really make it more personal than the TSA has made it? I don't think so.

Here's hoping sanity returns to the United States as soon as possible.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

By Design? Sure Starting to Look That Way

Wow. The lies just keep on coming. Apparently one of Obama's own advisors, one Steven Brooks, has decided to report that Obama knew A YEAR AGO that the idea of a "shovel ready project" was a crock of bull.

We all knew that before he was even in office. For those interested, the story comes from Michelle Malkin.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Obama Presidency in Less than 3 minutes

Heard about this vid on O'Reilly tonight. Had to check it out, since I'm a huge Gilbert and Sullivan fan. Enjoy:

Look, Up in the Sky!

My fiancee just showed me a little blurb of an article last night about how some know-nothing scientist somewhere thinks that kids admiring superheroes might be unhealthy. Ummm.....what?

Their are several things wrong with that statement. First, the examples they use are the Hulk and Iron Man. No other examples at all. Let's be clear here: The Hulk is a tragic figure who is constantly harassed by "normal" people, much the same way Frankenstein's monster was in Mary Shelly's novel. He IS, however, a hero, because his alter ego, Bruce Banner, keeps the raging monster that is the Hulk in check.

Second: Iron Man is at best a diamond in the rough. Yes he was an alcoholic womanizer, but that doesn't mean he advocates evil. Far from it. The man is one of the most straight laced heroes out there if you see past those flaws. He has an unshakable faith in justice and truth, something common in every hero, anti- or otherwise.

Third: Only two examples? Did they not hear about such heroes as Superman, the boyscout in tights, or Captain America, The Falcon, or any dozen others I could name if I had the time?

Heroes made me the justice loving man I am today. If I hadn't read comics as a kid I might not understand what it is to be a real hero.

Doctors...morons all of them.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I am Pro-Life

As is obvious to anyone who reads this blog, I am very much an unapologetic Right Wing Social and Fiscal Conservative with a captial C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-V-E. One area in which I do not budge on my Conservative outlook is the infamous atrocity known as abortion. Or, to all those left wing loons that think it's about women's rights, "the woman's right to choose." Call me a womanhater, but this is one choice that I will never allow a woman to make if I'm given the opportunity to decide. I simply do not believe (and science can back me up on this, for anyone who dares flame me for making these comments) that the being growing inside a woman's womb is little more than "a couple of cells". Even the evo-nuts who believe we evolved out of a pile of goo milllions of years ago can't argue that it's not a human series of cells or that those cells are not alive because they then discount the idea that single celled organisms are alive, when in fact science does classify those beings as living.

I am pro life, also, because I interact on a bi-weekly basis with the little miracle pictured above. The baby belongs to a couple I know who recently got married and were counciled at some point that they may have to "dispose" of the fetus that grew into the adorable infant you see above. Fortunately, as you can tell, they did not make that choice, and I for one, have never been more grateful. Since meeting young Bells, here, my life has been filled with joy. Corny? Yes. True? Definitely. Every time I see this girl, my eyes light up. When I'm denied the opportunity to babysit (as I was just this last weekend..grrr) I know true disappointment. Knowing what I know now, my life would be a lot emptier than it is if "Uncle Richard" didn't have little Bells to play with on Saturday and Sunday.
So for those of you who know someone who is considering ending an unborn life on any of the usual pretexts, direct them here and have them read my little treatise on my as-good-as-niece. Maybe it'll help them realize the joy a child can bring.
Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fire From The Heartland Burns Bright in America

Well, this is a switch. After about two years of non-stop work, blood, sweat and tears I've finally reached a point where my financial freedom can and will once again be mine. Also, I picked up a prospect for making a little extra money outside of my job as a copy making drone. My parents, bless them, are out of town for the week and have left me in charge of house sitting their little California farm. Hoody Hoo!I woke the first morning to find a nice crisp Ben Franklin clipped to my little list of tasks that I'm to accomplish every night.

Personal story aside, I'm posting here tonight because, quite frankly, I finally have the time again. Something about being assigned the simple work of caring for a few donkeys, Labradors, chickens and goats while living on three acres of land all alone creates an excellent feeling of solitude. A feeling, honestly, that I had missed and hadn't even known it. Things have been rather hectic for me and my extended family (which consists of my fiancee and her mother) and I realized after waking up Saturday morning that I hadn't experienced quiet, REAL quiet, in over two years, since my girl's father tragically died of heart failure. Since then, I've been so busy trying to survive that I'd forgotten what it's like to live. I haven't even been here on the blog as much as I normally was two or three years ago. It's a nice feeling.

My time to myself has allowed me to casually surf the net looking for articles to be outraged about, and lo and behold, the left did not disappoint. I have just recently heard about a new DVD coming out called Fire from the Heartland, which is supposed to be about the rise of the Conservative woman. What? "Conservative woman? What's that?" you ask, well that would be women like Sarah Palin, Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and others who not only talk the conservative talk, but walk the conservative walk. Sarah Palin, for example, is the classic low-taxes-cut-spending conservative that this country needs. Michelle Malkin is a balls-to-the-wall (term used loosely) woman who pulls no punches when it comes to Leftist (or even Right Wing) hypocrisy and corruption. Anne Coulter is much the same way, and indeed was in the game long before I'd ever heard of Michelle Malkin. Other such women include Conservative atheist S.E. Cupp of Fox News fame, Michelle Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, and scads of others that I can't name here in one sitting.

This, for some reason is bad news for the woman-hating Lefties. I've been reading various articles, some of them having directly to do with Fire From the Heartland, some not. All of them are, however, examples of what one of the authors calls "femisogyny", which is the perfect term for something like this. Take the review, for the primary example of what I mean. The author links to several other articles that are not just insulting, but in my opinion downright evil. How can these so-called "feminists" be for all women and yet directly insult the very women they claim to be fighting for? The answer, of course, is that they can't.

Take the primary wins endorsed by Sarah Palin. These wins have caused the feminazi Left to go absolutely APE SHIT over the fact that someone who believes family is important, abortion is wrong, and homosexuality is immoral, can actually help people who believe as she does win in fair and square elections. Oh, the horror! Women who don't march in lockstep with the anti-family agenda? They must be silenced! They might actually influence other Thought Criminals and threaten the power base of the ruling class. Horror and damnation!

Fire From the Heartland has elicited the typical response from the left, very snarkily pointed out by the author of the link above.

I'm in full agreement with the author's point of view. Mama Grizzley's scare the left and their feminist bullies because, like all bullies, these women can't handle a stronger target than themselves. Pushback is creating an environment that has allowed many women to take a stand for REAL feminism that protects a woman's right to think for themselves. Apparently this doesn't sit well with the left because, according to a few of those lefty women, they aren't "real women" at all if they don't vote to kill their unborn child.

Well, all I can say is that Fire From the Heartland doesn't just burn on the big screen, but in real life as well. In my scouring of the net for news articles to bash and make fun of, I've discovered a sense of women feeling that their precious babies are in danger and woe betide anyone who gets in their way. Amen to that, sistahs! Keep up the good fight, because you've got a family loving supporter of a woman's right to be a woman right here typing away.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Second Rendezvous with Destiny

Via The Other McCain:

This video gave me absolute goosebumps. Hopefully it does the same for you:

We do indeed, as the end of the video states, have a rendezvous with destiny. Let's make Reagan's spirit proud and put this country back on track come November.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pledge or Plague? You Decide

So the Republicans unveiled there new Pledge With America today. I haven't actually read it yet, but I heard the basics while listening to Rush this morning before heading into work. All I can say is, from what I heard, it sounds an awful lot light Newt Gingrich's Contract With America that was drafted and signed in 1994.

If so, this country may yet be back on track within the next two months. After all, it states in writing exactly what the voters have been screaming about for the past two years. Cutting taxes, reigning in spending, and even canceling a sizable chunk of Obama's spending agenda. Namely TARP and all the bailouts. Wonderful, wonderful ideas all. Now, hopefully the new blood in Washington come November (knock wood) will be enough to purge D.C. of the stink that has been festering there for nigh on fifty years.

Of course, the Democrats and Leftist propaganda arm wasted no time in coming up with a clever yet insulting moniker for the pledge, calling it instead the "Plague to America", or some such thing. The George Soros funded Center for American Progress even has a story claiming that tax cuts and reduced spending will result in more debt and deficits. They have no credibility with me, of course, being that GS is nothing more than a globalist sociopath with aims at world domination (so Saturday Morning Cartoony, btw), so I'm not going to spend time lambasting them. Still, it bears resemblance to the attacks on Newt's Contract (Contract ON America, rather than WITH). Now, call me crazy, but if this IS just like the Contract With America from 94, wouldn't that mean that if implimented, it would have the same results? Just sayin'.

All of this, of course, is an attempt to smother once again the Age of Reagan. Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, as we all know, created over twenty million new private sector jobs, resulting in twelve years (Reagan 8, Bush 41 4) of straight economic growth, during which time poverty declined and the standard of living had risen for Americans all across the financial spectrum. As Jack Kemp used to say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

But it's not going to work. We the people are too well informed at this point. We the people see now first hand that socialism doesn't work. We the people want to, in short, throw the bums out and institute new blood in Washington. We're winning, too. That's why the spin machine is in overdrive and is doing so much so fast that even Obama's own supporters are tired of having to keep up.

Keep up the fight, fellow tin foil hat wearers. We're winning!

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Dungeon Master is a Moonbat

I had thought for a bit about whether to write this little tidbit, but I figured my loyal tin-foil-hat-wearing public would get some amusement out of a little conversation I had with a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless out of respect.

This friend of mine, whom I met in college in 1999, just after I graduated from High School, is a raging liberal. And I do mean raging. Apparently every time I post something that contradicts his viewpoint on facebook, he has to force himself to calm down. Kind of the way I have to force myself to calm down whenever I hear things like this:

I've come to the conclusion that the two of us are just as alike as we are different. I have my view, he has his. We're NEVER going to convince each other that we're right or wrong on certain issues, but where would the fun be in debating the guy if I eventually brought him over? I'd have to find another wall to beat my head against and that, dear friends, is a tiresome process when everyone you know is Conservative, save for a few relatives that you only see once a year.

Anyway, to the real point. Our conversation started with my friend pointing out that the Justin Beiber get-out-the-vote video was a joke. I'm not sure it was, but if it is, someone please verify for me so I can concede the point. I pointed out that it didn't sound like a joke to me. He then sent me a facebook message declaring that that would be the arena for us to duke it out. I happily obliged him. I pointed out that I have as much beef with the Republican establishment as I do the Dems, but for all-together different reasons on most things. Namely that they think they're entitled to their seat, as Martha Coakley, Mike Castle, and Lisa Murkowski seem to think they are/were. I also mentioned that painting the TEA party as extremists was somewhat unfair. His response? "Dude, they ARE extremists. I'm not saying they're violent, but they hold some extreme views." I then countered with a left hook of my own: Are low taxes, limited government, and holding candidates accountable extreme views, I asked? I hold to those same views, so am I an extremist? I have yet to receive an answer, but I've no doubt he'll have one. Till then,

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Propaganda Video From the "Tolerant" Left

Well, that does it. The Left doesn't give a whit about children, apparently. The Far Left, that is. Greenpeace just released this video for your viewing enjoyment:

Friday, September 17, 2010

The ACLU Would Have a Field Day

I just read, in the sports section of the Sacramento Bee, my local toilet rag of a newspaper, a very heartwarming and uplifting story. Apparently, a coach that was overseeing a football game between two high schools, Woodcreek High (my old stomping grounds) and another who I do not remember the name of at present, had a heart attack a number of years ago while doing his job. Apparently something happened which had "turned his heart to jelly" as he put it, and caused it to stop beating. He was rushed to the hospital and is now back doing the job that he loves.

This is not, however, a post about that coach, or his condition, or even the game that I mentioned at which he suffered his heart attack. No, what I'm bringing attention to is what the crowd, players, faculty, and students all did when they saw the man collapse in the middle of the game.

They prayed.

That's right. They prayed. On public high school grounds. As one, the entire population of the stadium, numbering in the tens of thousands, if memory serves, dropped to their knees and begged the Lord our God that this man would come out okay, and the man upstairs was listening, it seemed, because He granted their wish.

Can anyone tell me what would have happened if the ACLU had heard of this? I wonder what they were doing causing them to miss this...they usually jump all over teh chance to sue anyone having anything to do with religion.

Will wonders never cease?

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

File This Under "Didn't we Already Tell Them That?"

Fellow Tin-Foil-Hat-Wearers, I must confess something to you. Something that, as an arch-conservative, bible-thumping, gun-toting hick who hails originally from Nevada, I am somewhat loath to admit: I read Time and Newsweek magazine. Not regularly, you understand, it’s just an occasional thing when I find an article that I, using my free and independent (and therefore dangerous to liberal elites) mind that I can’t resist ripping to shreds that I delve deeply into the Forbidden Zone. I did such today and discovered an absolute gold mine of articles, each of which I will rip to shreds in turn in this post. As always, comments are encouraged (even though I get maybe two or, if I’m lucky, three tops, some of which are mine to begin with). So, shall we begin? Yes, I think we shall.

We go now to our favorite partisan hack of a commentator, Mr. Joe “Americans are Stupid” Klein. The article is entitled Tough Issues: What if we Gave People Real Choices and Real Consequences and let them Make Decisions? Now, upon reading that, I just about wet myself. Could Joe Klein have finally come to grips with what is truly ailing the nation as a whole? Could he in fact be delving into that as yet untapped resource known as the American People and attempting to actually come up with a fair way to assert our will over our self-appointed rulers? I dared hope for about five seconds and then, predictably, my hopes were dashed.

Klein seems to think that our whole “bottom up” set up is a new and revolutionary idea that we haven’t been employing for the last two hundred some-odd years with ridiculously unbridled success. Given who this guy is, I shouldn’t be surprised. Still, it does sometimes boggle the mind at how incredibly stupid Klein sounds when he tries to make himself sound smart. In the article, he mentions a Greek method of randomly choosing representatives to tackle the tough issues of the day and find solutions after talking with experts and collaborating. Holy secret ballot, Batman! That sounds like a great idea! Picking representatives to tackle the tough issues on behalf of the people they govern? We should implement that right away, don’t you think? YEAH! I say do it now…oh, wait…we already have something like that. It’s called the ELECTORAL PROCESS and it helps us elect REPRESENTATIVES to do exactly the thing that Klein believed (up until writing this piece of garbage, apparently) that the people were too stupid to handle. He did in fact say that we were too stupid to realize that we’d been given a (temporary) tax cut. I have yet to see such a thing on my paycheck, by the way. Week to week I get the same amount. No new cuts in taxes have allowed me to keep more of what I earn, but I’m getting off topic here.

The device that Klein mentions in his article is called a kleroterion. No idea just yet what the actual translation of that word is, but I’ll look it up. The K, as I’ll call it from now on, is basically a giant bingo basket full of balls with names on them that someone spins, and randomly picks out of the basket. The name of the person on the ball is chosen as a representative to join some sort of behind-closed-doors, unelected (the process is one of appointment by lot, remember) and therefore UNACCOUNTABLE commission set up by who-knows-who to tackle the tough issues. The irony in this is that the whole beginning of the article has Klein bemoaning the fact that our Might-be-Kenyan Moonbat has assigned blue ribbon commissions to study the very problems he now magically believes that the people can actually handle. In fact, that description above sounds like something the Russians had in the days of the Soviet Union. What did they call it? Oh, yeah. A Politburo.

Did you read that right? Yes, you did. Klein’s solution for deciding how to solve our big bad problems is to appoint an unconstitutional and unaccountable group of people who meet behind closed doors to make decisions without consulting the people they represent. Wow. Way to break the mold there, Klein.

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's a Muslim Thing, You Wouldn't Understand It.

At least, that's what this so-called "moderate" Muslim from Seattle Washington told an admittedly unprepared Southern woman (Not using those exact words, of course, but that's how it came across.) In the video, this moonbat from Seattle decides that America needs to "get over" 9/11. While I agree that we do have to move on with our lives and not dwell in the past, that does not mean that we should just sweep 9/11 under the rug, as this dimwitted fool things should happen.

I especially liked the parts where he exaggerated his facts (3,000,000 deaths in Vietnam? Where did he get that number?) or outright LIED (Christians killed Jews in Germany and America did nothing to rescue them) or when he played the victim card and told the woman that she should understand discrimination better because she's a woman and has thus been discriminated against. Ummm...yeah, women were discriminated against. So was EVERYONE at some point or another. Everywhere I turn I see Christians getting discriminated against by the ACLU when they launch a lawsuit against a faith based group for gathering on public property. Don't tell me that Christians like myself haven't been given the short end of the stick. I believe there were times when my brothers in Christ were fed to the lions for daring to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the savior of the world. Not only that, but they're STILL being killed by the truckloads in Muslim countries. Also, I want to know how this guy went to a synagogue in Tehran when I'm-a-Dinner-Jacket refuses to let them BUILD synagogues in that COUNTRY, much less that city. I think the humdinger moment, though, was the very last word that the man spoke when the argument was going against him. Right at the last second of the video he throws out the race card. Yep. RACIST [fade to black]. that's exactly how it worked. Watch for yourself and leave your own opinions if you like.

UPDATE: I just ran across a couple more videos that are must sees. The first is this one:

And here is the second. This guy pulls no punches in his (correct) assessment of the Religion of Pieces


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