Friday, October 15, 2010

Look, Up in the Sky!

My fiancee just showed me a little blurb of an article last night about how some know-nothing scientist somewhere thinks that kids admiring superheroes might be unhealthy. Ummm.....what?

Their are several things wrong with that statement. First, the examples they use are the Hulk and Iron Man. No other examples at all. Let's be clear here: The Hulk is a tragic figure who is constantly harassed by "normal" people, much the same way Frankenstein's monster was in Mary Shelly's novel. He IS, however, a hero, because his alter ego, Bruce Banner, keeps the raging monster that is the Hulk in check.

Second: Iron Man is at best a diamond in the rough. Yes he was an alcoholic womanizer, but that doesn't mean he advocates evil. Far from it. The man is one of the most straight laced heroes out there if you see past those flaws. He has an unshakable faith in justice and truth, something common in every hero, anti- or otherwise.

Third: Only two examples? Did they not hear about such heroes as Superman, the boyscout in tights, or Captain America, The Falcon, or any dozen others I could name if I had the time?

Heroes made me the justice loving man I am today. If I hadn't read comics as a kid I might not understand what it is to be a real hero.

Doctors...morons all of them.