Friday, September 17, 2010

The ACLU Would Have a Field Day

I just read, in the sports section of the Sacramento Bee, my local toilet rag of a newspaper, a very heartwarming and uplifting story. Apparently, a coach that was overseeing a football game between two high schools, Woodcreek High (my old stomping grounds) and another who I do not remember the name of at present, had a heart attack a number of years ago while doing his job. Apparently something happened which had "turned his heart to jelly" as he put it, and caused it to stop beating. He was rushed to the hospital and is now back doing the job that he loves.

This is not, however, a post about that coach, or his condition, or even the game that I mentioned at which he suffered his heart attack. No, what I'm bringing attention to is what the crowd, players, faculty, and students all did when they saw the man collapse in the middle of the game.

They prayed.

That's right. They prayed. On public high school grounds. As one, the entire population of the stadium, numbering in the tens of thousands, if memory serves, dropped to their knees and begged the Lord our God that this man would come out okay, and the man upstairs was listening, it seemed, because He granted their wish.

Can anyone tell me what would have happened if the ACLU had heard of this? I wonder what they were doing causing them to miss this...they usually jump all over teh chance to sue anyone having anything to do with religion.

Will wonders never cease?

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

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