Monday, September 20, 2010

My Dungeon Master is a Moonbat

I had thought for a bit about whether to write this little tidbit, but I figured my loyal tin-foil-hat-wearing public would get some amusement out of a little conversation I had with a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless out of respect.

This friend of mine, whom I met in college in 1999, just after I graduated from High School, is a raging liberal. And I do mean raging. Apparently every time I post something that contradicts his viewpoint on facebook, he has to force himself to calm down. Kind of the way I have to force myself to calm down whenever I hear things like this:

I've come to the conclusion that the two of us are just as alike as we are different. I have my view, he has his. We're NEVER going to convince each other that we're right or wrong on certain issues, but where would the fun be in debating the guy if I eventually brought him over? I'd have to find another wall to beat my head against and that, dear friends, is a tiresome process when everyone you know is Conservative, save for a few relatives that you only see once a year.

Anyway, to the real point. Our conversation started with my friend pointing out that the Justin Beiber get-out-the-vote video was a joke. I'm not sure it was, but if it is, someone please verify for me so I can concede the point. I pointed out that it didn't sound like a joke to me. He then sent me a facebook message declaring that that would be the arena for us to duke it out. I happily obliged him. I pointed out that I have as much beef with the Republican establishment as I do the Dems, but for all-together different reasons on most things. Namely that they think they're entitled to their seat, as Martha Coakley, Mike Castle, and Lisa Murkowski seem to think they are/were. I also mentioned that painting the TEA party as extremists was somewhat unfair. His response? "Dude, they ARE extremists. I'm not saying they're violent, but they hold some extreme views." I then countered with a left hook of my own: Are low taxes, limited government, and holding candidates accountable extreme views, I asked? I hold to those same views, so am I an extremist? I have yet to receive an answer, but I've no doubt he'll have one. Till then,

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.