Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why I am Pro-Life

As is obvious to anyone who reads this blog, I am very much an unapologetic Right Wing Social and Fiscal Conservative with a captial C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-V-E. One area in which I do not budge on my Conservative outlook is the infamous atrocity known as abortion. Or, to all those left wing loons that think it's about women's rights, "the woman's right to choose." Call me a womanhater, but this is one choice that I will never allow a woman to make if I'm given the opportunity to decide. I simply do not believe (and science can back me up on this, for anyone who dares flame me for making these comments) that the being growing inside a woman's womb is little more than "a couple of cells". Even the evo-nuts who believe we evolved out of a pile of goo milllions of years ago can't argue that it's not a human series of cells or that those cells are not alive because they then discount the idea that single celled organisms are alive, when in fact science does classify those beings as living.

I am pro life, also, because I interact on a bi-weekly basis with the little miracle pictured above. The baby belongs to a couple I know who recently got married and were counciled at some point that they may have to "dispose" of the fetus that grew into the adorable infant you see above. Fortunately, as you can tell, they did not make that choice, and I for one, have never been more grateful. Since meeting young Bells, here, my life has been filled with joy. Corny? Yes. True? Definitely. Every time I see this girl, my eyes light up. When I'm denied the opportunity to babysit (as I was just this last weekend..grrr) I know true disappointment. Knowing what I know now, my life would be a lot emptier than it is if "Uncle Richard" didn't have little Bells to play with on Saturday and Sunday.
So for those of you who know someone who is considering ending an unborn life on any of the usual pretexts, direct them here and have them read my little treatise on my as-good-as-niece. Maybe it'll help them realize the joy a child can bring.
Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.

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