Thursday, December 2, 2010

Revenge is a Dish Best Served by the Left

Ever since I became a regular blogger, back in 2008, before the Commissar-in-chief was elected, I've been trying to figure out just what it is that motivates those on the left to spew such venom and vitriol towards those of us in the middle and on the right. Occasionally, I have these little epiphanies about certain things, leading sometimes to posts on this little wonder of political commentary that is read by a little over two dozen people (that I know of). I've even been known to try to force such epiphanies by delving into that forbidden yet strangely attractive realm of arguing with liberals about why they're wrong about well...everything.

While I was cleaning up at work (that thing liberals hate so much) just before leaving, I was listening to Sean Hannity's radio show for background noise and possible fuel for a post, when sure enough, inspiration came along. His topic, as it has been across the radio spectrum for the last few weeks, ever since the historic win by Republicans in November, was the Bush tax cuts, and whether or not they'd be allowed to sunset at the end of the year, as is the hope of damn near every Democrat in congress, and even a few outside the beltway. During his latest monologue on why they should be allowed to continue and/or be made permanent, I hit on what I now believe to be the real, or at least A real, motivation for those on the left: Revenge.

I believe that revenge is a principle motivator for the left for a variety of reasons. First, listen to all their talk about the so-called "rich". Just today, on the same radio show I mentioned above, a sound bite was played of Nancy Pelosi's vehement dislike of the idea of keeping the tax cuts in place for those making over 250,000 a year. After hearing that, I asked myself "why on Earth are the left so insanely jealous of those people with money? Why are they playing the class warfare card almost as much as they play the race card?" I came upon the answer after a few seconds of thinking about the ideals of one Karl Marx.

Marx, all throughout the Communist Manifesto, does one thing consistently: He vilifies the rich. The left, these days, and ever since the early days of Progressivism in the early 20th century, has been looking for someone to blame. They've been looking for someone, in short, to take REVENGE on for their own inability to rise above the problems that face each and every one of us. If it's not the rich, it's the insurance companies. If it's not the insurance companies, it's the banks. If it's not the banks, it's the American taxpayer.

Hillary Clinton can even be quoted saying that then-President George Bush was too concerned with his "tax cuts for the rich" than he was about getting enough swine flu vaccine to the American people. When Pelosi addressed the tax cuts a year ago, she couldn't blame Bush, since he was out of office, so she blamed the private sector instead.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the left always believes that everything is someone else's fault. doesn't sound like much of a headline for an epiphany, but hear me out. The question now becomes "WHY do these people always seek to blame someone else for problems that, often, they are the ones that they caused?"

On some level, these nimrods think they've been personally wronged. Real or imagined, it's not exactly rocket science once the pieces start to fit together. Every argument the left has is based on the fact that the rich somehow "stole" money from the poor, and are thus greedy bastards who deserve to "pay their fair share"in order to help the poor get a leg up and succeed. It's all about taking revenge on the rich for the crime of being successful.

Of course, with my luck, someone's already thought of this and I'll get no credit for coming to this incredibly intellectual conclusion.