Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Propaganda Video From the "Tolerant" Left

Well, that does it. The Left doesn't give a whit about children, apparently. The Far Left, that is. Greenpeace just released this video for your viewing enjoyment:


  1. Sigh - Greenpeace, I suppose that's supposed to work on the, I'm a guilty earth destroying maggot level? Play that for Al Gore....let him spend some of his multi-millions of Global warming revenue to provide this child with just a "hint" of a happy future. I don't know, perhaps...maybe it'll help turn the tide towards green with the Chinese manufacturing and toxic dumping machine! mercy

  2. Don't lose heart, DeanO. We're winning on every front now. We'll change this country for the better come November.

    Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.