Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Constitution: Still Packing a Punch after Two Centuries

It was two hundred and thirty some years ago that the great ones we call the Founding Fathers crafted that glowing masterful expression of the American mind known as the United States Constitution. An originally four page document that was supposed to run an entire country. Granted, said country was much smaller and less populated back then than it is now, but the core principles still work, and some still believe in those principles, as evidenced by Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots, who just gave me an incredible bit of news. The new Food Safety Bill, which according to my local newspaper had passed the Senate has been sent back to chambers on the grounds of...wait for it...UNCONSTITUTIONALITY!

That's right, boys and girls, ladies and germs. The oh-so-touted food safety bill that would have given the FDA even more power over what we can and cannot eat has been sent back to chambers where it will, as most bills do when sent that way, most likely die a horrible, yet well-deserved death in the reconvened committee. I call this a definite win for the Limited Government team. Granted it is just one bill amidst a slew of others, but still, something about seeing such tyrannical measures defeated fills me with a bit of hope, and as we all know since the election of The Anointed One, that's been in a bit of short supply.

According to sources, the bill will likely be "blue slipped" by House Ways and Means Committee Dems, who seem to be now in the midst of a power struggle with their Senate counterparts. This is, I seriously doubt, the way that Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid imagined the reception of the bill going down. If Reid is smart, he'll let the matter drop. If he's not, and I'm more and more sure by the day that he isn't, he'll bitch and moan and cry until either the bill is ramrodded through, dies, or the lame duck session ends, whichever comes first.

See the actual entry at Patriots for more on this rather uplifting outcome.

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