Saturday, December 4, 2010

And now for our Daily Dose of Stupidity...

Meghan McCain. The real life "Mean Girl". Her picture should be next to the word dumb in the dictionary, as well as all of its synonyms. The woman clearly has no idea what the political climate is like right now. Her latest column is by turns gut-wrenching in its stupidity, as well as laugh-out-loud hilarious in its inane assessment of such "complicated things" as the term "blue blood". A blue blood, as anyone with a halfway-descent education can tell you, is a member of the aristocracy, or the upper class. It usually also refers to the idea that said individual and/or family lives off of perpetual wealth and has done no real work to acquire it, other than invest it wisely and collect on the returns. In the case of America, the blue bloods are the political class; such families and individuals as the McCains, the Bush family, and Mitt Romney definitely qualify as blue bloods. They are all families with money and a good deal of clout as a positive side effect of having that money and greasing the right palms.

That's not to say that I believe these families are necessarily corrupt in their dealings, but one cannot deny that their bank accounts carry a good deal of influence in certain circles. However, this idea that Meghan McCain is a blue blood because she's accomplished something is utterly ludicrous. Sure, she's had books released, and she writes for the Daily Beast (an aptly named paper for someone who writes nothing but snark), but let's be honest here: when did Meghan McCain last hold a REAL job? When did she last come home smelling like hamburger or, in the case of myself, complain about how many spiral bound notebooks she had to personally put together in an inordinately limited amount of time? Probably not for a while.

Put simply, Ms. McCain is the classic example of someone who should have a brain/mouth filter apparatus installed so that she can program her responses more carefully. For one thing, being insulted by the term blue blood without knowing what it meant (a fact she readily admits to in said column) isn't exactly something she would have advertised had she thought about what she was really saying. To my knowledge, the reason McCain has had her education and has the money she has is because of Daddy Mac, not any of her own accomplishments, which to my knowledge consist of attacking Sarah Palin and flashing her rack all over the internet via Twitter.

In fact, if I were to compare Ms. McCain to a movie character, it would have to be the character Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams in the movie Mean Girls. My fiance and I just finished watching it last night before bed, and I couldn't help but notice that between her columns, snarky comments on late night TV, and other such "intelligent" musings from the daughter of our would-be president, that she was acting very much the part of the Plastics, most obviously their queen bee, Regina George. All she needs now is some sort of Burn Book wherein she keeps all the made up secrets and lies about people who have either wronged her or been wronged by her over the years, whether the wrongs done be real or falsified.

And with that, I think I've run out of things to rant about concerning the Blond Bimbette. I apologize to any readers who feel their time was wasted by my ramblings. Guess this is what happens when you come across a slow news week.

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