Sunday, June 6, 2010

Outrage Rediscovered, Courtesy of the Savage Nation.

Well, it was bound to happen. The Constitutional Crusader is BACK IN THE GAME, people! Once more you shall be regailed with cynical tales of outragiously stupid liberals who think this place is run by magical money-generating unicorns and leprechauns!

Kudos to Micheal Savage for bringing this to America's attention, and kudos to the person who posted this on Facebook for bringing it to MY attention.

Note the part where she actually thinks that this country is capable of sustaining six hundred million people (There are currently 300 million in the country, btw).

Also, note the absolutely moronic comments regarding where Obama gets the money to pay for her welfare check (yes, she is on welfare and is proud of it.)

According to her logic, we should just get rid of our borders and welcome everyone, even the terrorists and criminals who killed and terrorized Arizona and Texas ranchers for years. Yeah, that'll solve the problem.

This is why welfare needs to be severely cut down, if not eliminated entirely, save for those who NEED it. In my opinion, if you can walk into the welfare office under your own power, with no assistance whatsoever, you get your scrawny ass OUT THERE AND GET A DAMN JOB!

Rant over. Until next time, fellow-tin-foil-hat wearers.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight.