Monday, June 28, 2010

Frabjous Day! Calloo Callay! He Chortled in his Joy!

Two stories seem to be all over every news outlet today: the death of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia and the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Chicago gun ban.

First, my take on Bob Byrd: It is sad when any of us loses someone we love, and my heart goes out to his family, though I do not know by whom he is survived. Reports are that he was seriously ill and hospitalized shortly before the good Lord Above brought him home. Rest in peace, Senator. I may not have agreed with your politics or your decisions, but God loves all His children equally and I like to think that I endeavor to do the same.

And now that I've said my piece on that, to the reason for the blog post's title: WOOHOO! The majority of the Supreme Court actually knows what the hell the Second Amendment MEANS!! Hallelujiah! Praise the Lord! I wonder what the hell was bugging the four liberal justices on the court? They should have been APPLAUDING this decision. I heard about it first on the Rush Limbaugh program this morning, and have since heard about it on Tom Sullivan and through various net sites such as American Thinker and Drudge. Basically it boils down to this: People can own guns across all fifty states. Period. End of discussion, no soup for you, come back one year.

Naturally, when the left gets ahold of this, they are going to have a conniption and try to distort the meaning of the ruling, but I wouldn't worry about them having too much ammo to mount an assault. After all, they can't appeal the decision, since there is no higher court in the land, and any litigation that the appellate courts try to funnel upwards will likely be sifted out of the filter that is our justice system.

this is, as Rush touted on his show, a "Glory Glory Hallelujah day" for those of us who believe in the Constitution and our fundamental civil liberties. Could this be a sign of future positive portents to come? Or is this just the first shot fired across the bow in a newly sparked war for our freedoms? Only time will tell.