Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Further Attempts to Discredit a Celebrity

So, I just put myself through the worst sort of torture I can possibly think of: I read an issue of Newsweek. Voluntarily. Yes, I know, you’re asking “What the hell were you thinking?” “Don’t you know that can be hazardous to the health of a thinking person?”

Yes, I do know that, and I apologize to you, my fellow tin-foil-hat-wearers, for endangering my life so recklessly. I felt it necessary to delve into that subculture of left wing lunacy in order to discover some modicum of fairness and impartiality in that flagging toilet rag of a magazine. As of yet, I have come up empty in that search. My latest foray merely stoked the fires of my outrage against all things Leftist, and has given me the wherewithal to write these words.

To the point, once again the left has attempted to drag both Sarah Palin and the institution of marriage through the mud.

Newsweek truly does not screen their writers for content, otherwise they would very likely see that the articles written for them are little more than failed school assignments written by disgruntled college dropouts. Case in point, the article on Sarah.

It points out many supposed “facts” about the governor and does try to at least PRETEND to be fair in there assessment of her, but they don’t do a very good job. They constantly wonder why Palin has the star power that she has, all the while dismissing her reasons as “suspect”. They can’t understand why she continues to tell the story of the birth of her son Trig, claiming that to do so was “charming at first” but now has become “suspicious” and “self serving.” These idiots just don’t get it, and I find myself wondering what I was thinking when I allowed myself to believe that this time they might. I guess I just enjoy beating my head against a wall. I don’t know, really.

My favorite part of the article, though, was the few paragraphs that described Palin’s new brand of feminism as a “joke” and a “contrivance.” She (Palin) derided the old school feminism as “a relic of the faculty lounge at some East Coast college, right?” Well, there I can’t say she’s wrong. How many times have the NOW (Neurotic Overbearing Whiners) told us one or another thing we should be outraged about, only to discover that they are the only ones outraged by it. Remember the Tim Tebow super bowl ad all those months ago? I rest my case.

As a Palin supporter, I have to say I’m sympathetic to her plight involving the moonbats on the left. Though if these are the best attacks they can muster, they’re not exactly rolling out the big guns. Maybe they wasted all their ammo on Anne Coulter and trying to convince us that she’s once again “gone too far.”

Palin’s religion, of course, is also subject to attacks throughout the article. Check out this little gem: “It is impossible to know what Palin really believes about God, but having been raised in conservative evangelical churches in Alaska, she is fluent in evangelical language and culture.” Language and culture? What are they, a tribe of Pygmies? Yeesh. And what’s all that about not really knowing what Palin believes about God? Do they have wax in their ears? Or are they just too busy trying to degrade the Tea Party as racist to be able to realize that she tells those listening to her exactly what she believes every time the subject comes up? My vote is for the latter.

There will be more on this Newsweek issue in the next few days, thanks to their being several articles out there that runaway Malaysian sweatshop workers could have written better than these so called “journalists”.

I can’t wait to grade them.

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