Monday, March 22, 2010

When the Going gets Tough, Americans Show Up.

To my readers, I have to apologize to all of you. My last post was written as if the fight was over. As if because the bill we all hated was passed, that the America I knew and loved for my 29 years would cease to be. I underestimated the American will to live free, and for that I am sorry.

If you're wondering what sparked this apology, I have to tip my hat to the latest of my still-growing following, the Hyphenated American. I just read his latest post, which the link will guide you to. Appropriately, it was titled "Let's Win One for the Gipper." Reading it in full, I realized that I was being stupid and selfish, believing even for a second that the American people would DARE give up in the face of adversity. How could I even think to believe that for even the briefest of moments? We are the nation that defeated Nazism. We are the nation that defeated Communism. We are the nation who was first to walk on the moon. When everyone said it couldn't be done, we thumbed our noses at those people and went ahead and DID IT!

How then, could I possibly believe that true Americans would allow one defeat to set the tone for the entire war? Yes, make no mistake, it is a war we are fighting. A war for the soul of the country, and first blood was drawn this last Sunday, when an out-of-touch, overreaching governmental body dared to claim they were doing what we wanted when they shoved their little cyanide pill down our throats. Well, this bill may be stuck in our throats now, but we can easily spew it back up and into their faces if we only come up with a method of how to do it.

Some of the states, citing the Tenth Amendment, already are fighting back against what I shall henceforth refer to as the Scourge of Liberty. They're going to challenge the bill in court on grounds of constitutionality. This is, in my book, a slam dunk case. If this even gets within a few MILES of the Supreme Court, they'll strike it down. They'll have to. Not only will they have to, but I've a feeling they'll enjoy a little payback after how Obama treated them at the State of the Union Address.

Continuing to Fight the Good Fight, with Renewed Vigor.