Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Offer he Can't Refuse? Not Bloody Likely!

Well, Der Commissar is at it again. I rarely get the chance to listen to Sean Hannity's radio show on KFBK, but tonight I was able to listen on the way home from work. Amongst all the usual stuff he talks about, mostly the latest Socialist meanderings of the man who calls himself our President, one of them caught my ear, as it concerns one of our allies whom the Commissar in Chief continually snubs as ,much as he possibly can.

I'm talking specifically about Israel. The Chosen People of God Himself are, as usual, under fire from Palestinians and Ahmedenijad, constantly under attack for nothing more than being Jews and living in Israel. Obama has continually snubbed Ben Netenyahu at every turn, most recently denying him access to a shipment of bunker buster missiles that would have no doubt assisted their ground forces in their continuing campaign against Palestine.

This newest venture I heard about, however, makes that one look mild by comparison. Apparently Obama thinks of himself as not only the leader of the free world, but also a sort of Vito Corleone. Now, he's from Chicago AND he's a politician, so this attitude must have been something he picked up along the way, but this is too far. What I mean by my previous comment is that Obama has basically made Netenyahu and offer that he (thought) Netenyahu wouldn't be able to refuse in the form of 13 DEMANDS on the Prime Minister.

Demands? From an ALLY? What the hell? And this is the guy who said continually "We cannot continue to impose our values on the rest of the world." What? Demanding something of Israel sure sounds like imposing values, Mr. President.

What happened next is even more revealing about Der Commissar. Apparently when Netenyahu decided to remind the president that he had balls and REFUSED the demands, Obama stood up and said "I'm going to go have dinner with Michelle and the kids." He then LEFT Netenyahu alone in the state room after counseling Benny-boy to see "the error of his ways."

What the hell? Did we put the Mob in charge of the country back in 2008? Oh, wait...Chicago politician...right. I guess we did.

Vote this guy OUT!