Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ghost of Senator McCarthy Lives On

Liz Cheney is probably one of the most sensible people I've ever seen. She is very level headed when it comes to her opinions, articulate, and rational. Her beliefs include, and indeed very likely prioritize keeping American safe from those who would do her harm.

So it's no surprise that the Left hates her ever loving guts with as much passion as she hates those who would destroy this great nation. The latest bull being flung around by screaming lefties is via memeorandum.

McCarthyism? Please. The only older trick in the Allinsky playbook is the race card, which has been thrown around more times than I can count, to the point where the liberals are all sounding like the boy who cried "wolf". Somewhere, old Joe is laughing.

Also, I just read another piece on Memeorandum that details that the Supreme Court may be "ready to make gun ownership a national right" What the hell? It's ALREADY a national right you NIMRODS!!!! It's called the Second Amendment! What, did you miss that while you were getting stoned during your constitutional law courses? Yeesh!

For those of you who are complete dullards and don't know, the 2nd Amendment goes something like this: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Sounds pretty straightforward to me, I think. The people are the PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. Not the people of certain states, or certain cities, or certain congressional districts. Who in their bloody right mind doesn't believe that the Second Amendment is a national right? At least four judges on the Supreme Court seem to think that it's not, at least.

I will give the court props, though, in that the majority is finally made up of people who seem to realize that the constitution is actually important. After years of left wing judges actively using their power of judicial review to legislate from the bench, there seems to be a turn around happening right now. I'm all for it. Here's to hoping it continues.

Continuing to fight the good fight.