Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Attempt at Stirring the Pot Part 2: More Facts About Steve Poizner

Hello again, fellow tin-foil-hat-wearing, racist, terrorist hicks! Once more I must regale you with information about the so-called Conservative Republican candidate for governor named Steve Poizner. For those of you who saw it, this post detailed much about his dismal conservative voting record and his outright disgust for the GOP. Well, it doesn't end there, Zombiecons. Here are the highlights of the second part of the memo. I would give you all of it, but as it's so late, I would like to avoid cramping my fingers, as well as making sure my readers' heads do not explode from the constant influx of stupidity that is about to grace these pages:

Steve Poizner gave $10000 to the Gore recount. Not the Gore CAMPAIGN, mind you, but the Gore RECOUNT! The UNCONSTITUTIONAL, UNNECESSARY, completely contrived RECOUNT of votes that would have given the Goracle four years to run this country into the ground with his asinine glo-bull warming shtick! His reasoning? His WIFE wanted Gore to be President. Guess we know who wears the pants in that family, huh?

Poizner's stance on abortion is equally dismal, though apparently all three candidates are pro choice to some degree. However, in his campaign for governor, Poizner has been quoted as saying "I've pretty much been an opponent of abortion all my life." Pretty much? Sounds pretty "fair weather" to me, Poizner. And then there's this quote from 2004:

"I've been pro choice my whole life. He knows that...in fact, when Planned Parenthood heard his allegation on TV, they did an instant investigation because this is important to Planned Parenthood. And they were so angry that this was a distortion that they instantly a few days ago issued a 100% rating for me, the highest rating that they give. And so I have been pro-choice my whole life."

What is this man thinking? Are we really stupid enough to believe that you can have it both ways? Not this conservative.

Last but not least, his opposition to tax cuts. he spoke out against the Bush tax cuts of 2004, which caused us to have several dozen months of unrestricted economic growth.

To cap off the post, let's end with a return to the abortion issue. It seems that Piozner was FOR publicly funded abortions before he was AGAINST them. Sounds a little like a certain would-be president, don't you think? John Kerry, you have left your legacy since you were FOR the Iraq War before you were AGAINST it. Sheesh.

Do we REALLY want Poizner in the governor's mansion? I sure don't. Those who read this please link to this post, especially if you know someone who votes here in CA. We need to get the word out!