Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prohibition, Obamacare, and Glenn Beck's Waste of Americans' Time

So I watched Glenn's much anticipated interview with Eric Massa. It was...anticlimactic, to put it mildly. I cannot believe I sat through that. Massa said almost nothing coherent or worth hearing. Nothing new was divulged except for the declaration by Massa that he was "tired of fighting." I can understand being tired of fighting. I'm tired of fighting. Yet fight I must, because if I don't I can't be sure that someone else will. Granted my role as a dispenser of information can only do so much, but I keep at it because at least I'm doing SOMETHING!

Massa is, apparently, tired of doing something. Now, granted, the man has terminal cancer. Perhaps he isn't surrendering so much as retreating to fight on another front. He's going back to his family as well, and I respect. Glenn apologized to his audience for wasting our time, and I agree that it was a waste. As much sympathy as I have for Massa, he could have been a lot more effective in the interview than he was.

On another front, I was turned to The American Spectator website by my mother, who told me about an article there that compares Obamacare to the infamous Prohibition Act of the 1920's and 30's. If indeed Obamacare is the new Prohibition, someone had better repeal that sucker FAST, because given how much crime escalated in the 30's, with such gangsters as Dillinger and Capone running the show, one can only imagine the chaos that will stem from Obama's deathcare reform bill. Read the full story here.

I can only hope that Obamacare is as easy to repeal as Prohibition was. If not, we're in for a bumpy ride.

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