Monday, March 15, 2010

Some People Just Don't Know When to Quit

Well, I have some stories to share today, boys and girls. One in particular sticks in my mind and craw because it affects me personally as well as my better half.

I'll get that one out of the way first:

My fiancee recently posted about the recent California Supreme Court ruling regarding the pledge of allegiance, and disappointingly lamented the fact that Michael Newdow was back in the news once again trying to subvert the majority with his frivolous attempts at changing the pledge. Read her post here.

Apparently as a result of this post, some atheist calling himself A. Zoaraster, has decided to take offense at the idea that my wife-to-be and her friends have a different view than he, and that we are all drug addicted racists who need to see past "the fog and distortions of [our] childhood[s].*

After she left a comment defending herself, war was apparently declared between myself, her, and this guy with his panties in a wad.

She is in need of some support from us fellow conservative Christians, and I would appreciate if all who read this would do two things: Pass it along to all of your followings, no matter how small, and head over to that post and show your support for my girl. She needs to be reminded by someone other than me that she's not alone.

Thank you all and God bless.

The Constitutional Crusader