Monday, February 22, 2010

Bipartisan Shmipartisan

It's official. Via Memeorandum the dems are now on record as saying that they will in fact go it alone if the Republicans dare try to filibuster the monstrosity that they and the American people have soundly rejected by a 2/3 margin.

Those silly silly Liberals dare to think that this will fly in this political climate? But then, maybe they don't care. Maybe they're willing to kamikaze themselves to get this passed because it means that once Healthcare is in the hands of the government, there will be nothing stopping the supposed fundamental transformation of America into the U.S.S.A once and for all. We've fought them to a stand-still and now they're desperate. is

This can be used to our advantage, however. As Napoleon once said, "never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake." The Dems are making a HUGE mistake in underestimating the people of this country. November will be a bloodbath for them and any RINOs that dare show their false colors during the midterms. Massachusetts, it seems, wasn't as big a wake up call as we would have liked it to be, though I doubt a rock to the face would wake these morons up now. Still, might be worth a shot...

Anyway, this just proves what we've all been grousing about for the last year. The dems don't want bipartisanship. they want the repubs to sit down and shut up, same as they want with the American people. Well, that, much like an eagle with only one wing, isn't gonna fly.

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  1. The dems don't want bipartisanship. they want the repubs to sit down and shut up,..precisely!!!