Wednesday, February 17, 2010

States are Starting to Remember what the Tenth Ammendment Actually Means!

I am currently watching the Glenn Beck Program on TiVo, and I have just been served up a healthy dose of real hope. Apparently a majority of the states (2/3rds according to Beck himself) are reading some wierd document called the United States Constitution. Huh. And here I thought we weren't supposed to read that thing...oh, well. Might as well look at it myself...oh, looky here...the Tenth Ammendment...let's see...the rights not specifically granted to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution shall be retained by the states or the people...

Wait...did I read that right? The rights not specifically granted to the federal government...yeah...states or the people...okay, yep. Read it right. States and people have rights.

Well, it seems to me that several dozen states have realized that the health care bill is...wait for it...UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Holy Church and State, Batman! What a revelation!

Now, as an added sort of protection against this horrific mess of a bill, two thirds of the states are passing CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENTS to prevent that damn thing from becoming law in each state that passes one!

Amazing. 2/3. Can all of these people be that racist? How dare they!