Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obamacare 2.0: Still the Same, but With a Nifty Number at the End

The White House Blog, via Memeorandum, has posted some drivel about how the new healthcare plan proposed by the president whill have everything everyone wants, but most importantly we heard that magical word that means nothing: Bipartisan.

This whole business is a sham. We know it, they know it. They don't care, we do. Whatever monstrosity of a bill this president has dreamed up, it takes the worst of both worlds (tax hikes, redistribution of income, rationing of care, nationalization of the health insurance industry) and throws them all out on the table with a pretty pink bow wrapped around it to make it look all nice and spiffy.

Typically, the bill was too vague to be scored yet by the CBO, but the president insists that it will be deficit neutral. Right, and I'm Ronald Reagan.

We have to kill this bill before it becomes another Frankenstein's monster. Grab the torches and pitchforks, fellow peasants, it's time to storm the castle again!