Monday, February 1, 2010

Sarah Palin Spends $63000 of her Own Money. LSM in State of Hysteria.

Here's something for all you fellow Palin supporters out there: (

That article bloviates on and on about how Sarah Palin supposedly used $63000 of her own money generated by SarahPAC to pad the best-seller list and stay on top for a bit longer. Blatant editorializing aside, this article is full of hogwash for one reason and one reason only: Going Rogue has sold over 2.5 MILLION copies. Most of which were bought on order before the book was even in stores! And these idiots think sixty thousand bucks will even register on the free market radar after that? Bull! Bull I say!

First off, it's not taxpayer money. it's money that was freely given to her by supporters. Second, the article mentions that Palin stated that the funds were spent for "fundraising purposes". If Sarah wants to buy copies of her own book to donate to fund raising events, who the hell are we to tell her she can't? She's an American citizen just as you or I am, and as this action violates no law, it warrants no attention by any free-thinking American.

That being said, some of you may use the above statement as a means to suggest that I am drawing attention to something that shouldn't be drawing any attention at all, but no. I am drawing attention to the inflamatory article. As a supporter of Sarah Palin, I feel that part of my job as a blogger is to voice my opinions about her as well as my opinions about other issues, more and more of which these days have to do with violations of the U.S. Constitution, though there are so many of those these days that it's hard to keep up.

But back to the subject at hand:

Long story short, leave the poor girl alone. She's been getting flak from every corner simply because she's a conservative woman. it's time we put these idiotic playground tactics aside and embraced each other as Americans. Nothing more, nothing less. Sarah is one of those Americans, whether the libtards and lefties like it or not.

Suck it up, libbies! She's here to stay!

Continuing to fight the good fight.