Monday, January 24, 2011

With the Loss of Olbermann, the Left Attacks...Beck?

We've all heard by now that Keith Olbermann has now proven NOT to be as indispensable as he once thought, when Fox's Glenn Beck rightly predicted that after the Comcast merger, in light of actually bringing an audience to MSNBC, the cable giant would give him the ax.

Well, they did, and boy howdy has the left gone insane. Granted, they go insane every time certain conservatives so much as open their mouths, so it's not entirely unexpected, but good grief! To hear some of these people you'd think the world was coming to an end because the arrogant demagogue that was Keith Olbermann turned out to be a giant with clay feet.

n what I view as nothing more than Olbermann therapy, Media Matters for America, Politicus USA, and other left leaning "news" outlets are crowing incessantly over Beck's recent drop in ratings. Apparently half of his audience has abandoned the show in favor of other entertainment sources, but whether those viewers will return once those other shows go the way of the dinosaur or end their current seasonal run remains to be seen. To hear the left tell it, however, Beck's career is over and done with, despite having a solid base of followers much as Rush Limbaugh does. Never mind the fact that Keith Olbermann had only a few tens of thousands of viewers compared to Beck's 1-2 Million, of course. Things like facts don't matter to the left, as we all know.

That said, the left won't be rid of their conservative pariah as quickly as they might wish. Beck's radio show is still going strong, along with his web log and website. Coupled with the fact that he does still bring in enough viewers to keep him on the air, methinks the celebration of victory among the lefty moonbats is yet another premature emotional high that will only end in disappointment for them.