Monday, January 24, 2011

Rubio Refuses toJoin Tea Party Caucus...Good for him!

I was going to make this a comment at The Conservative Lady's blog, but found myself going on longer than necessary, so instead I'll make it my next post. Apparently there's some hubbub from the Tea Party about Senator Marco Rubio of Florida refusing to join the Tea Party Caucus. Some don't care, but most are either in agreement with him or not, making arguments for and against depending on their point of view. I personally question the need for a Tea Party Caucus at all. After all, aren't we always worried about slippery slopes and all that?

I mean, look, before you know it there'll be an official Tea Party National Committee, and it'll be nothing more than a shadow of its former self, much as the GOP is now. The people who ARE on the caucus, as far as I know, are Michelle Bachmann and a few others. That gives me some hope that the caucus won't be corrupted, as Bachmann appears to be one of the few with a steel spine. However, one never knows. Even with solid conservatives like Bachmann, sheer numbers could overwhelm her and the other voices on her side until the caucus becomes little more than another front group to make the politicians look like they're working for us when they really aren't.

That being said, I think Rubio is doing the right thing in this regard. Just because he's not on some caucus doesn't make him any less of a Tea Partier than he was when he was running for Senate, remember. After all, we're all Tea Partiers in some way, aren't we?