Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is This the Sound of a Kingdom Falling?

The title of this post is derived from one of my favorite novels, A Storm of Swords. The scene the line is from is one wherein one of the major characters, Catelyn Stark, is worrying over her son, newly crowned King of the North, and the fact that his war of rebellion against their political enemies is not going his way. Such appears to be the case with one Michelle Bachmann and her budding (until now) political aspirations.

I like Michelle Bachmann. I agree with her Tea Party friendly message, and I like her record as well. However, after her slew of gaffs involving the Gardasil issue, it appears to me, your humble Crusader for Constitutional Justice, that her campaign has, as Rush Limbaugh put it recently, jumped the shark. Unfortunate, too, because I was looking forward to seeing the first female President of the United States, especially in light of the attacks calling the Republican Party anti-woman. I was hopeful from the beginning. "Run, Michelle, run", I was always saying back even before it was hinted at that she would announce her candidacy. Of course, by the time I heard she was running, I had already begun to get sucked into the Herman Caine Camp. I had a choice to make, and had made it,  yet now with Cain doing so poorly in the polls, and Bachmann's campaign folding like an origami crane, I may find myself believing more and more that Rick Perry will end up being the nominee for the Republicans this time around.

I believe, however, that my belle Michelle still has a chance to snag the nomination if she enters damage control mode. Unfortunately, according to Hot Air, rather than backpedal on the issue, she doubled down with an anecdote about a mother who supposedly became mentally retarded as a result of being medicated with Gardasil. This only hurts the woman in the long run. I hope she is able to see the error of her ways, because all in all,  I believe that Michelle Bachmann is, despite her mistakes, the best candidate to become our new leader of the free world. Here's to hoping she does, and that I'm right.