Friday, September 16, 2011

Mirror Mirror, on the Wall...

I believe, dear readers, that we have been thrown into a parallel universe. I know most of you think we were thrown into one in 2008 when Obama was elected and began his assault on our freedoms, but I say you nay. It is only now that we've been forced to face the mirror images of those who inhabit the so-called Mirror Universe. I haven't been following the news as much as in the past recently, but I've still been keeping up with Hot Air, so I've got a semblance of what's going on. I've been keeping track of Teh Wun's reelectability (is that even a word?) for the last few months, and the signs don't look too good for him, despite Michelle Baachman's recent gaffe regarding Gardasil, and Perry's scandal from umpteen million years ago coming to light. His reelect numbers keep dropping at a steady pace even in Smurf states. Don't believe me? Check this out. Yep. You read that right, fellow crusaders. DWS, the new airhead of the DNC, has the audacity to claim that New York District 9 is a difficult district for Democrats despite the fact that a Republican hasn't held that seat since the COOLIDGE ADMINISTRATION!!!! I would laugh if it wasn't so sad.

But that is not the meat and potatoes of what I have for you today, dear readers. What I have for you today will astound, amaze, shock and stupify: Apparently Der Commissar is having a bit of trouble passing his nonexistent jobs bill due to the obstructionist efforts of the..Democrats?!

It seems yet again, I must ask the question: