Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shall I Join the Herman Cain Mutiny? Reason Number 4 to do So.

Since I started posting videos about the venerable Herman Cain on this site, I have been seeing a notable increase in my traffic not seen since the last time I was a part of R.S. McCain's Rule Five Sunday, which was about a year ago, I believe. Well, divide the number of hits I got (500/day) from posting pics like these by ten and you'll get the idea of how my traffic has been in recent days. I had a bit of a firecracker from bin Laden's demise as well, but that one lasted all of one day or so before my traffic started sucking at normal levels, as opposed to sucking a little bit less than it normally does. This, however, is new, as with Herman Cain gaining traction in the news as the "candidate who can't win", yet also as the one who seems to just keep on going while other candidates such as Huckabee, Trump, and now Mitch Daniels have dropped out for various reasons.

As it is looking increasingly likely that my favorite Mama Grizzly isn't going to be running either, Magnificent Michelle has yet to announce, and T-Paw just doesn't really do anything for me, I seem to be drawn more towards this man, who is seeming more and more like the "anti-Obama". As I would definitely like to see traffic to this site increase, I have made the decision to keep an eye out for any more news items involving Mr. Cain, in the hopes that he might officially turn me into a supporter for his White House bid. I have to admit, though, I wouldn't be doing this if part of me didn't already WANT to be convinced that Cain can beat Obama in the upcoming slug fest. After months of painstaking research through news, blogs, and opinion commentators, Cain seems to be the only one who matches someone who fits my bill for a presidential candidate. Columns like these only make me want to vote for him more.

I especially love his take on Israel. This video is yet another moment that caused a Cain-gasm for me, especially since it matches almost completely BB Netenyahu's response to Obama's ludicrious 1967 borders "solution" to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:

Honestly, this man gives me what Chris Matthews would call a "thrill". I seriously doubt anyone has the titanic set of balls necessary to go up against this man in a debate. is it that sparks don't fly from this man's crotch when we walks, given the chrome steel alloy he's been gifted with down there? Need more evidence? Look at this ball-filled statement given to us by the Daily Caller, and displayed prominently at The Other McCain. The people in the vid above that one seem to like it. Lol.


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  1. Herman Cain, they say he lacks name recognition... OH BABY WAIT, JUST WAIT...