Saturday, December 17, 2011

So, Which Holiday are we Celebrating on the 25th, Anyway?

Well, boys and girls, it's that time of year again. After months of absence due to my wanting to focus on studies in a new profession wherein I sit for eight hours and type furiously while four people speak back and forth to one another, I have returned, though for how long I cannot say.  This profession, known as court reporting, has taken up so much of my time, in fact, that I've had to neglect this site for far too long; but being that the day upon which our Savior humbled himself and came into this world wrapped in swaddling clothes and in a bed of hay is upon us, I think it's time I dusted this place off and took up the role of watchdog once again. However, I'm changing things up a bit. Instead of exclusively pointing out the douchebaggery that goes on concerning people trying to ruin Jesus's birthday for him and everyone else trying to celebrate it, I've decided to point towards the positive aspects of Christmas, which last year had eluded me due to my being as blind as the proverbial bat because of my swimming in the cesspool of politics. Wow. Quite the run-on sentence there. I  must have a lot to say regarding this particular subject. Well, let's get started, shall we?

In 2008, I finally became aware that there were dangerous people out there who wanted to change the very fabric of the makeup of this great country, and turn it into something that the Founding Fathers never wanted it to be. The election of King Barack the First tore the scales from my corneas and sent me on a mission. I was going to be like a bloodhound on meth and uncover every outrageous wrongdoing perpetrated by groups like the ACLU and CAIR. I was going to be Sam Spade, and I was going to expose every single wrongdoing for what it was on this blog and on Facebook and anywhere else I could. I became so gung ho about my little crusade that for a while there, all I saw was the negative. Add to that a wretched holiday season last year wherein my car broke down, I had almost zero money for gifts, and that turned out to be the last holiday season that I would spend with my would-be mother-in-law, and it was pretty much a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

Still, the closer the holiday actually came, the more I felt genuine holiday cheer, and it turned out not to be so bad after all. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about the current Christmas season and the fact that even though I didn't see the good things about it last year, I can see the good this year once again. I was lost, as the song says, but now am found. That said, let's begin.

Last year at Christmas I was introduced through Youtube and to a comic by the name of Brad Stine. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. After all I'd heard and seen about Liberal Hollywood and the left leaning entertainment industry, I was floored and relieved to see the stylings of a genuine Christian Conservative Comedian (CCC for short), and a downright hilarious one at that. This post is where I first placed a video I found on moonbattery that had me rolling in the aisles because of Brad's no nonsense approach towards political correctness and how absurd the very idea is.

Well, to make a long story even longer (ha ha) I once again have come across Brad Stine in the form of the movie entitled "Christmas With a Capital C". In this spectacular film, the town of Trapper Falls is celebrating Christmas the same way they always have: by putting up a Nativity scene in the front yard of the mayoral residence. That is, until an old resident of the town files a complaint that the town is in violation of the Constitution's Establishment Clause.

This of course, leads the town's mayor, a devout Christian, to find a way to fight back against the onslaught of bureaucratic hooplah and preserve the fifty year old tradition.

All in all, the movie was awesome, and was a very refreshing change from the negative stories about Nativity scenes being taken down in Texas, as this link  informs all who click it.

Before, I was afraid our Christmas traditions were under attack from so many angles that we didn't stand a chance. Now, with more and more displays of holiday cheer popping up this year than last year, perhaps the tide has been turning. Here's hoping that's the case.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by TCL. Merry Christmas to you, too and all the best in the New Year.
    Good luck with the court reporting job. I recently served on jury duty in a criminal case and was impressed by the court reporter. To remain so focused on the case in order to record every word has got to be a difficult and exhausting job.