Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'll Take Religious Principals for 100, Alex

The Bible is being taught as historical literature in a California public School. It's finally begun. After years of repression of our religious history as a nation, it begins to creep ever so slowly back to the forefront, making tiny baby steps at first, but if those steps continue, it will likely snowball into a full blown repeal of every anti-religious hyper-secular law ever passed by any rogue activist judge in the country. That's my prediction, at least, and best case scenario at that. But anyway, this is a good start, I think, and I hope to see an upward swing in this trend. As someone who has had his faith shaken quite a bit recently, I know that it is more important than ever to hold onto that faith, lest everything else be lost.

The story is via Hot Air.

This would merit little attention by me beyond the initial "wow that's cool" except for the fact that Texas has already introduced a similar initiative in an elective class that they've put on their curriculum just a year or two ago, I believe. That story can be found here.

Note that is is PMSNBC that reports this story. Wow...maybe there's hope for them yet.

On a less positive note regarding religion in the world today, there is this story, via Jihad Watch and The Other McCain.

The story basically says that some nutjob Imam or cleric or whatever these backward thugs call themselves, called on Australian Muslims to forsake their own country because the democratic process is forbidden, and that Allah is the sole lawmaker and all their other hate filled garbage that they spew on a daily basis. Well, let me ask you this, my burka wearing friends (term used VERY loosely), WHO DOES ALLAH EXPECT TO WRITE DOWN THOSE LAWS IF HUMANS CAN'T DO IT THEMSELVES?

Even the Christian God used humans to write laws after giving Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. But apparently the Bearded One is too high and mighty to have us puny humans write our own damn laws. Last time I checked, Allah wasn't handing out tablets or parchment based documents to his prophets and telling the people how to live. If he'd not going to do it, how are they going to make ANY laws unless they write them themselves, hm? Answer me that.

Even worse, our Commissar in Chief has yet again insulted the Israelis and pandered to the burka-wearing nutballs by actually saying that he believes the Israeli's are suspicious of him because of his name. his NAME. Read the full account here.

Honestly...can the world get anymore interesting/screwed up?