Thursday, July 22, 2010

Captain America no Longer in Love with...America!?

As you all learned from a couple of posts ago, if you've been stopping by regularly, you will have known that I am a rather huge fan of Marvel's Captain America, AKA Steve Rogers. I describe my admiration for this heroic icon of a character at length in my post entitled "American Values: Whose Side are You On?". Those of you who know that post and have read it can then imagine my absolute elation at the idea of the Red White and Blue Avenger coming to the silver screen.

Can you also imagine my anger at what the director of the upcoming picture is doing to my favorite superhero? You'll be able to by the time I'm done here.

Via Hot Air it would seem that the leftists in Hollywood have found a new target for their touchy-feely "everyone is an American" One World Government bullshit. Now they're going after a blatantly American Icon when they decide to make Captain America less of a "flag waver". Excuse me, but his COSTUME IS THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!! How can you call someone less of a flag waver and yet have his COSTUME be modeled after the VERY THING you do not want him WAVING!? Michael Savage is right. Liberalism IS a mental disorder, and this is just another set of proof to go along with the mountain range of evidence.

This upsets me for two reasons:

1. Captain America, before he became the superhero he is today, was a frail weakling less than 100 lbs. in weight. Steve Rogers didn't originally want to be Captain America. He wanted to be Private Steve Rogers of the United States Military. The whole reason Rogers agreed to the experimental Super Soldier Serum experiment was so that he could SERVE HIS COUNTRY, despite being declared 4F. Unfit. He wanted to do his part to drive back the onslaught of Nazi agression. Captain America was, in the forties, created as a piece of propaganda, yes, but it was propaganda that GLORIFIED the ideals of America and the men and women who fight to protect those ideals every day. Now this moonbat director wants him to be less Jingoistic. Let's take a look at the definition of Jingoism, shall we?

Jingoism is defined as:bellicose chauvinism

Bellicose chauvinism. That's what this director thinks of people who are in love with their country and proud of it. If, according to this director, you wave the flag, respect our troops, and proudly display such affections, you are nothing more than a foreigner hating bigot. That's essentially what a jingoist is. Teddy Roosevelt was Jingoistic, btw.

Reason number 2: This spits in the face of every fighting veteran still alive today that has seen the horrors of World War II. The men who stormed the beaches at Normandy are having their deeds dragged through the mud, since Captain America was meant to glorify those very men.

Now, I'm not jumping the gun FULLY here. I just needed to get the initial rage off of my chest. For there is a force more powerful than hollywood that can turn back this tide of idiocy. No, I'm not talking about thousands upon thousands of patriotic Americans. I am speaking of one thing: Nerd Rage.

Seeing this story go viral will upset SO MANY fans of Captain America that there WILL be backlash if they go through with it. Trust me. As one of those fans, I have a unique perspective on the issue. I am also aware of the great Playstation Blackout of '09, wherein several thousand gamers expressed EXPONENTIAL levels of displeasure at being logged out of Playstation Network for a day. Imagine then,the influx of PATRIOTIC nerds, as well as collectors and artists, not to mention people like the average Joe Schmoe who just reads the comic. There WILL be backlash, mark my words.he comic for fun.

There is a storm coming, mark my words.